Anime Selector Infected WIXOSS

WIXOSS (short for “Wish Across”) is a popular trading card game in which players battle against each other with fighters known as LRIGs (ルリグ Rurigu?) (“GIRL” spelled backwards), using cards to support them. Ruko Kominato, who receives a WIXOSS deck from her brother, discovers that her LRIG, which she names Tama, can speak. She soon learns that she has been chosen as a ‘Selector’, girls who must battle against other Selectors. Should they be victorious in battle, they will be able to have any wish granted, but should they lose three times to other Selectors, they will lose that chance and lose all memory of the game. As she and various other Selectors battle it out for the sake of their wish, Ruko finds herself drawn into the dark sinister world of WIXOSS, discovering that win or lose, there is always a cost.

Type: TV (12 episodes x 24 minutes)
Studio: J.C.Staff
Aired: Apr 3, 2014 to Jun 19, 2014
Distributor: Crunchyroll | Funimation

Anime Selector Infected WIXOSS

Selector Infected WIXOSS Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: This Miracle Trembles

Ruko Kominato, a girl who has yet to make any friends after transferring into her new home, receives a deck for a WIXOSS card game from her brother. Upon inspecting her cards, Ruko is shocked to find that her LRIG card, which serves as her avatar during matches, is able to speak and move. The next day, Ruko is approached by a schoolmate named Yuzuki Kurebayashi, who reveals she, like Ruko, is a ‘Selector’ with her own living LRIG, Hanayo. She reveals Selectors are chosen girls who have the chance to have a wish granted, but will lose such a chance if they are defeated three times in battles with other Selectors. Yuzuki challenges Ruko to a WIXOSS battle, being brought into a strange field where both Hanayo and Ruko’s LRIG, which she decides to name Tama, are alive. After receiving some tips about the rules from Yuzuki’s brother, Kazuki, Ruko manages to gain the upper hand against Yuzuki, before the match is interrupted by a teacher, resulting in a no-loss game. Prior to this, Yuzuki inadvertently yells out her wish concerning Kazuki, though assumes Ruko didn’t hear it. Later that night, as Ruko is thankful to make a new friend, she is also concerned by how heavily into the battle Tama was.

Episode 2: That Poisonous Meeting

Whilst learning how LRIG’s are capable of detecting other Selectors, Ruko and Yuzuki learn from Hanayo that model Akira Aoi is one such Selector. As they try to approach her at school, another Selector by the name of Hitoe Uemura challenges Akira to a WIXOSS battle instead, using their LRIGs Midoriko and Piriluk. Although Hitoe gets off to a good start, Akira, who reveals her true nature, overwhelms Hitoe by using her deck’s ability to destroy her cards. After receiving further mental attacks from Akira, who manages to read that her wish is to make friends, Hitoe loses all will to fight and is defeated by Akira. The next day, as Ruko and Yuzuki attempt to avoid a confrontation with Akira, they spot Kazuki together with a card shopkeeper, Momoka, and assume they are dating, which causes Yuzuki to become upset and lash out at Ruko before running off. As Ruko is approached by Hitoe to request a battle, Akira appears before Yuzuki and challenges her to a battle.

Episode 3: This Nonsensical Peace

As Hitoe brings Ruko to the library for a battle, Yuzuki and Akira begin their battle as well, with Akira using the same tactics she used against Hitoe to learn of Yuzuki’s wish, that she is in love with Kazuki, enraging her. As Ruko ponders if she should just let Hitoe win and grow further towards her wish, Tama states her desire to win, with Hitoe adding that she would not feel happy if Ruko lost on purpose. Hearing this, Ruko decides to give the battle all she has and wins the match, causing Tama to evolve into a stronger form. After the battle, Ruko asks Hitoe to become her friend, to which she responds that she’ll think it over. Later that night, Ruko hears from Kazuki that Yuzuki hasn’t returned home, with the two eventually finding her in a sorry state following a crushing defeat from Akira. Kazuki explains that he had met up with Momoka earlier to acquire a card for Yuzuki’s deck, though Kazuki’s kindness only serves to make Yuzuki feel more burdened inside. Meanwhile, as Akira vents her frustration over exactly when she will be able to have her wish granted, another model and Selector named Iona Urazoe is seen with an LRIG.

