Anime Madan no Ou to Vanadis | Lord Marksman and Vanadis

In times of war, set in a Fantasy counterpart of Western Europe, Ellenora Viltaria, one of the seven Vanadis of Zhcted, leads the war into the Kingdom of Brune. There are actually seven Vanadis, named like this because they each received a powerful weapon from the Black Dragon, to reign over 7 territories, each possessing their own. The power of the Vanadis causes dread and fear toward their enemies. An Earl in the service of the country of Brune, a young archer called Tigre, got a taste of it after he was defeated on the battlefield by Ellen (Ellenora). However, Ellen decided to spare his life after seeing his skills. In exchange, he is asked to serve Ellen…

Type: TV (13 episodes x 24 minutes)
Studio: Satelight
Aired: Oct 4, 2014 to Dec 27, 2014
Watch Online: Funimation | Hulu

Anime Fall 2014 Madan no Ou to Vanadis, Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Lord Marksman and Vanadis Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Wind Princess of the Battlefield

At the prologue, Ellen faces Vorn and demands to surrender on her will. Moments ago, Brune forces are decimated and Vorn is left alone. He spots Ellen’s convoy and dared himself to shoot the war maiden. Vorn manages to shoot down the horses of Ellen’s convoy but when arrows start coming at her, she easily avoids. Nowhere to run, Vorn surrenders and taken as prisoner. In his flashback, he joined the army and he was bullied by Lord Thenardier. He is then woken up by Limlisha, Ellen’s second-in-command and bodyguard, by inserting a sword in his mouth. Ellen talks to Vorn about his current situation as a prisoner. He is then put to the archery field where Ellen tests Vorn on his archery skills. At first, Vorn offshoots twice but then a bandit unsuccessfully tries to kill Ellen from a distance using a crossbow. She uses her sword to disintegrate the bolt, and the bandit starts to escape. Vorn shoots his arrow, and having now accustomed to the crude bow, it pierces through the bandit’s foot at a range of more than 300 alsins. Ellen is amazed at Vorn’s skill and offers him to serve Zchted but he declines because he wants to protect his own family and his town Alsace. Despite his decline, Ellen knighted him as Count. As night comes, Bertrand arrives at Ellen’s fortress and tells Vorn that Lord Thenardier is mobilizing his troops towards Alsace.

Episode 2: The Return Home

At Brune, Zion Thenardier is sent by his father, Duke Felix Aaron Thenardier, to destroy Alsace as a sign of dominance now that the Prince Reglas is killed. Zion receives from the soothsayer Drekavac, two dragons to be used as war beasts. Back at Leitmeritz, Tigre desperately tries to get back to protect his homeland, but once Ellen points out his lack of forces, Tigre asks Ellen to let him borrow her army, which greatly amuses her, but accepts. At the rural town Alsace, Titta, Tigre’s maid, makes every civilian either hide in the woods or in the temple, while she stays at the mansion. While Zion’s forces steal and pillage all they can, Zion himself goes to destroy Tigre´s mansion. Titta battles Zion and he nearly rapes her, until an arrow impales his hand. Tigre and Ellen’s forces arrive, forcing Zion to retreat, with Ellen showing her sword Arifal can control the wind. When an enemy archer tries to shoot Tigre, he catches the arrow and shoots it back, breaking his bow in the process. Titta gives her master the Black Bow, an heirloom of Tigre’s ancestors, whom Bertrand notices holds a great power.

Episode 3: Return of the Magic Marksman

Thenardier’s army of 2,700 and Tigre and Ellen’s army of 900 clash in the open plain of Molsheim, with Ellen and Tigre leading the charge. Despite the Zchted army destroying the first battalion, Zion decides to send the Earth Dragon, which crushes and kills anything in its path. Ellen decides to face the dragon alone, while Lim and her army distract the enemy forces. Eleonora decides to unleash on the creature her full power to bisect the dragon, while Lim’s forces successfully lead their pursuers into traps. This devastated Zion’s troops, including Zion himself, who refuses to send another dragon into the battlefield. Even worse for him, Zhcted’s 2000 “reinforcements” (in reality, a shadow army of only 100 men and the rest were horses) are coming towards him. Zion orders his army to retreat, which gives the Leitmeritz army the chance to slaughter the retreating soldiers. Tigre battles and disarms Zion, but Zion attempts to flee with their dragon. Using their weapons, Tigre and Ellen kill Zion and the dragon while in mid-air. Ellen announces Tigre’s victory and Thenardier’s army is utterly decimated.

