Anime Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji | Wolf Girl and Black Prince

The story centers around Erika Shinohara, a vain 16-year-old girl who tells her friends about her romantic exploits, but she actually has no boyfriend. She claims that a handsome boy in a candid photo is her boyfriend, but it turns out that boy is a schoolmate named Kyōya Sata. She has no choice but to make him her fake boyfriend. Unfortunately, Sata may look like a sweet person, but he is actually an ultra-black-hearted sadist. Sata takes advantage of Erika’s weakness and treats her like his dog.

Type: TV (12 episodes x 24 minutes)
Studio: TYO Animations
Aired: Oct 5, 2014 to Dec 21, 2014
Watch online: Crunchyroll

Anime Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji, Wolf Girl and Black Prince

Wolf Girl and Black Prince Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Caught in Her Own Trap – Liar

Shinohara Erika tries to fit in at her new high school. She finds that her new friends; Marin and Tezuka only want to talk about their boyfriends, so Erika follows suit and makes one up. Her new friends start to believe she’s lying about it, so Erika takes a picture of a good looking guy to convince her friends that she has one. It just happens that the boy she took the picture of was none other than Sata Kyouya, the prince of class 8. Erika tries to convince Kyouya to be her pretend boyfriend. He accepts with one condition: she must be his pet.

Episode 2: A Rash and Blind Act – First Love

Had enough with Kyouya’s frequent orders, Erika thinks about finding love and going out with someone for real. She finds herself being bullied by the back of a school building by some of Kyouya’s fans. Just as it starts to get violent, Kimura, a kind boy, stops the girls from hurting Erika. After being bullied again, Kimura asks Erika to go out on the weekend while he cleans her wound in the nurse’s office. Erika and Kimura meet on the weekend, but it turns out he only wanted to go out with her because she’s Kyouya’s girlfriend.

Episode 3: A Precipitous Drop – Fall in

Erika is depressed because she hasn’t heard from Kyouya during summer break. The next day she learns from her friend Ayumi that Kyouya had caught a cold and has been at home the whole time. Concerned about his cold Erika visits his apartment to deliver handouts where she finds out that he’s the only one home. Kyouya at first rejects her attempts to take care of him, but relents after realizing that she really wants to care for him. During the time she spends taking care of him, Erika begins to admit that she has feelings for Kyouya and decides to confess but is having difficulty expressing them. One day when she goes to Kyouya’s house to deliver some apple-pears she sees a woman come out of his door which pushes her to confess to him. After hearing her confession Kyouya is surprised but then brushes it off telling her that she’s only imagining her love due to their situation. The rejection leaves Erika hurt where she shoves the apple-pears at him and runs off in tears.

Episode 4: Daily Anguish – Love Attack

The woman leaving Kyouya’s apartment reveals to Erika that Kyouya actually told her to leave saying he doesn’t want to fool around with girls anymore because he got a new dog. When Erika reaffirms her love for Kyouya and asks if he likes her, he tells her to anguish over whether or not he does. Erika meets Kyouya’s friend, Hibiya Takeru, and he decides to help Erika win over Kyouya by quizzing Kyouya about his preferences and having Erika enact them. When their plans fail, Takeru calls out Kyouya and Erika and confesses his love to Erika to make Kyouya take action. Kyouya is apathetic and Erika runs away crying. Kyouya then tells Takeru that he should stop scheming with Erika because he plans to fall in love with Erika in his own way.

Episode 5: An Impregnable Defense – Christmas Eve

It is Christmas break and Erika’s classmates, Marin Tachibana and Aki Tezuka make a promise with her to share selfies of how they spent Christmas with their boyfriends. Erika tells Kyouya that they have to take a selfie as proof. Kyouya complies, however grudgingly so. Erika learns of Kyouya’s dislike about Christmas and stresses out so much that she gets a stomachache. Kyouya takes her to the nearest restaurant before going to the pharmacy for stomach medication. When Kyouya “confesses” his feeling to her, Erika becomes ecstatic. However, Kyouya crushes those feelings by asking her how long he has to keep up this monkey business. Erika throws water at him and storms out. Kyouya sits in shock. When Christmas rolls around, Erika is still depress and sadden over Kyouya. Kyouya makes a surprise visit and gives her a “dog collar”, a pretty golden heart necklace pendant.

