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Updated to GMS v.132 – Hyper Evolution (2013-04-03)
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MapleStory Adventurer Mihile Job Selection Mihile (Mikhail / Knight of Light) is one of MapleStory Special Cygnus Adventurer who wields one-handed sword and a soul shield. The Soul Shield can gain experience and level up, and upgraded at every job advancement. Upon reaching 4th Job Advancement, it becomes Soul Shield of Justice with potential stats. Mihile undergoes job advancement through Empress Cygnus and Nineheart in Ereve and can reach up to Level 200. Mihile primary stat is STR and secondary stat is DEX. [NOTE] KMS (Korean MapleStory) name this class as Mikhail whereas GMS name this class as Mihile. KMS (Korea MapleStory) released Mihile on Mar 21 2012. GMS (Global MapleStory) released Mihile on Sep 5 2012.

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Mihile Overview

CLASS: Cygnus Knight
MAIN WEAPON: One-handed Sword
SUB EQUIP: Soul Shield – a growth-type shield
HP: High
MP: Medium
PRIMARY STAT: STR (Strength) – needed for damage and for equips
SECONDARY STAT: DEX (Dexterity) – some is needed for equips

Mihile Storyline

The mightiest hero can come from the humblest beginnings. The great warrior you know as Mihile did not always go by that name. Once upon a time he was an overworked stock boy at Mr. Limbert’s General Store, known only as “kiddo.” Little did that young boy know that his life was about to change forever…

Empress Cygnus long suspected that there was more to the boy than what met the eye, so she and Neinheart decided to test the young warrior. It wasn’t until Cygnus watched him defeat her minions with ease that she knew the truth for sure. Neinheart was skeptical, but Cygnus’s faith never wavered. She explained to the boy that his father was a warrior of great power; a warrior for good and a warrior for the light. He had left his infant son with the old man Limbert, planning to one day return, but he was never able to escape the great evil that defeated him. She went on to call the nameless kiddo “Mihile,” which means “Born of Light” in honor of his fallen father, Chromile, the Knight of Light.

The young Empress and her faithful follower Neinheart brought the boy with a new name back with them to Ereve. There he learned that “Only the darkest night can produce the most brilliant sunrise!”

Mihile Notes

  • Mihile is a Cygnus Knight, but his tutorial and storyline are much like Hero and Jett classes, and his max level is 200.
  • There is no gender selection with Mihile – he can only be male!
  • Each Mihile character has its own individual Cash Inventory not shared with other characters.
    Until Lv.120, Mihile receives an additional 10% EXP.
  • Once Mihile reaches Lv.70, he can pass down the Beginner skill Knight’s Watch to another character on the same account in the same world. Knight’s Watch uses the power of light to protect a character from being knocked back.
  • After completing the 4th job advancement, you can obtain Empress’s Shout and Empress’s Prayer through quests, and you will be able to create an Ultimate Explorer.
  • Lv. 30 Mihiles will get their own cards added to the Character Card system: Weapon DEF: +2/3/4/5% for Lv.30-69, Lv.70-119, Lv.120-199, Lv.200.

Mihile Beginner Job Skills

MapleStory Mihile Guardian of Light Guardian of Light (Supportive)
Temporarily allows you to avoid being knock-backed by monsters when they bumped or attack you for 90 seconds. Cooldown is 300 seconds. This also acts as a Link Skill.

Mihile Beginner Skill Build: Everything maxed.
All the skills listed above are Mihile innate abilities. No SP required.

Mihile 1st Job Skills

MapleStory Mihile Soul Blade Soul Blade (Active)
Active 5 enemies with a golden soul blade created by a sword swing.
LV1: -6 MP, 245% Damage.
LV20: -14 MP, 340% Damage.

MapleStory Mihile Soul Jump Weightless Heart (Active)
Perform a second jump while in mid-air. Higher skill level improves jump distance.
LV1: 34 MP.
LV10: 20 MP.

MapleStory Mihile HP Increase HP Increase (Passive)
Permanently increases Max HP.
LV1: +2% Max HP.
LV10: +20% Max HP.

MapleStory Mihile Soul Shield Soul Shield (Passive)
Permanently increases physical and magical defenses.
LV1: +60 Defense.
LV15: +200 Defense.

