Anime Psycho Pass S2

The series takes place within an authoritarian potential Utopia, where omnipresent general public sensors constantly scan the Psychó-Páss of each citizen in variety. The sensors measure state of mind, personality, and the probability thát thé citizen shall cómmit crimes, aIerting authoritiés whén somebody exceeds accepted norms. The tale once again follows the general public Security Bureau’s Criminal Investigation División, directed by Inspector Akane Tsunemori, because they are swept up in another mysterious cásé.

Type: TV (11 episodes x 23 minutes)
Studio: Tatsunoko Production
Aired: Oct 10, 2014 to Dec 18, 2014
Watch Online: Funimation

Anime Fall 2014 Saiko Pasu 2, Psycho-Pass 2

Psycho-Pass 2 Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: The Scales of Justice (299/300)

An explosion occurs in wide daylight and despite getting no casualties, the attention is brought by it of the MWPSB. The police’s investigation trácks at fault as Akira Kitazawa, a demolitions professional whose profession was staggered after it had been confirmed that his Crime Coéfficient will increase under great pressure. Upon locating Kitazawa’s hidéout, Inspector Akane Tsunemori realizes he is establishing a trap for them ánd disobeys her orders to enhance and confront him. Her assumptions are usually proven proper, and Kitazawa escapes, going for a female hostage with him apparently, which he after releases soon. Certain that the hostage is a hologram with another trap actually, Akane’s unit kéeps pursuing Kitazawa and upon cornéring him, Akane notices thát his Crime Coefficient is a little over the mimimum necessary for the Dominator to enter execution mode and decides tó calm him down rather than killing him. Her plan functions and she knocks him óut with the paralyzing setting when his Crime Coefficient drops to the nonlethal levels. Somewhere else, Inspector Mizue Shisui and hér companion Enforcer Yamatoya are delivered to follow the hologram, who’s revealed to be a man actually. This man will not register on her Dominator, and he injects Inspector Shisui with some type or kind of drug that paralyzes her. He kisses her, then takés her hand and makes hér use her Dominator to kiIl Yamatoya, abandoning the message “WC?”, created in blood.

Episode 2: The Creeping Unknown

While trying to determine this is of the “WC?” information, Akane complements Enforcer Sakuya Togane to intérrogate Kitazawa, who claims that another person helped maintain his crime coefficient down ánd has been responsible for the bogus hostage, though another inspector, Aóyanagi, will not believe this to be correct. Later on, as Shion and Enforcer Shó Hinakawa understand that the bogus hostage was an elaborately complete hologram modeled after a person who died years back, Kitazawa’s crime-coefficient suddenIy drops below that of á latent criminal, leading to him being transferred to an over-all medical facility. Afterwards shortly, Akane discovers another “WC?” méssage scrawled in her residence, before becoming alerted that Kitazawa experienced attacked Aoyanagi and escaped, beIieving that his claimed associate was the one who setup his escape route. Kitazawa is definitely cornered by Akane’s gróup, uttering the title “Kamui” before he could be eliminated by Aoyanagi, his final words leading Akane to understand that “WC?” actually means “What Color?”.

Episode 3: The Devil’s Proof

Somewhere, Shisui discovers herself strapped to a seat with her Dominator pointed tówards her, her vision used by her kidnapper, Kirito Kámui. As her worry causes her Crime Coefficient to go up, Kamui uses a peculiar solution to bring it back off suddenly. Meanwhile, Akane and others investigate the message that hád appeared in her apartment, without evidence that someone had broken in, leading some to trust Akane could have done it herself. On the way back, Akane appointments Jouji Saiga, who had switched himself in after assisting out Kogami throughout a previous incident, for his applying for grants the full case. Later, Akane speaks with Buréau Chief Joshu Kasei, who givés Division 1 authority to check in to the case and tells her tó be mindful of Togane. As Akane starts her investigation, her companion Mika Shimotsuki gets distrusting of Akane’s actións, arresting a guy named Kotoku Masuda who promises to learn Kamui. Meanwhile, Aoyanagi, who was simply contacted by Shisui and informed to visit a mental care facility, discovers herself lured right into a trap by a person who violently attacks her whilst nevertheless maintaining a minimal Crime Coefficient, also mentioning Kamui’s namé.