Episode 4: That Wish is Blasphemy

Yuzuki comes round to Ruko’s apartment to sleep over, hiding her true emotions in front of Ruko’s grandmother before telling Ruko about her unfulfillable love. The next day, Ruko and Yuzuki run into Hitoe, who accepts Ruko’s request to become friends with the both of them. As the three girls bond with each other via some non-Selector games of WIXOSS, Midoriko laments how she may be unneeded as Hitoe has fulfilled her own wish to have friends. Later, as Akira uses her popularity to sway the other students to deliver Ruko to her, Yuzuki helps her to escape, stating that she didn’t want Akira to destroy Ruko’s love for WIXOSS. Although Yuzuki tries to draw the pursuers away, Ruko is distracted by fears concerning her own desire to face Akira and ends up being discovered and brought to Akira’s photoshoot. As Akira ends up getting pulled away due to her work, Iona appears before Ruko, labelling her desire to battle despite not having any wishes as ‘blasphemy’.

Episode 5: That Invalidated Vow

As Ruko, Yuzuki, and Hitoe decide to enter a WIXOSS party, Midoriko tells Hitoe that she should get rid of her in case something happens to her, but Hitoe refuses, as she considers Midoriko her friend too. Meanwhile, Ruko continues to be troubled by Iona’s words. The next day, as Hitoe waits for the others, she is forced into a battle by a strong opponent. When Ruko and Yuzuki find Hitoe, they discover that she not only doesn’t recognize them, but also receives pain from Ruko’s touch. It is here that Hanayo reveals to Ruko and Yuzuki that Selectors who lose three times not only lose the chance to have their wish granted, but their wish becomes tainted, resulting in a curse opposite to that wish becoming inflicted upon them. In Hitoe’s case, as her wish was to make friends, she has permanently lost the ability to make any friends, along with her memories of being a Selector. As Yuzuki feels angered towards Hanayo for keeping this a secret from her, Ruko is approached by Akira, who explains how she witnessed what happened to a losing Selector after she was defeated by Iona. Angered by Akira’s insults towards Hitoe, Ruko agrees to battle against her.

Episode 6: This Pure Heart

Ruko proves resilient to Akira’s usual tactics, due to lacking a wish, and manages to win the battle against her. As Akira runs off in disgrace, she is confronted by Iona, whose LRIG, Ulith, mocks Akira’s petty wish to ruin Iona’s life and the cowardly means she is going to in order to achieve it. Upon learning that she had effectively lost her job in pursuit of her revenge, Akira angrily challenges Iona to a battle. The next day, Yuzuki, who feels she is growing further apart from Kazuki, is approached by a Selector named Chiyori and wins a battle against her and her LRIG, Eldora. Meanwhile, Ruko is called to meet with Hitoe’s mother, who is seeking answers behind Hitoe’s sudden behavior, which just leaves Ruko more conflicted over what she should do, leading her to run off.

Episode 7: That Girl’s Desire

Feeling more and more guilty about Hitoe’s situation, Ruko becomes determined to put a stop to the battles and searches for Yuzuki. Her search takes her to the photo studio, where she ends up running into Iona and Ulith, who reveal that Akira had lost her third battle against them, also revealing that they were the ones who dealt Hitoe her third loss. As Ulith suggests that Ruko has actually found her wish, Iona explains that she has a thirst for battle, suggesting Ruko is the same way, and manages to lure her into a battle. Despite being reluctant at first, Ruko finds herself drawn heavily into the battle and the two fight to their heart’s content, However just as Tama and Ruko are about to deal the final blow, the match is ended abruptly by one of Iona’s managers without a clear winner. Afterwards, as Ruko regrets enjoying the battle so much, she and Yuzuki are called to an abandoned building by Akira, who reveals a disturbing scar on her face.

Episode 8: That Fake Vow

Blaming them for the scar on her face, which has ruined her life as per her curse, Akira attempts to attack Ruko and Yuzuki with a knife, but is chased off by a security guard, giving the two a chance to escape. Yuzuki tells Ruko that she should quit being a Selector but refuses to quit herself, saying they should stop being friends. As Ruko spends the rest of the night in tears, Yuzuki finds another Selector to battle against the next day. Meanwhile, as Kanzaki turns down a girl confessing to him, he learns of the harsh things people have been saying about him and Yuzuki. Upon winning her battle, Yuzuki earns the right to become an Eternal Girl and have her wish granted, entering a ritual alongside Hanayo. When Kazuki returns home that night, Yuzuki begins seducing him. Meanwhile, after her mother buys her a new WIXOSS deck, Hitoe discovers a red LRIG that looks exactly like Yuzuki.