MapleStory Mihile Soul Agility Soul Devotion (Passive)
[REQUIRE] LV1 Soul Shield.
Permanently increase Accuracy, Speed, and Jump.
LV1: +20 Accuracy, +7 Speed, +2 Jump.
LV10: +200 Accuracy, +25 Speed, +20 Jump.

Mihile 1st Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Add 1 SP into Soul Blade and Soul Shield.
2. Max Weightless Heart, Soul Devotion, Soul Blade, HP Increase, Soul Shield.

Soul Blade will be your primary attacking skill during Mihile 1st Job. Therefore, add 1 SP (Skill Points) to unlock it and max Soul Jump and Soul Agility to traverse wide maps quickly and reach monsters faster for the kill. Max HP Increase last since the monsters at this level will not be able to kill you within 3-4 hits.

Mihile 2nd Job Skills

MapleStory Mihile Sword Mastery Sword Mastery (Passive)
Permanently increases one handed sword mastery and accuracy.
LV1: +12% Mastery, +6 Accuracy.
LV20: +50% Mastery, +120 Accuracy.

MapleStory Mihile Sword Booster Sword Booster (Supportive)
[REQUIRE] LV5 Sword Mastery.
Temporarily double one-handed sword attack speed.
LV1: 30 MP, Lasts 10 sec.
LV10: 11 MP, Lasts 200 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Rage Rage (Supportive)
Temporarily increases Weapon Attack of all party members.
LV1: 12 MP, +11 Weapon ATT, Lasts 66 sec.
LV20: 20 MP, +30 Weapon ATT, Lasts 180 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Final Attack Final Attack (Passive)
[REQUIRE] LV3 Sword Mastery
Has a chance to deal additional attack with a 1H (one handed) sword.
LV1: 2% Chance, 100% Damage.
LV20: 40% Chance, 150% Damage.

MapleStory Mihile Soul Driver Soul Driver (Active)
Attack few enemies 4 times with golden swords erupting around you.
LV1: 8 MP, 88% Damage, Attacks 4 enemies.
LV20: 18 MP, 145% Damage, Attacks 6 enemies.

MapleStory Mihile Shinning Chase Radiant Driver (Active)
Attack 6 enemies and push them as you rush forward.
LV1: 24 MP, 286% Damage.
LV20: 36 MP, 400% Damage.

MapleStory Mihile Physical Training Physical Training (Passive)
Permanently increases Strength and Dexterity.
LV1: +3 STR, +3 DEX.
LV5: +30 STR, +30 DEX.

Mihile 2nd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Radiant Driver.
1. Add 1 SP into Radiant Driver and Soul Driver.
2. Add 5 SP into Sword Mastery and 6 SP into Sword Booster.
3. Max Sword Mastery, Rage and Physical Training.
4. Max Soul Driver, Sword Booster and Final Attack.
5. Dump remaining SP into Radiant Driver.

Soul Driver will be your primary attacking skill during Mihile 2nd Job. Unlock both Soul Chase and Soul Driver and max Sword Mastery and Physical Training to stabilize your damage for all attacking skills. Then, max Soul Driver to increase total amount of monsters you can hit with the erupting golden swords. Further pump up your damage with Rage and increases duration of Sword Booster. Finish your SP with Soul Chase.

Mihile 3rd Job Skills

MapleStory Mihile Soul Slash Trinity Attack (Active)
Attack 3 enemies 4 times by slashing them with sword.
LV1: -15 MP, 192% Damage.
LV20: -19 MP, 230% Damage.

MapleStory Mihile Shinning Buster Radiant Buster (Active)
Attack 6 enemies 3 times with a blazing light and has a chance to temporarily stun enemies.
LV1: -20 MP, 194% Damage, 1% Stun for 1 sec.
LV20: -40 MP, 270% Damage, 20% Stun for 4 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Shinning Charge Radiant Charge (Supportive)
Temporarily increases your overall damage.
LV1: -25 MP, +12% Damage, Lasts 30 sec.
LV10: -40 MP, +30% Damage, Lasts 300 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Soul Endure Enduring Spirit (Supportive)
Temporarily increases physical and magical defenses, status effect resistance and elemental resistance.
LV1: -20 MP, +5% Defense, +3% Resistance, Lasts 66 sec.
LV20: -40 MP, +100% Defense, +60% Resistance, Lasts 180 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Magic Crash Magic Crash (Supportive)
Has a chance to cancel all enemy buff and temporarily block them from recasting them. This skill has a cooldown of 1 minute.
LV1: -35 MP, 24% Chance, Block for 8 sec.
LV20: -15 MP, 100% Chance, Block for 20 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Intention Intense Focus (Passive)
Permanently increases Strength and Weapon Attack Speed.
LV1: +3 STR.
LV20: +60 STR.

