Reincarnation: The Backfire Of Hell

Reincarnation: The Backfire Of Hell (TBOH). Get to the human realm, find the latest soul who has escaped, and bring him back here! I don’t want any excuses for you not getting me my soul! – Luke a.k.a The Devil.

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1) Pickup ‘Towel’ from seat pocket behind driver.
2) Lower right ‘Sun Visor’.
3) Pickup ‘Bronze Key’.
4) Visit trunk (DOWN)
5) Use ‘Bronze Key’ to open red-toolbox.
6) Scavenge red-toolbox for “Screwdriver’.
7) Scavenge yellow-container for ‘Cigarette Lighter’.
8) Pickup ‘Silver Key’ nearby roll of red-blue wire.
9) Pickup ‘Electric Wires’ from roll of red-blue wire.
10) Visit driver (UP).
11) Use ‘Electric Wires’ to connect torn red-blue wire.
12) Use ‘Silver Key’ to open glovebox.
13) Pickup ‘Flashlight’.
14) Extract ‘Large Battery’ from ‘Flashlight’ using ‘Screwdriver.
15) Visit trunk (DOWN)
16) Connect ‘Large Battery’ to red-blue wires.
17) Visit driver (UP).
18) Turn on radio to listen criminal evidence.
19) Place ‘Cigarette Lighter’ into outlet to ‘Lit Cigarette Lighter’.
20) Visit trunk (DOWN).
21) Open ‘Gas Container’ cap.
22) Use ‘Towel’ on ‘Gas Container’.
23) Use ‘Lit Cigarette Lighter’ on ‘Towel’.

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