Episode 4: Snow Princess of the Frozen Ripple

At Leitmeritz, Ellen is summoned to the Zchted capital city Silesia following Tigre’s victory and decides to leave Limlisha in charge of helping Tigre. When Vorn and Titta return from checking on the people, they’re are joined by Earl Mashas Rodant, Tigre’s friend and ally. Tigre and his forces convince other nobles into joining them, one of them being Viscount Hughes Augre and his son Gerard. At Silesia, Ellen reveals her reasons to King Viktor and Vanadis Sofya Obertas speaks in her favor. Once the hearing is over, Ellen is confronted by fellow Vanadis Ludmila Lourie, and both war maidens begin to fight until Sofya interferes. Sofya explains to Ellen that Ludmila’s family is allied to Thenardier, even though Mila resents him, and now they are technically enemies. Ellen, Tigre and Lim reunite in the town of Rodnick, but they are surprised by the arrival of Mila. While riding threw the woods, Ludmila questions Tigre about his motives, but they battle a group of assassins known as the Seven Chains. Ludmilla uses her spear Lavias to kill most of the assailants, but Lim is snake bitten. Tigre quickly sucks out the poison and he and Ellen hurriedly rides back to Rodnick to get help.

Episode 5: The Storming of the Tatras Mountains

With Lim recovering from the poison, Elen “rewards” Tigre with a bath in a private bathhouse, without him knowing Mila was already there. After the awkward situation, Tigre, Lim and both Vanadis tour around Rodnick, but despite having a good time, Ludmila expresses her resolve and returns to the snowy principality of Olmutz, which is neighboring to Leitmeritz. Duke Thenardier has decided to corner Ellen by forcing the Vanadis face each other, which causes Ellen to mobilize the Leitmeritz army. The armies clash, but Ludmila’s people are forced to retreat to the Tatra fortress, which is nearly impenetrable to the Leitmeritz army, when their battle reaches a stalemate. Disguising himself as a bear, Tigre decides to scout for a different route in the icy forest and while hunting a fox, he encounters Ludmila. During the discussion with Tigre and Mila, the Vanadis expresses her misgivings about supporting Thenardier. After going their separate ways, Tigre manages to follow Mila back to the fortress, and immediately reports back to Ellen. Tigre and Ellen lead their people to attack the fortress, but even when Ellen uses her full power, she is unable to break through the gate. When Tigre saves Ellen from certain death, the two combine their powers to destroy the gate and they lead the Leitmeritz army into a battle against the Olmutz army.

Episode 6: To Protect

Mila and Ellen engage in a battle. However, the final member of the Seven Chains tries to attack the war maidens, but Tigre kills him with his arrow. Mila not only realizes that the hunter she encountered was Tigre, but also his intentions to protect Alsace. As a sign of gratitude, she accepts his offer to declaring neutrality in the war between Vorn and Thenardier. At the western border of Brune, Roland, the leader of the Navarre Knights and wielder of the legendary sword Durendal, receives a message from the king, which orders him to mobilize his entire army and destroy Tigre. At Territoire, Viscount Augre’s land, the Brune and Zchted forces form an alliance known as the Silver Meteor Army, and Tigre has to make sure the soldiers do not fight. While he attempts to relax, Tigre inadvertently ends up befriending a naked Sofya. Back at the camp, Sofya informs of the situation at the royal palace, as she was sent by Faron as a messenger; Faron is very ill and Tigre is stripped of his status of Earl due to him committing treason. Sofya also informs Ellen about the positions of the other four Vanadis, while Tigre and Hughes struggle to keep the loyalty of the rest of their allies. With the impending arrival of the Navarre knights, Roland rejects the messengers and the armies clash in the plain of Orlange. The Silver Meteor army suffers heavy losses and even Ellen has trouble facing Roland, but Tigre intervenes. Tigre kills Roland’s horse and both manage to escape, right then Ellen finds that Tigre is severely injured, luckily Sofya, using her staff Zaht appears to stop the knights.