MapleStory Mihile Soul Attack Righteous Indignation (Passive)
Increases critical hit rate and damage on enemies if they are under status effect.
LV1: +1% Damage, +1% Critical Hit Rate.
LV20: +20% Damage, +20% Critical Hit Rate.

MapleStory Mihile Self Recovery Self Recovery (Passive)
Recover HP and MP every 4 seconds while idling or in combat.
LV1: +10 HP, +3 MP.
LV30: +300 HP, +90 MP.

Mihile 3rd Job Skill Build: Everything maxed except Trinity Attack.
1. Add 1 SP into Radiant Buster, Trinity Attack, Intense Focus and Radiant Charge.
2. Max Radiant Charge, Radiant Buster and Intense Focus.
3. Max Righteous Indignation, Self Recovery, Enduring Spirit and Magic Crash.
4. Dump remaining SP into Trinity Attack.

Radiant Buster will be Mihile’s 3rd Job Primary Attacking Skill for leveling up instead of Trinity Attack because it hits more enemies and able to stun them at the same time. With Righteous Indignation, it further boost your attacking skill critical rate and damage if you are attacking stunned enemies. You will be given 4 SP in 3rd Job so distribute 1 SP each into Radiant Buster, Trinity Attack, Intense Focus and Radiant Charge. Max Radiant Charge (increase your min max damage) followed by Radiant Buster (your main 3rd job skill) and Intense Focus (increases your strength and reduces attack delay). Next, max Righteous Indignation to take advantage against stunned enemies and max Self Recovery to save some health and mana potions. Less potion usage means less frequent to potion shop to restock. Finally max Enduring Spirit and Magic Crash. These 2 skills doesn’t play much role in helping you level up, so they are max last. Dump remaining skill points into Trinity Attack.

Mihile 4th Job Skills

MapleStory Mihile Soul Assault Four-Point Assault (Active)
Attack 1 enemy 4 times and has a chance to temporarily blind them (reduces enemy accuracy of hitting you) The final hit of Soul Assault will always be a critical attack. Blind duration is half if against bosses.
LV1: -20 MP, 215% Damage, 11% chance to -1% accuracy for 42 sec.
LV30: -32 MP, 360% Damage, 40% chance to -30% accuracy for 100 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Shinning Blast Radiant Blast (Active)
[REQUIRE] Max Radiant Buster.
Attack 6 enemies 6 times by releasing light wave and has a chance to temporarily stun them.
LV1: -50 MP, 193% Damage, 11% chance to stun for 4 sec.
LV30: -75 MP, 280% Damage, 40% chance to stun for 6 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Soul Rage Roiling Soul (Supportive)
Temporarily sets all Mihile’s skills to only attack 1 enemy. Also increases overall damage, critical hit rate and minimum critical damage. This skill has a cooldown of 270 seconds for all levels.
LV1: -30 MP, +2% Damage, +11% Critical Hit Rate, +1% Minimum Critical Damage, Lasts 66 sec.
LV30: -50 MP, +60% Damage, +20% Critical Hit Rate, +15% Minimum Critical Damage, Lasts 240 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Stance Stance (Supportive)
Temporarily resist enemy knock-back at a certain success rate.
LV1: -30 MP, 37% Knock-back Resistance, Lasts 10 sec.
LV30: -60 MP, 95% Knock-back Resistance, Lasts 300 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Maple Warrior Maple Warrior (Supportive)
Temporarily boost all stats by percentage.
LV1: -10 MP, +1% All Stats, Lasts 30 sec.
LV30: -70 MP, +15% All Stats, Lasts 900 sec.

MapleStory Mihile Advanced Soul Shield Soul Asylum (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Soul Shield.
Permanently reduces damage absorbed inflicted by enemy attacks.
LV1: -5.5% Damage.
LV30: -20% Damage.

