Orbital Onslaught Walkthrough Guide

Orbital Onslaught is a real time/turn based, tactical-strategy flash game. Lead your mercenary forces against fugitive criminals in a sector, and fight for fame and fortune! Bring the fugitives to justice using a wide variety of unique mercenaries, including soldiers, turrets, gunships and more!

Play Online: Orbital Onslaught (Unlock Achievements)

Orbital Onslaught Two achievements & 20 points to earn

Kekekekeke Badge (5 points) – 100 total kills
Heroic Headhunter Badge (15 points) – All 9 bounties collected

Orbital Onslaught Instructions

Use the mouse: instructions are in the game, or you can view them below!

Orbital Onslaught Tutorial

The battle screen is the place where you deploy units and fight battles.
The objective is to destroy the enemy leader without being destroyed yourself.
The Hit Points (HP) for leaders are displayed in giant numbers. Whoever reaches zero, losses first.
To place a unit, click on its icon in the lower left, then select where you want to drop it.
You may only drop units within your own borders!
Place all your available units, and click on “End Turn” when ready.
The game pauses every 10 seconds (1 turn).
Players can only deploy units in between turns!
Notice that a red cooldown bar appears under the unit icon after they are deployed.
You can only deploy them again once the cooldown is complete.
Stronger units have longer cooldown times!
You will notice two waypoint markers on the upper and lower part of the map.
Clicking on these will allow you to set it as the destination for the next deployed unit.

Orbital Onslaught Tips and Hints

Drop/Deploy pods on enemies for extra damage. Go on. It feels good.
Use Light infantry to quickly capture flags (waypoint markers).
Use Samurai to kill mobs of infantry units quickly.
Use Rocket Infantry to defeat powerful vehicles (tanks, mechs, walker, aircraft, etc)
You gain 1 point of Fame for every $100 earned (round up)
You also gain additional 1 point of Fame for every 50 HP remaining after a round.

Orbital Onslaught Planets

Icy Planet – Infantry move slower through open snow. Aircraft lose 5 HP per second.
Magma Planet – Magma pools damage units travelling through it.
Desert Planet – Rocks block deployment of your army.
Verdant Planet – Vehicles move slower through Forest.

Orbital Onslaught Passive Abilities

Faster Attacking Speed

Best complement: Samurai, Drone, Light
Increases the attacking rate of a particular unit. Best apply on units that are already has fast attacking speed.

Max HP (Hit Points)

Best complement: Tanks, Walker, Heavy, Mammoth
This increases the health of an army unit. The more health, the more damage it can absorb! I’m not a fan of max hit points (health) since killing enemy quickly is more fun than tanking in heavy amount of damage. But I guess some players like them. Adding this max hp to ability on Mammoth will drastically improve its health!

Long Range

Best complement: Sniper, Rocket Sentry, Mortar, Hive
Attack enemy from afar without getting hurt. Apply this ability on long range attacking unit such as Sniper as it will tremendously increases its attacking range. This ability will help them greatly in knocking out enemies quickly before they can conquer the map/terrain as they can save time attacking instead of walking towards the enemy.

Max Damage

Best complement: Tank, Samurai
Increases your max damage, making it possible to 1 hit KO enemies. Works best with fast attacking units such as Samurai to whittle down your enemies quickly before they can deal further damage to your own units!


Best complement: Light
Allows your units to avoid absorbing any hits from enemy attacks, regardless low or high damage! The maximum dodge chance you can get is 30%. I used to apply 30% dodge to my LIGHT infantry (human shield) making it difficult for enemies to kill them on the front line while my long range units and tankers pound them safely.

Orbital Onslaught Army

Orbital Onslaught Infantry

Light (1 Turn)

Already unlocked. LIGHT infantry are puny weaklings. Think of them as disposable napkins. Good for swarming enemy, or as cannon fodder to draw enemy fire. LIGHT is very useful in capturing the flags on the top and bottom. They conquer terrains quickly with their fast walking speed! Also, they are great for diverting enemy attacks away from your powerful units (that requires many turns to spawn), making them renowned for their human shield capabilities. Since they only take 1 turn to respawn, you can mass light infantry in a short while, overpowering higher level infantries such as rocket and snipers. This makes them a great asset in all battles. Dodge ability best complements Light infantry as it makes it more difficult for enemies to kill them.

Medium (2 Turns)

Already unlocked. MEDIUM infantry are general purpose troops. They can generally beat most other infantry in a straight fight, but are outclassed by almost anything else.I used these infantries in the earlier stages of capturing criminals in the Orbital Onslaught. In later levels, they do not prove very useful as they are overpowered quickly by fast killing robots. Not recommended for later levels in game.

Rocket (2 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 1. Rocket infantry carry a huge-as rocket launcher, and are clearly overcompensating for something. Great versus aircraft and vehicles. Most of the enemies usually compose of 3 to 4 machinery in their army. Having rocket infantries will defeat these behemoths quickly from afar. Just hope that there isn’t any snipers, light nor other fast melee attacking units gets in their way. Long range ability complements well with Rocket launcher, providing them ample time to take their slow shot against vehicles and buildings (especially Sentinels). Place Rocket infantries behind your tanks so they are protected from fast attacking-walking enemies.

