Ash Magisteria 14 Guide (Gangelo, Santis, Nathalia, Celestial Kane) | Awaken Chaos Era

If you are looking for how to speed farm Ash Magisteria 14 with Gangelo, Santis, Nathalia, and Celestial Kane in Awaken Chaos Era, then this guide will help you set up this team step by step! This guide covers the speed tuning of each hero, the stats to achieve and compatible gears to be equipped for your heroes to perform their job well!

Ash Magisteria 14 Video Guide

Ayumilove: Ash Magisteria 14 Guide (Gangelo, Nathalia, Santis, Celestial Kane)

Ash Magisteria 14 Team Overview

  • Required Spells: Gaia’s Renewal (Heal), Sundering Purgatory (Defense Down)
  • Required Hero Ascension: Santis (A5), Gangelo (A2), Nathalia (A2)
  • Disable Hero Skill: Gangelo.
  • Hero Turn Order: +140 Speed. Gangelo → Santis → Nathalia → Celestial Kane

Awaken Chaos Era Ash Magisteria 14 Guide using Gangelo, Santis, Nathalia and Celestial Kane Team

Ash Magisteria 14 Team Overview

Gangelo Build

Gangelo requires at least 130% Focus for him to apply his Poison debuff on Ash Magisteria boss consistently, above 20K Health and 1.5K Defense to tank the damage! It’s highly recommended to equip Gangelo in a Revival Set to allow him to heal himself each time he takes his turn as he will be the enemy’s main target due to being Weak Affinity in this Fire element dungeon! He needs to begin the turn first to apply the Poison so that Santis is able to apply 2 stacks of Poison (1 from her Trait and the other from her skills).
Gangelo Build for Ash Magisteria 14 Team | Awaken Chaos Era

Santis Build

Santis is required to be built in an Offense Build with at least 2.6K Attack, 100% Critical Rate, and 200% Critical Damage to support Nathalia to takedown the Madbombs in Wave 2. It’s highly recommended to gear Santis with a Guard Set, so she can tank the damage dealt by the AoE Attack from the boss in Wave 3. She needs to have at least 110% Focus to inflict the Poison debuff on the boss consistently. Having a Guard Set on Santis is a bonus to allow her to tank the initial AoE Nuke damage from the enemy since she is pretty squishy (low health and defense) when built full offense.
Santis Build for Ash Magisteria 14 Team | Awaken Chaos Era

Nathalia Build

Nathalia is required to be built in an Offense Build with at least 5.1K Attack, 100% Critical Rate, and 215% Critical Damage to nuke the Flame Guard and Madbombs in the first 2 waves in 2 hits from her Arcane Nova (Ultimate Ability). You can tweak Nathalia’s damage output by having a higher amount of Critical Damage and lower Attack stats if you are unable to achieve the stats on my Nathalia here. She is speed tuned to go third in the turn order. Having a Guard Set is a must for Nathalia to enable her passive skill to self-buff Nathalia with Attack Up and Immune Up buff when she has a Shield buff on herself.
Nathalia Build for Ash Magisteria 14 Team | Awaken Chaos Era

Celestial Kane Build

Celestial Kane is speed-tuned to go last in the team order to apply the AoE Block Damage to all of his allies so that they will not receive damage from the boss AoE Nuke attack. Also, he requires at least 80% Focus to taunt the enemy (Madbomb) on Wave 2. Otherwise, the enemies have the opportunity to defeat Gangelo or bring his health low enough for the boss to knock him out on Wave 3. If you are unable to build Celestial Kane with a high amount of Health and Defense to survive till the end of the battle, it’s recommended to gear him with a Revival Set to heal himself each time he takes his turn!
CelestialKane Build for Ash Magisteria 14 Team | Awaken Chaos Era

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