MapleStory Mihile Expert Sword Mastery Expert Sword Mastery (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Sword Mastery.
Permanently increases one-handed sword mastery, weapon attack and minimum critical damage.
LV1: 56% Mastery, +1 Weapon ATT, +1% Min Critical Damage.
LV30: 70% Mastery, +30 Weapon ATT, +15% Min Critical Damage.

MapleStory Mihile Advanced Final Attack Advanced Final Attack (Passive)
[REQUIRE] Max Final Attack.
Permanently increases success rate of triggering Final Attack, damage and accuracy. Also, Final Attack attack enemies twice instead of once.
LV1: 46% Chance, 163% Damage, +1 Weapon ATT, +1% Accuracy
LV30: 60% Chance, 250% Damage, +30 Weapon ATT, +10% Accuracy

MapleStory Mihile Combat Mastery Combat Mastery (Passive)
Ignores a portion of enemy defense when attacking them.
LV1: Ignores 4% Defense.
LV10: Ignores 40% Defense.

Mihile 4th Job Skill Build: Everything maxed.
1. Add 1 SP into Radiant Blast and Advanced Final Attack.
2. Max Expert Sword Mastery, Combat Mastery, Radiant Blast.
3. Max Advanced Final Attack, Four Point Assault, Roiling Soul.
4. Max Stance, Maple Warrior, Soul Asylum.

Radiant Blast overpowers Four-Point Assault in mobs, therefore its possible to weed out Four-Point Assault since its not useful but only to reduce boss accuracy. Radiant Blast will be Mihile 4th Job Primary Attacking Skill for Training. Add 1 SP into Advanced Sword Mastery and Advanced Final Attack for an instant boost of enhancement to the predecessor skills before maxing Radiant Blast. Stabilize damage with Advanced Sword Mastery and bypass monster’s tough defenses with Combat Mastery to deal extra damage. You will need Soul Shield later since monsters at high level deal serious damage and Mihile’s high health could only hold off several attacks before getting killed. If you plan to boss raid to gain experience points, you will need to max Four Point Assault and Roiling Soul max before Maple Warrior, Soul Asylum and Stance.


Enduring Spirit – Persist (Level 143) +20 seconds duration.

Enduring Spirit – Steel Skin (Level 162) +20% Defense.

Enduring Spirit – Preparation (Level 183) +10% Elements Resistance.

Radiant Blast – Reinforce (Level 149) +20% Damage.

Radiant Blast – Spread (Level 168) +2 Number of Enemies Hit.

Radiant Blast – Extra Strike (Level 189) +1 Number of Attacks.

Four-Point Assault – Reinforce (Leve 155) +20% Damage.

Four-Point Assault – Opportunity (Level 177) +20% chance to inflict Darkness.

Four-Point Assault – Extra Strike (Level 195) +1 Number of Attacks.

Sacred Cube (Level 150)
A cube containing divine power enhances your strength, giving you 20 attack, 20% HP and MP, and 20% damage reduction for 180 seconds.

Charging Light (Level 170)
The knight of light is summoned and performs a deadly thrust that deals 1000% damage 8 times on up to 15 enemies inflicting a debuff that increase you and your party’s damage on them by 10% for 30 seconds. There is a cooldown of 90 seconds. The maximum damage for this skill is 9,999,999.

Queen of Tomorrow (Level 200)
The blessing of the Empress increases your damage by 10% and lets you pass the damage cap by 50,000 for 60 seconds. There is a cooldown of 120 seconds.

Mihile Hyper Skill Build Guide:
1. Radiant Blast – Reinforce (MAX)
2. Radiant Blast – Extra Strike (MAX)
3. Radiant Blast – Spread (MAX)
4. Four-Point Assault – Reinforce (MAX)
5. Four-Point Assault – Extra Strike (MAX)
6. Sacred Cube (MAX)
7. Charging Light (MAX)
8. Queen of Tomorrow (MAX)
9. Hyper Strength (MAX)
10. Hyper Dexterity (MAX)
11. Hyper Health (MAX)
12. Hyper Mana (MAX)
13. Hyper Magic Defense (MAX)
14. Hyper Critical Rate (MAX)


Mihile 1st Job Skills
Soul Jump -> Weightless Heart
Soul Agility -> Soul Devotion

