MapleStory RED Revolution Evolution Delight Update

MapleStory RED Revolution Evolution Delight Update

MapleStory RED (Revolution, Evolution, Delight) is an update following Cygnus Returns. It is unveiled in MapleStory 1st Festival at COEX on May 19, 2013.

MapleStory RED (Part 1) – 1st Impact

  • All Explorers are completely overhauled, and given its own storyline.
  • Explorers no longer require skill books or mastery books
  • Cannoneers and Dual Blades are now considered normal Explorers, and Phantoms are now able to steal their skills.
  • Free Advancement System: Allows Explorers to switch jobs within their class.
  • Profession Revamp. Can now create scrolls, new Cubes, Flame of Reincarnation and new Level 145 Meister Weapons
  • Maple Mileage System

Free Advancement System

  1. Requires one to be at 4th job.
  2. Requires one to pay a certain amount of Coins or Mesos. If one has enough Coins, it is used instead.
  3. One can only change jobs once a day.
  4. One can only change jobs in their specific class (i.e. Warrior Paladin can switch to Dark Knight but Paladin cannot switch to Thief Dual Blade). All Skill Points are reset upon switching.
  5. Ability Points will switch when a job uses a different Stat (i.e. Buccaneer, whose primary stat is Strength, will switch to Dexterity upon changing to Corsair or Cannoneer).
  6. A Link Skill is obtained if the target job has a Link Skill. However, when switched back, the Link Skill is lost (i.e. switching to Cannoneer provides its Link Skill but switching to Buccaneer or Corsair results losing said Link Skill).
  7. After switching jobs, a Level 100 weapon box for that class is received.

MapleStory RED (Part 2) – Child of God

  • New Feature: Auction House
  • New Class: Zero
  • New Area: Mirror World (Shadow Temple)
  • Customizable training area
  • Premium Hunting

MapleStory RED (Part 3) – Critias

  • New Area: Critias
  • New Major Boss: Hecaton (1 vs 100)
  • New PvP Mode: Boss Monsters
  • Real time PvE system, Commander’s Invasion
  • Bamon’s League
  • MapleStory can be linked with mobile devices.
  • Gallery

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2 thoughts on “MapleStory RED Revolution Evolution Delight Update

  1. Mastel

    Is The New Mastery Book only for Explorer only? Well, you write Explorer no need Mastery Book Anymore…..If we have Old Non-Explorer Mastery Book We Change to the New one, does that work?

    “The Mastery Book system has been reorganized! First of all, you will not require skill-specific Mastery Books anymore. You will only need the new Mastery Book 20 and Mastery Book 30 (and the Dual Blade Training Book for Dual Blades’ 2nd~3rd job)!

    Using these will allow you to choose one of your skills to upgrade the mastery level of at a 100% rate! It even works with Maple Warrior!”

    I Took it at OrangeMushroom, It Does not say it Apply to Explorer only, Can you Confirm it?

  2. Apple

    Hi Ayumilove, may I know what happened to ultimate adventurer after the Red Revolution Evolution Delight Update? Do they get to keep their cygnus knight skills and get revamped?