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Awaken Chaos Era Hitoshi Hero Guide


NAME: Hitoshi
FACTION: Visitors by Sea
TYPE: Offense




★★★★★ Adventure
★✰✰✰✰ Guild Boss
★★★★★ Arena Offense
★★★✰✰ Arena Defense
★★★★★ Void Tower

No Man’s Land

★★★✰✰ Bane Wraith
★✰✰✰✰ Flame Lizard
★★★✰✰ Wrathful Flood
★★✰✰✰ Lord of Holy Light
★★✰✰✰ Shadow Captive

Arcane Dominator

★★★✰✰ Roaring Tulpa
★✰✰✰✰ Ash Magisteria
★★★★✰ Queen of Tides
★★★✰✰ Witch of Wind
★✰✰✰✰ Gemini Dragon

Hitoshi Skills

Art of Ninjutsu (Trait → Ascension)
Crit Rate is increased by 30%. Gains 4 Rage at the start of the battle. On enemy kills, resets Ultimate ability’s cooldown and gains 1 Rage. (Ascension → Also gains 1 stack of Attack Up capped at 5 stacks.)
Attack Up: Attack is increased by 10%. Max 5 stacks.

Blade of Malice (Basic)
Deals 130% damage to 1 enemy. Damage is increased by 30% if this ability triggers a Critical Strike.
Level 2: Damage +10%.
Level 3: Damage +10%.
Level 4: Damage +10%.
Level 5: Damage +10%.

Crimson Slash (Special, Cooldown: 3 turns)
Deals 165% damage to 1 enemy. Also deals bonus damage based on the target’s Max Health if the attack triggers a Critical Strike.
Level 2: Damage +15%.
Level 3: Damage +15%.
Level 4: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
Level 5: Damage +15%.
Note: The Max Health-based damage is no longer effective against Bosses and monsters in Ruins of Gods (GvE = Guild vs Environment).

Lethal Dart (Ultimate, Cooldown: 4 turns)
Consumes all Rage to deal 130% damage to all enemies and recovers Health equal to 30% of the damage dealt. Each point of Rage increases the damage dealt by 20%.
Launches a bonus attack with the Special ability if the target is killed.
Level 2: Damage +10%.
Level 3: Damage +10%.
Level 4: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
Level 5: Damage +10%.

All team members gain +15% Attack in dungeon battles.

Hitoshi Gear Guide

Arena, Adventure, Dungeons, Incursion

Recommended Gear Sets

Avarice, Warrior, Rage

Stats Allocation

Weapon (ATK)
Head (HP)
Chest (DEF)
Boots (ATK% / SPD)
Ring (C.RATE / C.DMG)
Necklace (ATK%)

Stats Priority


Hitoshi Hero Synergy

  • Pairs with Valeria to help her gain Attack Up before she takes her turn by having Hitoshi to defeat some enemies first.

Hitoshi Bio

The name “Hitoshi” immediately strikes shudders of fear into the minds of those “privileged” enough to have met or seen the elusive man. Who can guess at the thoughts behind those cold dead eyes? From where does his limitless reservoir of courage come? Worst of all is that red scarf-like tassel he always keeps by his side, which blows so savagely in the night’s wind.

The man himself is a complete mystery. No one has ever heard him speak—as if mere grunts or gestures are sufficient to convey his life’s meaning. All the other residents of Pirate Island can tell is that the strange warrior must have arrived from a foreign state far in the east, judging from his strange garb.

No description can be given of Hitoshi without mention of the legendary battle that elevated him into a mythic figure of the Island. At first, the commission posted to the bounty hunter’s board had elicited only laughter. Some wealthy fool merchant had bravely posted a bounty for the boss of the Wild Rabbit Gang, a bloodthirsty network of hoodlums that ruled the so-called “Euphoria District” of Pirate Island with an iron fist under Boss Erikson. Surely no individual assassin, however powerful, would ever dare challenge Erikson and his cronies? And thus, the commission lay unclaimed for days as the mysterious figure behind it slowly upped the bounty to a truly enormous fortune. And then, finally, it was accepted by none other than Hitoshi. The Island’s residents eagerly awaited news of the grisly fate to be suffered by someone else at the hands of Erikson.

None except Hitoshi knows exactly what happened that day, except that eyewitnesses reported a pile of bodies like a mountain over Euphoria Street after the bloody battle. Apparently. the streets ran red, the rats enjoyed their feast and planted high above the tower of bodies stood a red tassel waving in the wind like some victorious battle standard. And then out of that bloody scene, straight out of hell, came Hitoshi himself—more demon than man. Euphoria Street today is a very different place. Nor has anyone from the Wild Rabbit Gang ever attempted revenge—or been heard of since for that matter. And, of course. Hitoshi. the mysterious warrior. soon after claimed his bounty to become the wealthiest assassin in the area.

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