Mihile 2nd Job Skills
Shining Chase -> Radiant Driver

Mihile 3rd Job Skills
Soul Slash -> Trinity Attack
Shining Buster -> Radiant Buster
Shining Charge -> Radiant Charge
Soul Endure -> Enduring Spirit
Intention -> Intense Focus
Soul Attack -> Righteous Indignation

Mihile 4th Job Skills
Soul Assault -> Four-Point Assault
Shining Blast -> Radiant Blast
Soul Rage -> Roiling Soul
Advanced Soul Shield -> Soul Asylum
Advanced Sword Mastery -> Expert Sword Mastery

Mihile Hyper Skills
Enduring Spirit – Persist -> SAME
Enduring Spirit – Iron Skin -> Enduring Spirit – Steel Skin
Enduring Spirit – Imbue Body -> Enduring Spirit – Preparation
Radiant Blast – Reinforce -> SAME
Radiant Blast – Extra Target -> Radiant Blast – Spread
Radiant Blast – Bonus Attack -> Radiant Blast – Extra Strike
Four-Point Assault – Reinforce -> SAME
Four-Point Assault – Bonus Chance -> Four-Point Assault – Opportunity
Four-Point Assault – Bonus Attack -> Four-Point Assault – Extra Strike
Sacred Cube -> SAME
Deadly Charge -> Charging Light
Queen of Tomorrow -> SAME

MapleStory Mihile Video

Maplestory Mihile 1st Job Skill Preview

Maplestory Mihile 2nd Job Skill Preview

Maplestory Mihile 3rd Job Skill Preview

Maplestory Mihile 4th Job Skill Preview

Mihile Changelog

Feb 07 2013 : Updated Mihile Skill Build Guide.
Feb 27 2013 : Added Mihile General Information.
Apr 03 2013 : [UPDATE] GMS v.132 Hyper Evolution Update Notes

GMS Released Mihile :

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60 thoughts on “MapleStory Mihile Skill Build Guide V1

  1. Ayumilove Post author

    @Charlie: Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your feedback regarding the Hyper Skill being outdated. Currently this guide is using GMS v.132 Hyper Evolution. I’ll need to update it to GMS v.137 for the latest update on the Hyper Skill changed levels.

  2. Charlie

    Is the hyper skill build current? The levels you have posted do not match what my hyper skill window says. So I am just wondering if your build is up to date. Thank you for all the guides you have posted.

  3. Ayumilove Post author

    @Game: Yeah, they need. However, the remaining 5 Cygnus Knights does not require (RED Patch).

  4. Gwynandre

    I suggest Hyper Dexterity over Hyper Weapon Defense since Mihiles have a skill that double your defense, and the 9999 cap for weapon defense is hit very easily.

  5. Dave

    Hi Ayumi or any Mihile out there, I’m just wondering why I couldn’t jump high up just like other classes (Demon slayer/ Cygnus Knights?) it allows me to jump forward/backward but I’m hoping that Mihile can also jump high up…. any advise? thanks

  6. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Minion Rush, I think it would be best if MapleStory came out a new system (similarly to Deck Card or Link System) which can apply to all classes/job in general. This Dual System in my opinion, should be able to group 2 types of jobs which you like (including the same one perhaps to deal extra damage or perform a special attack).

  7. Minion Rush

    I want to have the most fun, I don’t really care about power but it would be nice.

    Out of…

    Cygnus Knight
    Dual Blade
    Demon Slayer

    What is the most fun, and maybe most powerful and why?

  8. lcren

    the max lvl of enduring spirit , self recovery and knight’s watch has changed from 20 to 10

  9. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jesse, you can max Radiant Driver over Soul Driver if you wish to hold out till 3rd Job for Radiant Buster to take over as a primary attacking skill :) It’s a good choice if you wish to make the perfect Mihile character in my opinion.

  10. Jesse

    Yeah sorry I meant radiant driver not radiant charge and don’t you mean maxing radiant driver over soul driver also I think you meant till the 3rd job not waiting till forth because soul driver get’s replaced in 3rd job.

  11. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jesse, Radiant Charge isn’t a skill that kills enemies. It’s a skill that temporarily increases damage. Soul Driver on the other hand is used to kill multiple enemies and its very useful especially bossing. If you can train without having max Soul Driver until you reach 4th Job, then go for it. Max Soul Driver over Radiant Driver.

