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Sword Art Online Episode 07 – Warmth of Heart (心の温度)

Sword Art Online Episode 07 – Warmth of Heart (心の温度)

Sword Art Online Episode 07 – Warmth of Heart (心の温度) ENDCARD
Sword Art Online Episode 07 – Warmth of Heart (心の温度) - ENDCARD

48th Floor – Lindars – Lizbeth’s Smith Shop (June 24, 2024)

One day, Asuna visits Lizbeth shop to fix her sword durability. Lizbeth notices Asuna’s beautiful purple earring as she receives repair service payment from Asuna. She suspects that her friend is dating with a boy she likes. As they are chattering about that, the tower-bell rings. Asuna have to rush out as she has an appointment. Lizbeth wonders whether she could find someone to love in this Sword Art Online World.

Moments later, Kirito drops by Lizbeth shop to purchase a custom-made long sword for one hand usage. Lizbeth looks suspicious at Kirito, pondering whether he could pay for an expensive sword. Letting him know that the metal prices has been rising lately, Kirito assures her that money will not be an issue. She asks him what stats he wants for the custom-made sword. Kirito suggested Lizbeth to create a sword as good or better than his current sword stat as he passes the sword to her.

Shock to discover the slender-looking sword heavy, she inspects it via Item Appraisal skill. Lizbeth learns that his sword name is Elucidator (a rare demon-type weapon only drop by monster) possessing amazing stats. Hesitantly, Lizbeth recommends him a cyan sword (created using speed-metal attribute) that she had previously made and it was the best sword that she had ever forged. Kirito tests her sword durability by cutting his current sword with it but broke instantly.

Bursting into rage that her best sword broke, she asks Kirito whether he had doubt her sword is weaker than hers. Kirito reluctantly answers her with a yes. Lizbeth proclaims that if she have the right materials, she could forge a sword that will easily break his sword like a firewood. Kirito looks forward for her sword to break his.

Agitated by his taunt, Lizbeth forces Kirito to stick with her throughout the sword-creation process. Both of them start discussing on the place to obtain the metal, which is at West Mountain on 55th Floor of Aincard (floating castle). She informs Kirito that a blacksmith is required to be there to extract the precious metal for forging. Kirito agrees that Lizbeth can tag along as long as she behaves herself.

55th Floor – West Mountain

They reach near West Mountain peak where the surrounding is lush with glass crystals. Before they walk in any further, Kirito advises Lizbeth to have her teleportation rock ready at hand to escape whenever something goes wrong. As Kirito approach closer to the peak, it awakens the glass crystal dragon from its slumber and proceed to take a battle-stance. Kirito instructs Lizbeth to hide behind glass crystal’s shadow to avoid enemy targeting her.

Kirito battles with the giant crystal dragon with ease by chopping one of it’s hands. However, Lizbeth ignores Kirito advice and came out from her hiding before Kirito fully defeated it. The dragon targets Lizbeth as she is the weakest link in party and starts attacking her with powerful wind gust by flapping its wings. The gust knockbacks her into a giant hole. As she falls, Kirito rushes to her side and hold her tightly by positioning her on top of him to reduce damage absorb from the free fall.

West Mountain Giant Pit

Kirito and Lizbeth recover from unconsciousness and found themselves survive at the bottom of the pit. Kirito gives a health potion to Lizbeth to replenish lost HP (Health Points) before consuming one. Then they discuss on how to escape the pit. Lizbeth tries her Teleportation Rock to Lindus but fails to work. Kirito attempts to escape from the pit by running on wall but unsuccessful. They are forced to spend a night at the pit.

Both rests in a sleeping bag while chatting. She asks why he would sacrifice himself for her. Kirito justifies that is better to die with them together than letting someone to die alone, especially with a girl like her. She finds him strange but comforted by his words. She asks Kirito to hold her hand while they sleep and realizes she can feel another person’s warmth even though they are just data in this virtual world. She also realizes she had feelings for him.

At the break of dawn, Lizbeth woke up saw Kirito digging the pit’s snow. He found a crystal rock and show it to Lizbeth. She inspects with Item-Appraisal skill and found out it is a Crystallite Ignot which can be use to forge weapon. Confused on why such an item is found here, Kirito explains that this pit is a Dragon’s Nest where it poops Crystallite Ignot (crystals eaten and digested by Dragon). Lizbeth analyzes and comes up with a theory that the Dragon will return to the nest at dawn since its nocturnal (awake at night, sleep at day).

Both saw the dragon shadow above them as it quickly dives to the pit. Kirito quickly places her on to his shoulder and use his sword to create a snow cloud diversion before running on the wall. When dragon reaches at the bottom of pit, Kirito lands on top of it and anchor his position by spearing his long sword into the crystal dragon’s back. In pain, the dragon flew out of the pit, while they piggyback for escape. Kirito removes his sword from dragon’s back and both flew up in air. As they fall, Lizbeth expresses her love for Kirito but he could not hear her well with all the noise around him.

48th Floor – Lindars – Lizbeth’s Smith Shop (June 25, 2024)

Both return to the shop safely. Lizbeth starts by heating Crystallite Ingot till its golden red, place on a metal table and slam with a hammer. After a few hits, the metal glow in brilliant red light and automatically takes its shape of a long sword with cyan color, matching with the raw material color. Lizbeth inspects the sword and learns that it is name Dark Repulser (an item not in the information broker’s index). The sword is slightly lower in stat compared to Elucidator.

She asks Kirito to give the sword a try. Kirito feels the sword as heavy as his current sword with Lizbeth passion flowing in it. Kirito asks how much it would cost but Lizbeth said it was free in exchange of she becomes his exclusive blacksmith. As Liz is about to confess her love to Kirito, Assuna arrives at her shop. Assuna runs into Lizbeth and hugs her as she is worried about her safety since she is not able to track her last night using the map tracker.

Lizbeth explains to Asuna that she was held in dungeon with Kirito. Lizbeth learns that Asuna is the one who recommended Kirito to visit her shop for custom-made sword and also both of them fight in the front-lines. Realizing that Kirito is the boy that Asuna likes, she excuses herself. As Liz cries over her heartbreak, Kirito finds her at the bridge by scouting from the top of tallest building. He tries to comfort her. Accepting her predicament, Lizbeth promises Kirito to help him as his smith if he promises to win the game and free them all.

List of Sword Art Online Equipment and Items

Eludiator (Long Sword/One-Hand)
Range: Short, Type: Slash
Attack: 700-710, Weight: 170, Durability: 1350, Requires: 61
Equip: +50, Agility: +28, Strength: +48, Armor.

Dark Repulser (Long Sword/One-Hand)
Range: Short, Type: Slash
Attack: 680-700, Durability: 1200, Weight: 150, Requires: 60
Equip: +45, Agility: +12, Strength: +52, Running. Made by Lizbeth.

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