Episode 6: Preparing for Battle – Valentine’s Day

Erika laments the fact that after Christmas Eve, she and Kyouya did not spend any time together. At school, she sees him and when he teases her about being lonely she says it doesn’t bother her because the necklace he gave her is proof of his love, but Kyouya tells her he can “throw her away” at any point. For Valentine’s Day Erika makes Kyouya coffee-flavored cupcakes because he tells her that he hates sweet things. Erika gets to know her shy classmate, Kusakabe, when he forgets his wallet at the grocery store. She covers his bill and encourages him to be more confident. The next day she runs into Kusakabe again and when she finds out that his family gives him a hard time for not having a girlfriend, she gives him one of the cupcakes she made for Kyouya. Kyouya finds out and refuses to receive any of her cupcakes. Later Kusakabe confronts Kyouya about being a cruel boyfriend. Kyouya declares that Erika doesn’t mean anything to him and that he just uses her to waste time. At the end of the episode it is revealed that Erika is at the bottom of the stairs and she heard Kyouya’s declaration.

Episode 7: Mutual Love – White Day

After hearing Kyouya say he didn’t care about her at all, Erika ends her relationship with him and deepens her friendship with Kusakabe. After going on an outing with Kusakabe and her friend Ayumi Sanda, Kusakabe asks Erika on a real date on White Day. Erika agrees but she can’t decide her true feelings towards him. At the end of the date, she realizes that Kusakabe is truly in love with her and she can’t return his feelings, telling him that she is still in love with Kyouya. Kyouya appears and says he is taking Erika back. He grudgingly admits that he is in love with her in earnest.

Episode 8: Self-Contradiction-Spring Storm

Erika thought that finally going out with Kyoya for real would be paradise but kyoya on the other hand hates it and he refuses to participate in any of the romantic activities she had planned. It seems like Kyoya will give no quarter, leaving Erika to admit defeat but at the end of the date Kyoya softens up and asks her to feed him some takoyaki.In the second half of the episode a new character named Nozomi Kamiya is introduced who is a stereotypical teenage playboy.He mistakes kyoya to be his type.He trys to flirt with erika but then he learns that shes serious about kyoya.He asks kyoya why he’s with erika and tells obscene things about her which makes kyoya furious.At the end of the episode Kamiya decides that he will break there relationship one way or another.

Episode 9: Honeyed Words – Wake Up

Kyoya and Erika go to view the cherry blossoms over spring break. Nozomi Kamiya sees the two and wonders why a good looking guy like Kyoya would date a boring normal girl like Erika. Fast forward and the pair official meet Nozomi Kaimya at the new school year. During the orienteering event, Nozomi tries in vain to get Kyoya to become a playboy like himself. However at the last night of the orientation, Kyoya told Nozomi that “It doesn’t matter how much trash you pick up. You’ve just got a pile of trash”. He is referring to how Nozomi fills his time with 500 plus girls and isnt really serious about any one of them, unlike Kyoya. Kyoya tells Nozomi that there is hope for him still, because before he met Erika, he was just like Nozomi.

Episode 10: Happy Birthday – Wasted Effort

At school, Erika tells Kyoya that her birthday is coming up (June 23). He asks her what she wants. She wants love. Later that night Kyoya asks Nozomi and Takeru what love is, since it is such an abstract concept for him. He asks what he should get her. Nozomi says to compliment her outfit while Takeru says to take her out to a restaurant. However later the next day, Kyoya eavesdropped on Erika while she was talking to San. Erika wants Kyoya to say “i love you” to her. On her birthday, they go to a restaurant, watch a movie, window shop and later take a nightime boat cruise. Throughout all of this Kyoya is trying to say “i love you” but every time becomes flustered and makes some excuse. At the end of their date, while a car passes by, Kyoya says “I love you”. Erika says that this has been the best birthday ever.

Episode 11: A Critical Situation – Judgement

Kyoya’s older sister Reika, randomly drops into town surprising both Kyoya and Erika.

Episode 12: A Pressing Appeal – I Love You

Finally arriving at Kobe, Kyoya’s mom is revealed to be a normal, doting middle-aged woman, much to Erika’s relief. After spending some time with her at the dinner table, Erika finds out a little more about the kind of mom she is, as well as her closed relationship with Kyoya. While washing dishes afterwards, Kyoya’s sister Reika reveals the details behind Kyoya’s suspicion of love and his mother after she divorced his father, and believes herself to be the cause of why he is the way he is. That night, they try on yukatas in preparation for the summer festival they are attending. Before leaving the next day, Kyoya agrees to tag along after having a change of heart. During the festival, Reika reminisces of all the childhood memories that the various foods and attractions remind her of, with Erika trying to get Kyoya to participate in them, but to no avail. After a small argument in which she pretends to be mad at Kyoya, she walks off to call his mother to set up a plan to get them to meet, but is knocked down by the crowd with her necklace falling off and breaking in the process. After Kyoya and Reika frantically search for her, their mother comes and assists them, finding Erika by the dumpster looking for her necklace. As the fireworks go off, her mother finds the necklace and they all go home. At home, Kyoya and his mother reconcile before he returns to Tokyo with Erika. On the train, he finds Erika looking at childhood pictures and he comes to terms with his memory of the snowman.

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