  12. Jesse

    So basically it depends i can see radiant charge being more useful in the long run because you can quickly take out a group of weak enemies and soul driver is completely useless since it gets replaced in 3rd job but is more helpful when training in second job am I correct?

  13. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Jesse, usually rush skill can’t kill enemies in 1-2 hit if they are high level. Therefore, I mainly focus in upgrading primary skill at that job level for better kills. You can opt to upgrade rush skill to the max instead. It’s your build but I prefer mine like this for optimized training. Hyper Skill Builds will be added later on this site.

  14. Jesse

    Two uestions

    1. Why max soul driver over radiant driver because I can see radiant driver being more usefully in later jobs to charge enemies for some quick kills

    2. Do you have any Hyper skill builds at all and if you do were can I find them

  15. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Chippy, dull icon means they have already disabled Mihile job creation. You have to wait for them to unlock the job.

  16. Chippy

    Well, the icon is just dulled out for me. And when I clicked it, it just says this job is currently unavailable.
    Thanks for the reply!

  17. Chippy

    Hey, ayumi,
    I wasn’t able to create a mihile as a character for some reason, was wondering if theres some req. (MapleSEA btw)

  18. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Evilade, Queen of Tomorrow damage cap is 50K in GMS (Global MapleStory) whereas in KMS, they have updated it in their 2nd patch from 50K to 5 million for damage cap in kMS ver. 1.2.179.

  19. Evilade

    Hi Ayumilove,

    Queen of Tomorrow (Level 200)
    The blessing of the Empress increases your damage by 10% and lets you pass the damage cap by 50,000 for 60 seconds.

    50k cap dmg only? Not 5mil cap?

  20. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi mo, I have corrected the max lvel for Mihile’s Sword Mastery. Thanks for the notice :)

  21. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Scotty, I think its not possible to use SP from Mihile 3rd Job Skill (Trinity Attack) into Mihile 2nd Job Skill (Radiant Driver). You can channel SP between different skill if there are within the same tier. If its possible to do so, then its okay to channel SP from Trinity Attack into Radiant Driver if you don’t find yourself using Trinity Attack often.

  22. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Cake, Probably Dawn Warrior will have Level 200 unless Nexon decided otherwise but chances are slim for that to happen since Mihile has its own storyline.

  23. Cake

    Is Mihile considered the Lv. 200 ver. of Dawn Warrior? When I say this I mean like a Thunder Breaker –> Striker. Will there be a Lv. 200 Dawn Warrior AND Mihile still intact?

  24. Ayumilove Post author

    @K: Thanks for the notice! I have added Soul Shield into 1st Job Skill Build Guide. Just place it last :)

  25. marcust

    Kk thankyou!! That was helpful~ Anyway, any idea 130%str with 180wa sword can hit how much with four point assault per line? Like on normal mob, not counting boss %? (to prevent confusion)

  26. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Marcust, just to simplify. Use Four Point Assault for 1 v 1. If there are 2 or more, use Radiant Blast. The damage gap between both skills is near equal when Radiant Blast attacks at least 2 monster vs Four Point Assault. Level 166 Mihile Four Point Assault deals 900k damage per hit average (900,000 x 4 = 3.6 million damage) whereas Radiant Blast deals 330K damage per hit average (330,000 x 6 = 1.98 million damage) If 2 monsters, 1.98 x 2 = 3.96 million damage.

  27. marcust

    Hmm sorry maybe i should rephrase my question,for bossing,
    -Four Point Assault (360% x 4 hits=1440%)
    -but benefits from Righteous Indignation’s 20% damage.
    -Radiant blast is (280% x 6 hits=1680%)
    -but does not benefit from Righteous Indignation’s 20% damage.
    -So which is a better 1 v 1 bossing skill?
    -Four Point Assault’s 1440% which benefits from Righteous Indignation’s 20 % damage,
    -or Radiant Blast’s 1680% which does not benefit from Righteous Indignation?

    Thanks in advance!