Snipers (4 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 1. Snipers are cowards. They hang back, putting bullets into the heads of enemy infantry. Not so hot against, vehicles or anything that moves fast. Similarly to Rocket, they are slow powerful firing units that attacks from afar. They specialize in killing infantries instead of vehicles and buildings. They are susceptible by fast melee-attacking robots, or fast walking enemies. Use these guys if your opponent has many infantries they would like to dispose. Place Snipers at the very back of your army so they don’t get gunned down by enemies in the front line. If enemy deploys Raider nearby your Snipers, don’t panic! Deploy your Light Infantry to draw away enemy fire while your Sniper takes his time head-shotting those backdoor Raiders.

Raider (3 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 4. Raiders can deploy anywhere, but cannot capture territory. This naturally makes them asshats that specialize in surprise attacks. Deals extra damage to buildings. Personally, I don’t use Raiders at all since LIGHT infantry can reach enemy base quickly. LIGHT infantry can also defeat these guys quickly too since every turn I can deploy them.

Mammoth (9 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 6. Mammoths are genetically modified monsters. They are enormous, and can absorb a lot of damage. Oh and they regenerate health rapidly over time. They aren’t vehicles of course, unless there is a vehicle that can self repair using mini bots. They charge against enemy units if they are within range. It uses melee attack to defeat its opponents. However, they are quite susceptible to Rocket Sentries.

Orbital Onslaught Vehicles

Heavy (4 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 2. HEAVY mechs get to sit in an expensive battle-suit. They can take a lot more damage than regular infantry. They move pretty slow but they do the job well. However, several rocket launchers can wipe them out easily too.

Gunship (3 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 3. Gunships fly around in the sky, like high tech vultures. They have autocannons which work best against weak infantry units. Does not capture territories. Easily penetrates enemy lines and moving out from there after delivering massive shots against its weak troops behind the front lines such as enemy’s Sniper and Rocket Infantries. Great against all weak infantries. A must have if you wish to dispose enemy infantries quickly. However, they aren’t a fan of Rocket Sentry attacks.

Tanks (5 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 3. Tanks are like angry horses. They are armored with thick steel plating. Their splash damage makes them effective against weaker units huddling together.

Drone (5 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 5. Assault drones are fast moving killer robots, with sharp claws. Those sharp claws deal a lot of damage to soft infantry units. Unable to claw aircraft. These guys can be easily countered by having Vehicles (Gunship and Bomber are immune to Assault Drone attacks!).

Bomber (3 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 6. Bombers are aircraft that can deal a lot of damage against a single target. Kinda useless if the enemy only has a lot of fast weak units.

Samurai (2 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 7. Samurais are only armed with a sword versus enemies with guns, but the swords are so sharp that they can slice vehicles open. Like an uber-cool can opener. They are easily defeated by Rocket Sentry or units that has massive health to begin with.

Shield (3 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 7. Shiel droids have a force field that reduce damage taken. Its fatal flaw is a total lack of effectiveness against melee attacks. Which can be pretty fatal. They are susceptible to melee attack such as Mammoth, Samurai and Drones.

Walkers (8 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 8. Walkers are one of the toughest units available. They can take a lot of damage while raining down fire and trampling all over the enemy. I guess this unit is the only unit can defeat hive since it uses its legs to trample those critters without wasting its shots against the weaklings.

Orbital Onslaught Buildings

Sentry (5 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 2. Sentry Turrets just sit there and don’t move at all. Use them for defense, or as expensive base decoration. Effective against a swarm of weak units. This will be your very first building (stationary army)! Sentry as defense is not particular great since Rocket Infantry can pound them happily from afar (with Long Range Ability). It will be best to use infantries to defend your base for now and skip this Sentry (Building). Playing offense in the beginning is sure more fun to unlock more new army in the mid and late game!

Rocket Sentry (5 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 4. Rocket Sentry turrets cannot move. They just sit there firing rockets at any idiot dumb enough to come into range. Works best against aircraft. These sitting ducks aren’t just there for decoration. Rocket Sentry play an essential role in both offense and defense if used correctly. You can use them to attack fast Gunship and Bombers, while protecting your base from Raiders. For the fun part, they complement well with Hive (another building) Their homing missiles are precise, never misses the enemy unlike Mortar. If you are a fan of both styles (offense and defense) this should be one of your selected choices when preparing your army.

Mortar (6 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 5. Mortar turrets are long range artillery units. Rains shells down on last known enemy positions. They tend to miss fast moving targets, however. Great against slow moving units such as tanks, snipers and heavy mech. However, they tend to target enemies closer to them, therefore they will keep missing Light Infantry, Samurai, Assault Drones.

Hives (4 Turns)

Unlocked after Mission 8. Hives don’t move, and deal very little damage. However, like some bizarre infestation, they can spawn mutant critters that swarm the enemy. The critters spawned by Hive has little health, much lesser than Light infantry. However, they make excellent diversion and human shield, replacing Light infantry role as the puppet to draw enemy firing attention. However, they make a very good team with Light infantry. To fully open Hive full potential, you will need Light infantry to conquer some maps in the first turn. Only on 2nd turn you place the Hive closer to enemy base (5 boxes away from your base) This allows Hive to constantly spawn its critters as the enemy within its large range. Hive have very long range attack, 2.5 time greater of a Sniper, but super weak attack (2 damage?) Hive’s critters perform melee attack, thus Shield enemies will whittle down easily. If you have 4 Hives on battlefield, your opponent stands no chance to keep up with your amassing army! A warning, critters loses health every second, regardless of the terrain they are walking on. So its advisable to direct your Critters directly to the enemy base instead of pointing them to flags (top/bottom way points)

Orbital Onslaught Level Guide

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