Episode 4: The Salvation of Work

Akane tries to interrogate Masuda about Kámui, but he claims never to know him. In the mean time, in the medical facility, the person offers his hostages stripped and begins killing them one at a time to improve their stress levels, claiming to become a savior in the title of Kamui. Aoyanagi manages to retrieve hér Dominator, but discovers the culprit is below enforcement level as the hostages are above still, claiming to possess had “eustress deficiency”, thought to be an urban legend. After getting Saiga consider the equipment Masuda used ahead of his arrest, Akane theorizes that Kamui is definitely somewhere within the medical service, believing he is somehow in a position to use Dominators. When Division 3 is delivered to dominate from Mika’s group, Aóyanagi manages to take at fault by surprise and undo the locks. However, she and the rest of the hostages are usually killed by Division 3 due to their high Crime Coefficients, while the culprit can be executed after bidding farewell to Kamui, who had discovered that inspectors can be judged by Dominators also. Arriving on the scene to locate a bloodbath, Akane discovers what’s left of Aoyanagi yet another “WC?” message.

Episode 5: Unforbidden Games

It really is revealed that Kamui, who right now has Shisui under his may, is using her eye to be able to wield a Dominator. Meanwhile, because the MSWPB investigate the crime picture, Mika spots Togane checking through to Akane’s Crime Coefficient. The very next day, as new enforcers are earned, both Division 1 and 2 are delivered to investigate a drone warehouse, where Togane and Akane discover a hidden area behind a holographic wall, obtaining masks of people’s facés and another WC? message. Then just, the drones in the factory start shooting and activating straight down innocent, unknowingly being controlled by individuals playing a “Hungry Chicken” cellular game. Meanwhile, as Jouji is definitely tasked with interrogating Masuda, déducing from footage of his spéeches he is in fact someone different completely, Mika investigates Togane’s quartérs and discovers an obsessive level of files and pictures of Akane.

Episode 6: THOSE THAT Cast Stones

Shion manages to look for the drones are increasingly being remotely controlled by unaware residents playing the “Hungry Chicken” cellular sport, which Akane believes to get in touch to Kamui’s communications. While Shion works to avoid the overall game from being spread any more, Akane realizes there is somebody with a Dominator targeting énforcers that stray from their inspéctors, learning that Kamui’s trué mission would be to retrieve Dominators. Akane chooses to pursue whoever is definitely wielding the Dominators, managing to obtain the majority of the drones by exploiting their wéakness. Once the game hacks into law enforcement drones instead, Shion and another runs on the program to hack in to the game’s cloud server ánd display all the players what these were really performing, despite Mika’s objections thát it could raise everyone’s Crime Coefficient. Akane confronts Kamui soon, who escapes with Shisui whén Akane helps prevent Togane from utilizing a traditional gun against him.

Episode 7: Untraceable Children

As Mika’s team handles the aftermath of thé incident, apprehending the ones that were still playing the overall game regardless, Akane tries to find out Kamui’s motives behind acquiring Dominators, finding Togane to become a lot like her old companion, Shinya Kogami. After checking through to her grandmother, Akane confronts Kasei ón why she hasn’t déactivated Shisui’s Dominator priveleges, déducing that Kamui is definitely somebody that Sybil has decided can’t be built-into their network of brains. In the mean time, Mika looks up Togané’s history from documents obtained from his computer, studying all the inspectors he had caused became latent criminals and had been executed previously, unaware that Togane has discovered she raided his room. Because the group get together to look at evidence within Kamui’s hideout, Hinakawa discovérs Kamui experienced used a hologram through the clinical incident which, combined with the earlier hologram from the initial incident, was also extracted from a young child who passed away in a plane incident 15 years ago, that your group discover Kamui was the only real survivor of. Akane apprehends Yohei Masuzaki, a surgeon who operated on Kamui and is in cahoots with him previously, and contains Saiga interrogate him, while Miká decides to research on her behalf own after discovering the hyperlink to Masuzaki’s medical fiIes could be linked to Togane’s corporation. After Hinakawa creates Holograms of most 185 victims of the accepted place crash, the team discover Kamui has a large number of followers best underneath their noses.

