How to speed farm EXP Dungeon efficiently? | Awaken Chaos Era Guide

Awaken Chaos Era has an EXP dungeon known as the Jelly Madness that appears randomly throughout the day or 24 hours whenever there is a Hero Promotion Event! The EXP (Experience) gained from EXP Dungeons is 4 times more than farming Adventure. To maximize the amount of EXP Jelly farmed in this dungeon, it’s recommended to enable the EXP Potion to double the amount of EXP you gained per run! The EXP Dungeon consists of 21 waves, where the number of minions will increase as you progressively work your way up! It’s advisable to bring in a Water or Wood element damage dealer who can perform AoE (Area of Effect) damage to wipe them out completely! Otherwise, your heroes will not be able to survive the attack once they get their turn. The reason being, they will joint attack with the rest of the minions, which can take out the tankiest hero on your team!

EXP Dungeon Guide

What are the recommended heroes for EXP Dungeon?

  • The recommended heroes to speed farm the EXP Dungeon are the ones who can perform AoE attacks such as Hydrissea, Evera, Beran, and Celine.
  • You can use Nathalia to clear the enemies if you can provide her with sufficient buffs aka positive effects by pairing her with Joseph, Hakrin, or Ice Wolf.

EXP Dungeon Guide

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