Anime Tokyo ESP

Tokyo ESP commences with Rinka Urushiba being a fairly normal high school graduation girl, though she is quite poor and her only loved ones are her father. This forces her to operate as a waitress after high school to raise money to enable them to secure rent and food. Eventually, she sees a penguin and some glowing fish swimming with the sky. Rinka might have thought it is a hallucination if there wasn’t another witness with her, a boy from her school with a strangely scratched-up face. Contacting with a fish causes her to pass through out, and when she awakens, she’s got developed the power to advance through inanimate objects such as the floor of her apartment. She meets a fellow senior high school student named Kyotaro Azuma, who can teleport. Each of them use their ESP powers to battle folks who suffer from decided to use them for evil. However, there’s an organization that plans for the bigger scheme to secure utopia using ranks consisting of strong ESP fighters and users.

Type: TV (12 episodes x 24 minutes)
Studio: Xebec
Aired: Jul 11, 2014 to Sep 26, 2014
Watch Online: Crunchyroll | Funimation | Hulu

Anime Tokyo ESP

Tokyo ESP Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: White Girl

Tokyo has suddenly been taken over violently by espers. Amidst the destruction and terror as the metropolis of Tokyo falls, a name keeps surfacing. There is still hope. The White Girl will come to save the day.

Episode 2: Girl Meets Boy

Urushiba Rinka suddenly finds herself in the apartment below her home, completely naked! Rinka meets a mysterious boy who seems to know her as she tries to recall what happened to her. All the while, new threats begin to appear…

Episode 3: Penguin and Girl

In order to find a way to return to normal, Rinka searches for the flying penguin with Kyotaro. She thinks about what it means to be a hero as she meets Murasaki and involves herself in various events. Has Rinka bitten off more than she can chew?

Episode 4: The Rain, Ring, and Girl

Rinka decides to stand and fight back in order to rescue Murasaki. The enemy reveals herself to be Azuma’s adoptive sister who had disappeared two years ago with her father. Big things may have been set in motion long before Rinka and Azuma realized.

Episode 5: Meeting, Phantom and Girl

Rinka comes face to face with the Professor. He calls on her to join his crusade for a new world order and tells her of a miracle to come. Will Rinka respond to his invitation or ignore it completely? For what reason does she fight?

Episode 6: Each Girl, Each Desire

Around Rinka, each girl is fighting and standing strong next to their own beliefs. As she struggles with the aftermath and the loss of Azuma, Rinka meets her father’s old combat teacher. Now, Rinka must decide what she stands for to move forward.

Episode 7: Girls in the Rain

Master Roshi introduces Ayumu, a curly haired young boy who hates women, to Rinka and Murasaki. Rinka must get stronger and defeat him in order to face off with Minami. Ayumu has his own problems, too. His mother is a politician who hates espers.

Episode 8: Fruition, Girls Set into Motion

Summer is coming to a close and the day of battle is coming near. The city of Tokyo is working to go against the existence of espers and Kyotaro continues his efforts to escape. All the while, the Professor continues to gather powerful allies.

Episode 9: Attack, ESP Girls

With school back in session and Azuma-san back at her side, Rinka feels a momentary happiness. However, the Professor has other plans for them. Namely, a public execution of Rinka and Azuma, to crush any possible hope mankind may have imagined.

Episode 10: In Bitter Lament…

Rinka wanders the town, lost and broken. At the same time, Kyotaro desperately tries to get back to Tokyo and confirm Rinka’s safety. Minami tells Kyotaro what really happened to her mother and his parents.

Episode 11: Tokyo Girls War

Mass chaos ensues as the Professor takes over the parliament building. Though Rinka has lost her ESP powers, she still pushes forward to protect the people she treasures. Slowly, but surely, the White Girl and her crew gather for the ultimate battle!

Episode 12: Tokyo ESP Girl

The great battle is reaching its climax as everyone hurries to save the parliament from imminent doom. However, the Professor’s true target is elsewhere and may change Tokyo’s future completely. Rinka must fight to protect everything dear to her!

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