Plants vs Zombies Walkthrough Guide

Plants vs Zombies is a casual tower defense game where you will need to protect your home from invading zombies during daytime and nighttime in different areas of your home, starting with your front yard! There are over 40 unique plants to be soiled into your home garden to defeat 20 types of zombies of all shapes and sizes, especially with some possessing devastating abilities. Grab all 20 achievements and make your own customized Zombie Avatar!

System Requirements
Operating System (OS) : Windows XP/Vista/7
Memory (RAM) : 512+ MB
Processor : 1.2+ Ghz Mhz or faster
DirectX Version : 8.0
Internet : To register both the download and back-up CD-ROM versions of the game.

Plants vs Zombies Level Guide

Daytime Front Yard
Nighttime Front Yard
Daytime Swimming Pool
Nighttime Swimming Pool

Plants vs Zombies Cheat

To activate any of these cheat, type it while playing the game. There are a few cheats that requires your Tree of Wisdom to be on a certain height (in terms of feet). To do so, fertilize Tree of Wisdom to increase its height by purchasing it for $2500.

daisies : Zombies leave small daisies behind when killed (100 feet)
dance : Zombies move by dancing instead of walking (500 feet)
pinata : A shower of candy when a zombie dies (1000 feet)
trickedout : Alternate Lawn Mower appearance
future : Gives zombies futuristic shades
sukhbir : toggles the zombie’s call for brains-sound
Mustache: Zombies Now Have Mustaches
slowboke : Make zombie walk slowly

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