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NAME: Haruna
FACTION: Sylvan Woodlands
RARITY: Legendary
TYPE: Offense




★★✰✰✰ Adventure
★✰✰✰✰ Guild Boss
★★★✰✰ Arena Offense
★★✰✰✰ Arena Defense
★★✰✰✰ Void Tower

No Man’s Land

★✰✰✰✰ Bane Wraith
★★★✰✰ Flame Lizard
★★✰✰✰ Wrathful Flood
★★★★✰ Lord of Holy Light
★★✰✰✰ Shadow Captive

Arcane Dominator

★★✰✰✰ Roaring Tulpa
★★★★★ Ash Magisteria
★★★★✰ Queen of Tides
★✰✰✰✰ Witch of Wind
★✰✰✰✰ Gemini Dragon

Haruna Review

Haruna is a Legendary Offense Water affinity hero from Sylvan Woodlands in Awaken Chaos Era. She was released in May 17 2023 as part of the new Legendary matrix fusion event, specializing in taking down the Lava Colossus boss in Rift of Chaos. This allows players to farm for Astro Grails from the Lava Colossus boss easily, especially when they did not have the opportunity to get Grayson from the Legendary matrix fusion. Her skill kit revolves around removing positive effect from enemies, dealing a high amount of single-target damage that ignores a portion of the enemy’s defense, especially when their health is below 50%, and self-boosting with Attack Up buff. Haruna is capable of healing herself and removing negative effects that are inflicted upon her when attacked by a Fire hero too. Overall, Haruna is a decent hero to assist players to farm the Lava Colossus boss, Queen of Tides, and Ash Magisteria from early-game to late-game.

Haruna Skills

Fearless Mind (Trait → Ascension 5)
Active attacks remove 1 positive effect from the target. When attacked, reduces damage received (capped at 60%) according to the attacker’s lost Health. (Ascension → If the attacker’s Health is below 50%, gains Attack Up II for 2 turns up to 1 time per round.)
Attack Up II: +50% Attack.

Vicious Blow (Basic)
Deals 130% damage to 1 enemy gains Attack Up for 2 turns.
Level 2: Damage +10%
Level 3: Damage +10%
Level 4: Damage +10%
Attack Up: +30% Attack.

Infero Burst (Special, Cooldown: 3 turns)
Deals 160% damage to 1 enemy. Damage scales with the enemy’s lost health. If the enemy’s a Fire hero, immediately recovers 40% of Max Health and removes all negative effects.
Level 2: Damage +15%
Level 3: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
Level 4: Damage +15%
Level 5: +5% Health recovery.

Killing Slash (Ultimate, Cooldown: 5 turns)
Deals 200% damage to 1 enemy. Damage scales with the enemy’s lost health. If the enemy’s health is below 50%, ignores 60% of the enemy’s defense and reduces the Ultimate ability’s cooldown by 2 turns.
Level 2: Damage +20%
Level 3: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
Level 4: Damage +20%
Level 5: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
Level 6: Defense Pierce is increased by 10%.

Haruna Gear Guide

Arena, Adventure, Dungeons, Incursion

Recommended Gear Sets

Assassin, Raider, Dragonscale, Guard

Stats Allocation

Weapon (ATK)
Head (HP)
Chest (DEF)
Boots (ATK% / SPD)
Ring (C.RATE / C.DMG)
Necklace (ATK%)

Stats Priority


Haruna Hero Synergy

  • N/A

Haruna Bio (Ayumilove)

In the chaotic era of the Awaken Chaos game, there stood a mysterious and deadly hero known only as Haruna, the Shadow of Blades. Clad in a unique hybrid of ninja and samurai armor, her attire seamlessly blended the stealth of a ninja with the elegance of a samurai. Haruna’s light armor allowed her to move swiftly and silently, blending into the shadows like a wraith. Concealed behind a mask, her true identity remained a mystery, known only to those closest to her.

Haruna’s long, flowing white hair served as a stark contrast against her dress, which predominantly featured the colors of black and red, symbolizing the duality of her nature. The white accents represented her purity of purpose, her commitment to justice in a world veiled in darkness. Equipped with two long samurai swords, one sheathed and the other gripped firmly in her hand, Haruna possessed unrivaled mastery over the art of the blade. Her swift and precise strikes left enemies in awe, as she effortlessly danced through the battlefield, her every movement a deadly symphony.

Haruna’s formidable skills were further augmented by her unique abilities. Fearless Mind, her innate trait, embodied her unwavering resolve and indomitable spirit. Active attacks executed by Haruna removed positive effects from her targets, ensuring her enemies could not benefit from their advantageous buffs. Additionally, when attacked, Haruna’s damage received was reduced in proportion to the lost health of her assailant, offering her an additional layer of defense in the face of adversity. In moments when her attacker’s health fell below 50%, a surge of adrenaline and focus coursed through Haruna, granting her Attack Up II for a limited time, enhancing her offensive capabilities.

Vicious Blow, one of Haruna’s basic attacks, showcased her lightning-fast strikes and lethal precision. With a single slash of her sword, she unleashed a devastating blow upon her target, dealing substantial damage and bolstering her own strength with Attack Up for a short duration. This allowed Haruna to unleash subsequent attacks with even greater ferocity, overwhelming her foes with relentless aggression.

Haruna’s Special ability, Inferno Burst, exemplified her tactical prowess and adaptability. She struck a single enemy with a powerful attack that scaled in strength based on the target’s lost health. Should the enemy be a Fire hero, Haruna’s strike not only inflicted considerable damage but also triggered an immediate recovery of her own health, rejuvenating her and purging all negative effects. This resilience and strategic advantage made Haruna a formidable force on the battlefield.

When the situation demanded her ultimate power, Haruna executed her Killing Slash. With precision and deadly intent, she delivered a devastating blow to a single enemy, its strength amplified by the target’s diminishing health. Should the enemy’s health fall below 50%, Haruna’s strike bypassed a significant portion of the enemy’s defense, ensuring her attack cut through even the sturdiest of adversaries. Furthermore, this potent strike reduced the cooldown of her Ultimate ability, allowing her to unleash it more frequently and maintain a relentless assault.

Haruna, the enigmatic Shadow of Blades, moved with grace and purpose in a world consumed by chaos. Her skill with the sword was unparalleled, and her commitment to justice unwavering. Clad in her unique armor, she traversed the shadows, bringing swift retribution to those who threatened the innocent. As her blades danced in the darkness, she sought to uncover the truth behind the chaos, to bring light to the veiled mysteries of the era. With each enemy felled and each victory secured, Haruna moved one step closer to restoring balance and forging a path towards a brighter future.

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