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Awaken Chaos Era Celine Hero Guide


NAME: Celine
FACTION: Holy Light Empire
TYPE: Offense




★★★✰✰ Adventure
★✰✰✰✰ Guild Boss
★★★✰✰ Arena Offense
★✰✰✰✰ Arena Defense
★★★✰✰ Void Tower

No Man’s Land

★✰✰✰✰ Bane Wraith
★★★★✰ Flame Lizard
★★★✰✰ Wrathful Flood
★★✰✰✰ Lord of Holy Light
★★✰✰✰ Shadow Captive

Arcane Dominator

★✰✰✰✰ Roaring Tulpa
★★★✰✰ Ash Magisteria
★★✰✰✰ Queen of Tides
★✰✰✰✰ Witch of Wind
★✰✰✰✰ Gemini Dragon

Celine Review

Celine is an Elite Offense Water Hero from Holy Light Empire in Awaken Chaos Era. Celine is provided as one of free starter Hero upon completing Adventure Normal 1-2 to help you in clearing the Adventure stages along with Evelyn, Kane and Zachary.

Bubbles is Celine’s unique survivability trait to make up for her lack of low base health and defense. It allows her to sustain in the battle, especially when you do not have a dedicated healer in a full attack squad for speed farming Adventure stages. Water Orb is her basic attack that buffs herself with an Attack Up buff, so she inflict more damage with her special and ultimate skills. Aqua Smash is her special multi-target attack that can freeze 1 or more enemies in the battlefield. This allows you to reduce the damage intake from enemies and get some breathing room to recover, particularly for higher difficulty content where enemies can’t be 1-hit KO in the first round of the battle. Snowstorm is her ultimate AoE attack that rains large icicles on all enemies, dealing greater amount of damage if there are many enemies on the battleground.

Overall, Celine is a decent starter Elite Water hero who can be used as a temporary placeholder if you are not able to get any strong AoE Water nuker such as Nathalia, Hydrissea or Ciara from your Rookie Summon or Advanced Summoning Crystal.

Celine Skills

Bubbles (Trait → Ascension)
Grants Shield for 1 turn(s) at the end of the turn. Ability may trigger once per (2 → 1) turn(s).
Shield : Redirects some damage from the target to this character.
Note: The shield generated is approximately 10% of her MAX HP.

Water Orb (Basic)
Deals 90% damage to an enemy and grants Attack Up to this character for 1 turn.
Level 2: Damage +10%.
Level 3: Damage +10%.
Level 4: Damage +10%.
Attack Up : +30% Attack.

Aqua Smash (Special, Cooldown: 3 turns)
Deals 130% damage to an enemy using an attack that bounces between enemies 2 times. Damage decreases with each bounce. This attack has a 30% chance to apply Frozen to the target for 1 turn.
Level 2: Damage +10%.
Level 3: Damage +10%.
Level 4: Damage +10%.
Level 5: Damage +10%
Frozen: Target is unable to act and takes 50% more damage from all sources. Attacks on the target have a 50% chance to remove this effect. [Control Effect]

Snowstorm (Ultimate, Cooldown: 3 turns)
Deals 130% damage to all enemies. Damage scales with the number of enemies.
Level 2: Damage +10%.
Level 3: Damage +10%.
Level 4: Damage +10%.
Level 5: Ability cooldown is reduced by 1 turn.
Level 6: Damage +10%
Note: The damage inflicted increases by approximately 9% per alive enemy if there is more than 1 alive enemy on the battlefield.

Celine Gear Guide

Arena, Adventure, Dungeons, Incursion

Recommended Gear Sets

Warrior, Rage, Avarice

Stats Allocation

Weapon (ATK)
Head (Health)
Chest (Defense)
Boots (Speed)
Ring (Critical Rate / Attack%)
Necklace (Attack%)

Stats Priority

Attack%, Critical Rate, Critical Damage, Speed

Celine Hero Synergy

  • N/A

Celine Updates

Celine Bio

Celine is born and raised in Pegasus, and the childishness has not yet receded from her. Celine is a water mage though she is not working hard at earning spells, fortunately she has a gift and strong affinity to water element, such as condensing water orb, and even releasing a snowstorm! It is never a easy thing for someone like Celine, an orphan, to grow up even safely, not to say that she needs to learn spells and be as a qualified mage. Celine always appreciate the people who helped her in Pegasus. People here is kind, passionate and brave, so Celine has always wanted to give back to everyone on her own efforts.

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