Episode 7: Black Knight

Sofya uses her staff to create a wall of light that stops the knights, until Roland uses Durendal to shatter it. Sofya holds her own, and uses her staff’s skill to disappear from sight. The Navarre knights stop their pursuit thanks to the reinforcements of Mashas, while Roland remembers how his hearing with the king was rejected by Dukes Ganelon and Thenardier. In the camp, Mashas tells his allies that his hearing with the king was also rejected, but that he heard from his acquaintance, Prime Minister Badowin, that the king’s mental health is also precarious, and the Dukes are using this to do as they please. With Tigre barely recovering from his injuries, Ellen promises him to win the battle, and Sophie volunteers to help her. Tigre awakens and the Black Bow convinces him to go, alongside Titta, to a mysterious temple. The temple belongs to the goddess of darkness, night and death, Tir na Fa, who possesses Titta. Tir na Fa tests Tigre’s resolve and desire of power by making him shoot Titta. Tigre manages to control his power enough to not harm Titta, while the temple disappears. The Silver Meteor Army halts the Navarre knights advance by deviating a river course, turning the plain into a marsh, making the knights easy target for the archers. Elen drives Roland away from his main force, but the black knight easily withstands Elen’s full power. Tigre arrives at the battlefield, but his injuries open again. Elen and Sofy hold him, and Tigre shoots the combined power of all three. While Roland survives the shot, he finds himself unable to move, thus accepting his defeat. With their commander defeated and more than half of the Navarre knights dead, the battles come to an end.

Episode 8: 2,000 vs 20,000

Roland promises Tigre that he will get him an audience with Faron, leaving Durendal at his care as a sign of accepting his cause, while Ellen receives a message from Legnitza, Vanadis Alexandra Alshavin’s domain. Ellen finds herself forced to return to Zchted to help her old friend, who is being invaded by another Vanadis, taking Lim and part of her army with her. Sofya also departs, but Rurick chooses to stay with Vorn. Meanwhile, in Brune’s capital Nice, when Roland arrives and demands a hearing, Ganelon detains him and tortures him to death. The death of Roland upsets even Thenardier, but Ganelon shrugs it off by telling him that an army of 20,000 men from the southeastern kingdom of Mouzinel is invading Thenardier’s lands. While Thenardier mobilizes his troops, a large part of southern Brune is left unprotected, so Tigre decides to take his army and face the invaders, despite the great numerical disadvantage of 10 to 1. While scouting at their enemy, Tigre and Rurick save a girl from some Muozinel soldiers. General Cashim of the Muozinel army sends troops to kill the Silver Meteor Army, but Tigre kills them in the process. The Muozinel army loses more and more men with each battle, which provokes Cashim into sentencing several slaves to death to provoke them. Tigre leads his main force into facing the Muozinel vanguard, killing Cashim, while Rurick and his forces pursuit the retreating enemies. Gerard Augre informs that despite suffering few loses, the supplies and weapons are starting to run low, and the retreating Muozinel soldiers are joining with an even larger invading force, which will number 40,000 in mere days. Tigre takes some riders to battle the Mouzinel cavalry, but Mila leads her people to join Tigre .

Episode 9: Thunder Swirl and Luminous Flame

Ellen is reunited with Sasha, who tells her that her principality is being invaded by Vanadis Elizaveta Fomina, using as an excuse an incident during a campaign against pirates in which they cooperated. Later on Sasha and Ellen speak of their interest in Tigre, and how Sasha’s twin daggers, named Bargen, refuse to leave her despite her health. Meanwhile, Mila and Tigre negotiate the terms of helping each other, and while Ludmila agrees, Vorn ends up telling her about the Black Bow. Tigre is later informed by Gerard that the girl he saved earlier, who goes by the name of Regin, refuses to eat, so he decides to accompany her. The armies of Leitmeritz and Legnitza face with those of Lebus, led by Elizaveta, and Lim remembers the promise of protecting Ellen she made to Sasha. Ellen battles Liza, and once both use her full power, Liza realizes she is pushed back, so she calls off the fight. While Ellen wishes to continue fighting, Liza tells her that Dukes Ganelon and Thenardier are ready to move, and about the invasion of Muozinel, so Ellen accepts her terms if she apologizes to Alexandra. Once the negotiations begin, Eleonora and Limlisha return to Brune with their forces. Ludmila meanwhile proposes to finish the Muozinel in one battle by going after their general, but this army is led by Kreshu Shaheen Baramir, the younger brother of the king of Muozinel, who got the nickname of Redbeard after he defeated a fleet from Sachtein that was 5 times the size of his. Kreshu receives a message from the Zchted army that explains their reasons, and Kreshu chooses to attack regardless. Meanwhile Tigre and Mila prepare for the Battle of Olmea.