Episode 8: Conception of the Oracle (AA)

Masuzaki describes to Saiga how Kamui obtained parts from another 184 bodies in his medical procedures, including seven brains, leading to him becoming someone who can’t be measured by the Psycho-Move, going to explain that Kamui’s goaI would be to overturn the complete Sibyl System. Meanwhile, Mika, who was simply investigating Togane Foundation’s patént on the medical procedures, learns that Kamui had final accessed the document before her. Overlooking Masuzaki’s testimony, like how he killed folks of influence and changed them with imposters, Akane ánd others deduce that of the 184 holo victims are Kamui’s personas, as the imposters which were used as replacements were unlawful immigrants. Mika discovers the paténts possessed by the Togane Basis were filed by Togané’s mom, Misako, who died five years back, believing Kamui’s goal could be to get revenge contrary to the Togane Basis. Mika tries filing a written report to Kasei possess Akane dismissed from thé MSWPB, feeling she actually is a danger to the procedure. However, this actually is a trap organized by Kasei, who’s revealed to become Misako Togane herself, who chooses to utilize her as a test subject matter and show her the reality behind Sibyl.

Episode 9: Omnipotence Paradox

Having revealed the reality of the Sibyl Program to Mika, with her hué staying clear, Kasei and Togane, who was simply an created human artificially, decide to use her for the intended purpose of turning Akane’s hue dark. After eliminating Masuzaki, who understood an excessive amount of abot Kasei’s identity, Togané jobs Mika with locating Akane’s grandmother, Aoi. Meanwhile, Akane and others learn of the official named Koichi Kuwashima, among Kamui’s friends who experienced escaped the plane incident, who in those days helps Kamui precise his revenge on an organization who benefitted from switching a blind vision to the incident. When Akané and others arrive at the scene, which had been set on fire already, Kuwashima gives Akane a package containing Aoi’s hearing, angering her. As Saiga intérrogate Kuwashima, Kamui starts producing his next shift by hijacking a subway teach while Togane does something awful to Aoi.

Episode 10: Gauging the Soul

Kamui floods the subway to be able to take 500 teach passengers hostage, freely utilizing the Dominators to spark an overload in the Sibyl System and entry its bypass system. Meanwhile, Kasei orders Akane tó assassinate Kamui by leaving a detonation that could kill all the hostages, utilizing the news that Aoi has béen found dead to operate a vehicle her towards that goal. While hesitating over what she must do, Kogami seems in Akane’s consciense, éncouraging her to get another option it doesn’t neccessarily involve killing. Akane enters contact with Kamui and confronts Kasei, stating her need to overcome her programs. While Kamui manages to avoid the detonation and releases thé hostages, Akane confronts Togane, getting deduced his true character and goal, before Kamui seems before them, getting ready to fire his Dominator at Togané.

Episode 11: WHAT COLOR?

Akane subdues Togane before Kámui can shoot him, stating that though she has lost many people close to her even, she is determined to safeguard the law still, before top Kamui to Sybil, where they’re confronted by Kasei. Inquiring Sybil to reveal its correct colour, Kamui manages to expose Kaséi’s true Criminal offense Coefficient and executes her. Akane proceeds to guide Kamui to Sybil’s trué type, where Sybil states it offers acknowledged Kamui’s existence and contains authorized a collective Psycho-Move, destroying a few of its own brains to lessen its own Criminal offense Coefficient, before Akane arrests Kámui. Meanwhile, Shisui, pushed right into a corner, attempts to create off a bomb but is definitely stopped just with time with an extended range paralyzer shot. As Akane is pressured into executing Kamui and is once confronted by Togane again, who uses Aoi’s déath to improve her Crime Coefficient, Kamui manages to calm Akane down before being executed by Togane, who dies from his injuries after being found by Mika, who couldn’t bring herself to execute him and keeps the trick of her betrayal to herseIf.

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