Anime Tribe Cool Crew

The protagonist Haneru is a middle school student who loves dancing. He can’t sit still, as he even feels the rhythm of the sound of chalk in class. One day after school, Haneru Hiryuu meets Kanon who is practicing dancing at a secret training facility. The two know the joy of dancing together with others for the first time and the happiness of seeing their own dance moves. Japan’s first full-fledged dance anime, depicting coming-of-age through meeting friends and dance battles with rivals, debuts!

Type: TV (50 episodes x 20 minutes)
Studio: Sunrise
Aired: Sep 28, 2014 to Oct 4, 2015
Watch online: Crunchyroll

Anime Tribe Cool Crew

Tribe Cool Crew Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: The Move of Destiny! The Two’s Meeting

Haneru Tobitatsu, a dance-loving middle schooler, secretly practices his moves by the mirrored window of an old building, unaware that a girl named Kanon Otosaki is watching from the other side. When Haneru later hears about an online dancer known as Rhythm, he decides to try out his moves at the building again. When the passing time causes the window to become see through, Haneru sees Kanon, who was using the building to shoot videos as Rhythm, dancing alongside him, showing an immediate interest in teaming up with her.

Episode 2: Tribal Soul On Stage!!

Kanon is a bit intimidated by Haneru’s forwardness and runs off, avoiding coming to the building for a while. Later, when Haneru hears about a dance event at the park, he manages to find Kanon there. Together, they visit a stage performance done by the Tribal Soul dance crew; Kumonosuke “Kumo” Sakagami, Mizuki Mashiro, and Yuzuru Tenpoin. Noticing Haneru’s impressive jumping ability, the crew invite Haneru and Kanon on stage to participate in a dance battle.

Episode 3: Challenge! Dance Battle!

As the dance battle gets underway, Kanon is particularly nervous but is encouraged by Haneru and the others to bring out her moves. Following the battle, Tribal Soul are announced as the winners, revealing the key to dancing isn’t merely bringing out flashy moves, but rather being in sync with the music, suggesting to Haneru and Kanon that they enter a Dance Battle Festival in order to challenge them again. Wanting to become one with the music, Haneru and Kanon form a proper team and decide to enter the festival, shortening their ridiculously long team name to Cool Crew.

Episode 4: Special Training! Right Cat!?

As Cool Crew train to dance in sync to music, Kanon worries that their dancing isn’t ‘cool’ enough for some reason, deciding the first step to improve is to practice isolation (moving only a single part of your body at a time), which Haneru isn’t too familiar with. Meanwhile, Yuzuru and Mizuki, having suspected that Kanon and Rhythm are the same person, pay a visit to her usual recording place and observe Haneru and Kanon’s practice. The pair soon make themselves known and invite Haneru and Kanon to a tea-party, where they get to know about each other and their origins, before helping them learn isolation in a fun way.

Episode 5: Maximum Moves! The Two’s Appeal!?

With work being done in their usual practise spot, Mizuki invites Haneru and Kanon to practise in their spot, but Haneru refuses to practise alongside Kumo, who feels his jumps alone won’t grip the audience. Whilst stopping at Haneru’s diner, Mizuki suggests that Haneru and Kanon take advantage of their unique appeal, namely their height, to improve their dance. Kanon, who has a complex about her height, receives encouragement from Mizuki, who learned to overcome her complex through dance. Meanwhile, Haneru, who previously had a falling out with his classmate Hiroto after pursuing Jey over basketball, learns from the mysterious Master-T that the key to keeping the audience interested is to combine his moves with Kanon’s. With both these in mind, the pair practise a new routine, which they then show off to Mizuki, albeit not completely successfully. As the pair psyche themselves up for the upcoming dance tournament, diner owner Yuki shows Kanon an old photo of Mizuki.

Episode 6: Counterattack! Dance Battle!!

On the day of the Dance Battle, Kanon is nervous that she won’t be able to perform well in front of others, but Haneru assures her that even Jey gets nervous before a performance. The first round immediately pits Cool Crew against Tribal Soul, with Tribal Soul dancing first. Invigorated by Haneru’s words, Kanon brings out a confidence performance alongside Haneru. Despite still losing against Tribal Soul, who go on to win the tournament, Kanon feels happy that all of her worries disappeared and she could just have fun while performing. Afterwards, Tribal Soul, having seen their growth, proposes to Haneru and Kanon that they join together to form a new team, Tribe Cool Crew.

Episode 7: Tribe Cool Crew Moves Out! Haneru vs. Kumo!?