  28. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi marcust, Roiling Soul increases overall base damage. So if your min damage is 100 and max damage is 1000, it increases by 60%, so min-max = 160-1600. Then apply the Four Point Assault skill damage 1440%, your min-max is 2304-23040. [2ND-DAMAGE/CRITICAL] All classes starts with critical damage min max of 120% – 150%, assuming you deal a critical attack on an enemy with clean 200 damage, your minimum critical damage is 240 (, whereas your maximum critical damage is 300 (200 x 1.5). If apply Roiling Soul (at max level), it boost your minimum critical damage by 15%, therefore your new minimum critical damage is 120% + 15% = 135%. Your lowest critical damage would hit 200 x 1.35 = 270. If were were to use the value provided in the first example (2304 x 1.35 gives 3110.4 minimum critical damage). This a lot of maths, hope you enjoy them :D

  29. marcust

    Hi thanks for replying, another question is, four point assault & radiant blast, which is a better bossing skill? i know that four point assault benefits from the extra 20% damage because of blinding the boss but radiant blast is 280% x 6 = 1680% white four point assault is only 360% x 4 = 1440%. How should i count? 1440% x 1.2 = 1728%? or? Hopes for your reply~ TY

  30. Ayumilove Post author

    Hi Enoterc, Mikhail and Dawn Warrior shares some common skills but not all of them are the same.

    Hi marcust, I don’t think it can stun bosses, let alone mini bosses. I tried various effects on mini bosses in LHC (Lion Heart Castle), for instance the Crocky the Gatekeeper, it does not freeze, stun, paralyse, etc. However, you can knockback it with high raw damage.

  31. marcust

    Are we able to “stun” bosses with radiant buster? Is “stun” really counted an “abnormal status”? Hopes for an answer :D

  32. Ayumilove Post author

    @Joel: Shinning Buster aka Radiant Buster puts enemies into stun status. So when those enemies are stun/freeze/poison/etc you will benefit from Righteous Indignation / Soul Attack extra damage and bonus critical rate.

  33. Joel

    Also,wouldn’t it be better to save Righteous Indignation/Soul Attack for last on the maxing skill list on 3rd job? It’s pretty useless if you don’t have a mage or similar on your team to cause a status effect on the monster to activate the skill, though that skill could be useful for Pyramid PQ.

  34. Joel

    Just leaving this here: Trinity Attack,the 3rd job Mihile skill,should not be spammed. If you use the skills three times in a row,using a macro not the hacking kind) ,for example,like I do (I place all my attack skills on a macro that spams them three times lol) can get you banned,since the GM police thinks you’re nodelaying or something. Just warning everyone.

  35. Ayumilove Post author

    @Hanzor: Hopefully, MapleStory Developers allows sufficient SP (Skill Points) to make out all skill. Saves the trouble of thinking which 1 should not be maxed :)

  36. Ayumilove Post author

    @Deity: For Mikhail and other related new jobs released by KMS, it takes approximately 6 months to 1 year based from my observation. Phantom took roughly 6 months to reach USA Shores, for some other regions it might take more depending on how much other content they have in sync with KMS. For exclusive jobs, I have no idea on when they will be releasing them. Hope this helps :)

  37. Hanzor

    @Ayumi: I would choose between 2 options,

    1) Advanced Soul Shield unmaxed (Warriors already have a high defense and hp, so they can still survive a seduce + 1/1 combo without it maxed).
    2) Maple Warrior unmaxed (MW 30 is a expensive book and a lot of persons have it already when bossing or training).

    I think at bossing the bonus gotten from Soul Assault is better than 5% all stats from MW 30 (assuming you already have it at 20) and you are soloing, If it’s in a party, chances are somebody else has it maxed already.

    Post tempest it doesn’t matter since 4th job starts at Lv 100 and we’ll max everything and still have sp leftover. =P

  38. Deity

    When will Mikhail be available in USA? P.S. Ayumilove, if this is getting really annoying, I’m sorry and pls forgive me. P.S.S. If you look at the comments of your Angelic Burster skills video on youtube, you’ll see that someone thinks you’re dead (oh and I’m linkandrutoforever1 who corrected him/her).

  39. Ayumilove Post author

    @Night: Only KOC (Knight of Cygnus). However KMS (Korean MapleStory) allows Mikhail to complete a quest to obtain Noble Mind.

  40. Hanzor

    I do agree Shining Blast is better for training but Soul Assault shouldn’t be left at last and unmaxed (pre-tempest).
    Because of 3rd job’s Soul Attack. +20% Damage & Critical when Assault “Blinds” a boss. =)