Episode 10: The Ormea Campaign

The 40,000 Muozinel troops arrives at the hill of Ormea, where the Silver Meteor Army has made a small fort. Kreshu divides his forces into seven smaller armies and sends 3 of them to pursuit the refugees. Tigre and Mila lead the ambush against the enemy infantry, while Rurick and his disguised men lead a counterattack. Kreshu reorganizes the remaining armies, sending them to pursuit, and many soldiers of the Silver Meteor Army are overpowered and killed. Mila and Tigre find themselves surrounded, while Kreshu remains safe at the rearguard. Just as the situation seems hopeless, an army of 5,000 Brune knights appear to aid the Silver Meteor Army. While at first Kreshu believes the reinforcements make no difference, another 3,000 men led by Hughes and Mashas also arrive. Kreshu decides to retreat, and the dead from both sides reach 6,000. Once word of the Muozinel fleet’s loss at the hands of Thenardier reaches Kreshu, he decides to retreat, but he also decides to send a congratulations letter to Tigre, to provoke his enemies. Ellen and Lim return, causing yet another disagreement between Ellen and Mila. The now larger Silver Meteor Army is reorganized. That night, Tigre and Ellen talk and even hold hands, with Tigre vowing that he will not forget those who died fighting for him.

Episode 11: The Two War Maidens

The Silver Meteor Army reorganizes at the fortress of Peruce and Tigre is unknowingly monitored by Vanadis Valentina Glinka Estes. During a meeting, Bertrand summons Regin. Regin explains that since her chances of inheriting the throne were low for being a woman, she posed as Prince Regnas and faked her death in the Battle of Dinant. However, the only place that can prove Regin is the King’s daughter, the Sacred Caverns, is located in Artesium, Duke Ganelon’s capital. The Silver Meteor Army moves and Thenardier receives from Drekavac five dragons and moves as well. In Artesium, Ganelon decides to let his army be killed by Thenardier, while he sets his city on fire, and confirms that he is responsible of poisoning the King. In Silesia, Viktor dispatches Sofy to Brune as a messenger, encountering Valentina on the way out. The Silver Meteor Army of 20,000 clashes with Thenardier’s army of 24,000 in the plain of Villecreunes. Elen and Mila face the dragons, and with their combined power they kill the 3 Earth Dragons, but the Fire-Breathing Dragon and the Two-Headed Dragon, armed with magical chains, remain unscathed and Elen gets injured saving Mila. The armies reorganize, and the war maidens decide to face the dragons by themselves, while Tigre and the rest of the army take care of Thenardier. The Silver Meteor Army drives the enemy away from the dragons, clashing on the sides, while the Vanadis work together to kill the remaining beasts. As the girls recover their breath, they mutter that the rest depends on Tigre.

Episode 12: The Holly Grotto (Saint-Groel)

With Thenardier’s army retreated for the moment, the Silver Meteor Army gets close to Artesium. Regin mentions that there are 3 entrances to The Holy Grotto and they choose to go to the nearest, a sanctuary in the outskirts of Artesium, with Bertrand tagging along. Tigre, Elen and company enter the caverns, only to find that Thenardier and his men used another entrance. The battle ensues and Thenardier sends his second in-command Steid to kill Vorn and the Princess. Elen faces the Duke and just as Steid gets near Tigre, the cave begins to collapse. While Thenardier retreats, Steid refuses to leave and Bertrand rushes to his Lord’s aid as the cavern crumbles. As Elen, Regin and Rurick are forced to flee, Steid mortally wounds Bertrand and is crushed by the falling rocks. With Tigre trapped, he rushes over to Bertrand. He speaks to Urz, Tigre’s father and how he was fortunate to have both of them as Lords before dying in Tigre’s arms. Elen and the rest of the army rush to Artesium just as Tigre returns to the city, taking Bertrand’s body with him. With the impending battle with Thenardier upon them, everyone wonders if Tigre will overcome his friend’s death.

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