As Tribe Cool Crew begin joint practise, Haneru decides he wants to learn breakdancing like Kumo, though Kumo makes sure to emphasise the importance of warming up first. After Kumo is visited by some of his underlings, Haneru takes an interest in a rumored Dance Road festival that only chosen dancers are invited to. Haneru’s free spirit soon comes at odds with Kumo’s concerns for his safety and he threatens to quit. After Kanon manages to calm Haneru down and convince him to return, the group receive an invitation to Dance Road, revealed by Master T to be a series of auditions leading to an opportunity to dance with Jey on his stage.

Episode 8: Dance Road, Here We Come! Who’ll Be The Center!?

While figuring out the choreography for the Dance Road auditions, the team need to decide who will be the center. Haneru desires to be the center himself, but finds himself struggling to keep up with the choreography. Later, Haneru and Kanon meets a boy named Yuji, who words about his motivation to dance fires up some rivalry in Haneru and leads him to become focused on practising. Recognising his efforts, the group decide to put Haneru in the center.

Episode 9: Bewitching Steps! Kanon’s School Festival

After Kanon invites Haneru and the others to her school’s culture festival, she becomes anxious when her friend enters her into a dance contest taking place at the festival. Kanon tries to withdraw from the contest, but becomes afraid when her teacher learns about her street dancing and runs away. Luckily, the teacher is more understanding than Kanon feared and asks only that she report her activities from now on. Despite her fears over the contest, Kanon still desires to dance, telling Haneru about how she became interested in hip-hop. On the day of the festival, Kanon takes Haneru’s advice and gives a confident performance, impressing the crowd and earning respect from her classmates.

Episode 10: Close Encounters of the Tengu Kind! Yuzuru’s Disappeared!

The gang is introduced to Momiji Ogarasu, Yuzuru’s alleged fiancĂ©e who wants to take him back with her as she is almost of marrying age. Fearing the team may split if Yuzuru got married, the others decide to head to Mt. Tengu, where they meet Momiji’s grandfather, Hanazo. While Haneru undergoes ‘tengu training’ with Hanazo, Momiji brings the others to Yuzuru, who remains quiet over whether he intends to return to the group or not. Later, however, Yuzuru gives the others a meal coupled with a performance by Tribe Cool Crew. Seeing his performance, Momiji understands that Yuzuru is the happiest with his teammates, deciding to wait a bit longer before she can prove herself to be a worthwhile wife.

Episode 11: Let’s go! Dance Road!

The day of the first Dance Road audition arrives, with the group soon arriving at its secret location. After meeting with Jey’s butler, Hewitt, all the participating groups arrive at the main stage, including rival group Explos1ve Machine Guns, where Jey presents a video message encouraging all the participants. As each of teams dance their all, Tribe Cool Crew give a strong performance before Explos1ve Machine Guns take the stage.

Episode 12: Life in the Fast Lane! Explosive Machine Guns!

Explosive Machine Guns gives an impressive performance, earning much applause from the audience. Whilst awaiting the results, Haneru hears that Yuji is aiming to dance with a certain someone. Both Tribe Cool Crew and Explosive Machine Guns make it into the top five, earning their places in the second round. After the event, Haneru is given the responsibility of holding onto a Jey pin through which the details of the second round will be sent. Thinking about Yuji’s goals, Haneru and Kanon get everyone together to perform for Mr. Wakui, the owner of the building they originally practised at, to show their appreciation. Afterwards, Jey sends a message through the pins explaining the theme for the second round; fighting.

Episode 13: Touch Them! Christmas Dance!

The gang become curious when Kumo decides to take Christmas Eve off from practise and decide to tail him to see what he’s up to. They follow him to a nursery, where Kumo reveals he is helping to look after the children after the principal injured his back. Learning that the nursery is holding a Christmas party, Haneru and the others to help with the preparations and put on a dance show for the children. As Haneru learns the importance of making everyone smile, everyone pitches in to help the principal put on his Santa act before putting on their performance.

Episode 14: Crash Course! Handspring!

On top of having to come up with a new dance move, Kanon also has to practise for a handspring test coming up. Whilst at her mother’s flower exhibition, Kanon meets identical twins Hinata and Manabi Sakurazaka, who have also qualified for Dance Road, and is invited to their mansion. After showing her around, Hinata and Manabi tell Kanon that she has a hidden talent that she has yet to realise. Taking the twins’ advice, Kanon starts practising to use her long limbs to perform the handspring, which she soon perfects and incorporates into her dance.

Episode 15: Genesis?! Tribal Soul!

While visiting an old dancing ground, Mizuki comes across Akira Mochizuki, a former street dancer and the founding member of Tribal Soul. Mizuki tells the others about how she, an introvert, and Kumo, someone who’d get into fights easily, first met Akira during middle school. As the two spent more time observing Akira’s dance, they learnt how to dance from him and grow out of their former selves. One day, however, Akira severely injured his knee during a dance tournament, forcing him to quit dancing. Having heard Mizuki’s story, Haneru and the others promise to carry on Akira’s soul as he heads off to America to be a choreographer.

