Aargh Walkthrough Guide

Aargh is a physics strategy game where you play as Captain. Upgrade your ship, venture into island and sea, defeat pirates, epic bosses and mythical creatures using variety of cannonballs, call Zeus to zap enemies with lightning bolts! Aargh offers 16 levels with progressing difficulty, great game for casual players. View Aargh Walkthrough Guide below to get some tips on defeating enemies efficiently.

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Aargh Strategy Guide

1. Use angle 15 and Power 70 to easily hit most enemies at any range.
2. Shoot cannonball first to determine whether you can hit the enemy.
3. Once confirm hit, use your powerful cannonballs such as Bomb/Seagull/TNT.
4. If you run out of Moves, use Rum to reduce enemy accuracy for few turns.
5. If you have unlock boarding skill, you can park beside enemy ship and board in.

Aargh New Weapon Unlocked

New weapons are unlocked as you progress through the levels.
Level 1 – Firebolt (Set enemy ship on fire. Burn for 3 turns)
Level 2 – Rum (Drunk enemy well-aimed gunners for 3 turns)
Level 3 – None
Level 4 – Ice (Freezes the water around enemy ship)
Level 5 – None (Pierre Gibson – New Enemy)
Level 6 – Seagull (Carries explosives to enemies ship)
Level 7 – Explosives (Detonates on water contact or enemy ship)
Level 8 – Penguin (Swims in Sea and detonate on enemy contact)
Level 9 – None (Jack Black – New Enemy)
Level 10 – Boarding Skill (Grappling Hook to board enemy ship)
Level 11 – None
Level 12 – Kraken Tentacle Attack (Kraken – New Enemy)
Level 13 – (Jolly Roger – New Enemy)
Level 14 – None
Level 15 – None
Level 16 – All 4 Pirates + Pirate Skull Base

Aargh Achievement List

Newbie – Get 5 Stars
Collector – Get 15 Stars
Super Mario – Get 30 Stars
Super Munchkin – Get all the Stars in the game 48 Stars
First Blood – Defeat your first enemy
Flawless Victory – Defeat enemy without getting hit
Sniper – Defeat the enemy without miss
Armed – Unlock all upgrades
Monster Slayer – Defeat the Sea Monster
Armory – Unlock all Weapons
Siege – Capture the French Fort
Fearless – Capture the Pirate Flag

Ayumilove Aargh Kraken Jolly Roger Playthrough
[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-9f85LAUww]

Aargh Screenshots

Main Menu has 2 buttons, Play and Credits. The Play button takes you to the screen where you create new game or load an existing save game, while Credits button takes you to the Thank You page.
Aargh Main Menu

Credits Menu shows developer gratitude on physics engine and music he used. Check out musician Broojacker as he offers high quality and nice background music for games. The game is developed by HitRock, I assume NTFusion sponsors them for more publicity.
Aargh Credits Music Physics Engine

Save Slot Menu offers 3 save slots, each with a different name and country flag. You can load game or delete an existing save game to make room for new save slot. I only used 1 save slot though.
Aargh NewGame LoadGame Menu SaveSlot

Level Menu offers 16 challenging levels. This screen has a Upgrade Button (right) and Achievement Board (left). If you want to change character/save-slot, click the Back Button (bottom left). Select a level and click the Arrow (bottom right) to begin battle! You can mute background music or sound effects here or in-game.
Aargh Level Menu

Each level displays different Game Message describing your opponent you will be encountering. The first level will be easy pirates who misses a lot, followed by proficient pirates, bosses, mythical creatures, and castles on island!
Aargh Game Message

This is Game Screen where all battle takes place on the sea. You will need to adjust your ship cannon angle followed by the cannon power. More power shoots cannonball further. Higher angle causes cannonball to go in a larger arc. Do take account of rippling sea waves that slightly adjust ship cannon angle. The Restart Button is located on top-left corner, click it to retry.
Aargh Battle Game

Upon completing the game, you will earned some achievements! You can check them out in the Achievement Board. You can replay the levels after unlocking all Aargh upgrades and weapons to make it easier to accomplish all these challenges. Boss levels take few tries to get max 3 stars.
Aargh Achievement Board

Once you have loot pirates gold coins, you can spend them on upgrading you ship in Upgrades Menu. Upgrade sails (increase ship movement), repair ship when hull is damaged, learn about Ancient Knowledge to call upon Zeus the Lightning God and upgrade cannonball damage.
Aargh Upgrade Menu

Aargh Review

Aargh is a simple pirate game using physics engine for its cannonball shot. The game offers few enemy characters (4 Pirates with 1 Mythical Purple Octopus named Kraken) Jimmy Wales, Pierre Gibson, Jack Black and Jolley Roger are the pirates who took your gold and hid it on an island.

I find the shooting a little bit repetitive since there are no other means to destroy enemy ship apart from relying on the Lightning God, Kraken Tentacle Attack and Boarding Ship (which are very limited). It has some funny and wierd attack such as relying on kamikaze Seagull and Penguins to carry explosives and head to enemy ship. Since when Penguin resides in hot climate?

There are some improvements that Aargh can work on such as allowing players to fix ship when its set ablaze by enemy Fire Bolt without removing 1 attacking turn, allow unlimited sailing unless sails are torn apart by enemy Chain Shot. Also its nice to see a various upgrade of ships of different era such as Steam Ship and moving to space battleship similarly to Age of War, a progression of weaponry and technology.

This game can be further enriched by having more characters with lively dialogue (more new allies and enemies) and have missions/side-quest to earn some extra gold coins to improve your ship or perhaps create your own base to store your wealth there. Side quest can be seen as guarding a convoy containing precious goods or you transport those goods for client. Instead of predefined enemies, make it so it depends on player’s actions. For instance, doing bad things on 1 faction may lead to unfavorable circumstances but good on another faction/guild.

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