Episode 9: The Cruel Truth

As rumors about Yuzuki and Kazuki spreads around school, Yuzuki straight up tells Kazuki that she has always loved him, revealing her wish was to become his girlfriend. Unable to take all of this in, Kazuki runs away from school. Meanwhile, Ruko is approached by Hitoe, who has once again become a Selector, and discovers that the real Yuzuki has become her LRIG. As Ruko reluctantly agrees to battle against Hitoe, Yuzuki explains the cruel truth behind the Selector battles. When a Selector becomes an Eternal Girl, their LRIG takes over their body and receives their wish instead, whilst the Selector themselves becomes an LRIG. As such, Yuzuki ended up as an LRIG whilst Hanayo took over her body, receiving Kazuki’s feelings as he confesses back to her.

Episode 10: That Stranded Emotion

Upon hearing Yuzuki’s explanation, Hitoe feels a rush of memories and collapses under the strain, causing the battle to end. After Hitoe is rushed to hospital, Yuzuki recalls what happened after she became an LRIG, waking up in a white room where she learned the truth about everything from a woman named Mayu, who also told her that LRIGs who tell their chosen Selectors in order to keep them from battling will remain trapped in their cards forever. Yuzuki had initially planned to deceive Hitoe in order to have a chance at escaping, but upon seeing Hitoe still desire friends despite the pain her curse inflicts upon her, Yuzuki made the decision to tell the truth in front of her during her battle against Ruko, as she didn’t want to sacrifice Hitoe’s happiness for her own freedom. After Hitoe’s mother arrives, Ruko and Yuzuki follow Hanayo as she goes out with Kazuki, seeing the effects of Yuzuki’s wish in motion. Later that night, Tama laments that she knows nothing about her past life or anything concerning the Selector battles. The next day at school, Ruko learns of an event Iona is holding to lure out Selectors.

Episode 11: The Summer of Dreams

Upon scouting out the location of Iona’s event, Ruko states that her wish is to free Yuzuki, Tama, and all the LRIGs and return them to their normal lives. Whilst Yuzuki states it would be not be able to be granted, Tama feels she may know a way to return LRIGs to normal, with Yuzuki remembering Mayu stating that some LRIGs may possess special powers. As Yuzuki warns Ruko that going through with such a wish would mean never being able to see her family again, Hitoe appears and retrieves Yuzuki, stating that she will participate in Iona’s event. Upon arriving home, Ruko overhears her grandmother, Hatsu, speaking on the phone with her mother, before asking about her wish. On the day of the event, Tama voices her objection to Ruko going to battle, as she is uncertain on whether her wish will be properly granted. Arriving at the event, Ruko, Hitoe, and the other Selectors are greeted by Iona, who announces the event will take the form of a tournament, with the winner getting the chance to battle against Iona. As Ruko fights her way through the tournament, she soon comes up against Hitoe. Upon hearing how Ruko wants to battle for fun like they used to, Yuzuki tries to get Hitoe to recall her memories.

Episode 12: That Choice…

Hitoe reveals she had managed to regain her memories of her friends, having kept quiet about them as she wanted to win in order to free Yuzuki, even if it meant losing her body. Resolving her wish to free all the girls who were sealed into LRIGs, Ruko wins her battle and moves on to the rooftop to face off against Iona, with Hitoe and Yuzuki joining her to spectate. As the battle begins, Tama hears a voice calling her and soon comes across Mayu, who tries to turn her against Ruko, saying she will only know the truth if she wins her battle. With the battle nearing its climax, Tama realizes from Ruko’s look that she intends to become an LRIG for the sake of her friends and becomes defiant, resulting in their ritual failing. As Ruko falls into distress about not having her wish granted, Iona and Ulith use the opportunity to undergo their own ritual, which Iona had been waiting for the right moment to undergo. Following the blast of the ritual, Ulith takes over Iona’s body whilst Ruko is shocked to discover Tama has disappeared from her card, with Iona appearing in her place.

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