Episode 16: Jey El in Japan!

As Jey El’s world tour arrives in Japan for a concert in two days time, Mister T and the rest of Jey’s office receive word that a sniper is targeting Jey. On the day of the concert, which Haneru, Kanon, and Kumo are attending, the sniper, disguised as an injured man, sneaks into the stadium and gain a guard uniform, allowing him to get into position. When Haneru runs into Mister T, he spots the sniper and throws a shoe at him, allowing Mister T to apprehend him before he can attack. After the concert, which leaves an impact on everyone who saw it, Haneru comes to understand what it means to fight when it comes to dancing.

Episode 17: Fight, Tri-Cool! The Impactful Dance Road!!

Haneru tells his teammates about the failed assassination attempt, sharing his thoughts on what ‘fighting’ means and using that to form their new routine. The next day, the team arrive at the next round of Dance Road, which Hinata and Manabi are participating in, where all the participants will be competing against robots programmed with Jey’s dance moves. Tribe Cool Crew give their performance, ending it by shaking hands with the robots, showing both how to fight and how to end it peacefully. Hinata and Minabi’s Team Sakura, on the other hand, go for a more gimmicky routine that brings a lot of laughs to the crowd. Both Tribe Cool Crew and Team Sakura qualify for the third round, which will be based on the theme of “precision” and take place in Nagano.

Episode 18: The Two Fight!? It All Started Over Squid!

Haneru and Kanon get into a fight with each other over which of their snacks is better, which somehow leads to Mizuki and Yuzuru picking sides before they can settle it normally. Haneru and Kanon try to apologise to each other, but an interruption by Yuji just leads to the situation becoming worse. As both feel that they want to make up but are too stubborn to apologize themselves, it is eventually their desire to dance together that helps them get over their feud.

Episode 19: It’s Complete? Galaxy Walk

While thinking about how to up his game, Haneru unconsciously performs an advanced moonwalk that he dubs the “Galaxy Walk”, only to find himself unable to remember how he did it. Later, the gang show up at his family’s store to ask his parents to take him along on a trip they were planning, becoming impressed by the way his father makes senbei in the process. As Haneru continues to struggle with remembering his move, they are approached by Wakui, who recounts his disco fever days, managing to do a ‘backslide’ after so many years due to it being ingrained in his body. After dipping a little into some disco fever himself, Haneru manages to pull off the Galaxy Walk once again while deep in thought, but ends up forgetting how to do it again immediately afterwards.

Episode 20: The Longest Day of Kanon’s Life

Kanon is approached by a talent scout who wants to make her an idol for his talent agency due to her talents as Rhythm. This, along with the next Dance Road taking place in another prefecture, puts further pressure on Kanon to tell her parents about her street dancing, particularly as her mother, Suika, does not appear to approve of it. While trying to work up the courage, Suika discovers the scout’s businesscard, learning everything Kanon has been doing from him and grounding her. Hearing about the situation, Haneru and the others learn Suika used to be an idol herself before she got married. The gang go over to to Kanon’s house to talk with Suika, encouraging Kanon to stand up for herself and express her love of dance to her. Regretting ignoring Kanon’s feelings out of the struggles she had from society for marrying a politician, Suika gives her approval to let Kanon keep dancing, allowing Kanon to properly discard her Rhythm identity.

Episode 21: Clash! Haneru and Hiroto

Haneru tries to get Hiroto interested in dance, but he continues to be stubborn as he believes Haneru will eventually throw it aside like he believes he has with basketball. When Hiroto is confronted by their former classmates, the Yamada 5, who challenge him to a basketball match with their shame on the line, the others convince Haneru to come to his aid. Remembering the basketball moves that Hiroto taught him when they were kids, Haneru manages to bring back the score before the two of them use their special ‘rocket dunk’ to win the match, reminding Hiroto of how much fun they had together. Accepting Haneru’s love of dance, Hiroto gives him some advice to help him pull off the galaxy walk at will.

Episode 22: Close Encounters of the Pickle Mansion Kind!

With the highway blocked by spilled truckload, Master T leads the group along an alternate route towards the Dance Road venue. When the rain gets too heavy, they take shelter at an inn that specializes in various types of pickle, which Master T can’t stand as they cause traumatic flashbacks to some strange pickles his grandmother used to make. After dinner, the group decide to explore the inn’s surroundings, which contain many more pickle-related horrors for Master T. Soon weird things start happening, as eveyone starts turning into vegetables waiting to be turned into pickles by the inn’s landlady. This, in the end, turns out to be a nightmare Master T was having after passing out.

Episode 23: Lui & Moe


Episode 24:


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