Anime Aldnoah Zero S1

In 1972, an ancient alien hypergate was discovered on the surface of the moon. Using this technology, humanity began migrating to Mars and settling there. After settlers discovered additional advanced technology, the Vers Empire was founded, which claimed Mars and its secrets for themselves. Later, the Vers Empire declared war on Earth, and in 1999, a battle on the Moon’s surface caused the hypergate to explode, shattering the Moon and scattering remnants into a debris belt around the planet. Cut off from Mars, the remnants of the Vers insurgents established several massive orbital space stations within the debris belt and a ceasefire was established. 15 years later, in 2014, an attack on the Vers princess during a peace mission causes the Empire to launch a new attack on Earth, this time determined to conquer it once and for all.

Type: TV (12 episodes x 23 minutes)
Studio A-1 Pictures
Aired: Jul 6, 2014 to Sep 21, 2014
Watch Online: Crunchyroll | Hulu | Daisuki

Anime Aldnoah Zero S1

Aldnoah Zero Episodes

2014-07-05 ・ Episode 1: Princess of Vers, Princess of Mars
2014-07-12 ・ Episode 2: Beyond the Horizon, The Longest Day on Earth
2014-07-19 ・ Episode 3: The Children’s Echelon, Boys on the Battlefield
2014-07-26 ・ Episode 4: Point of No Return, Knight in Pursuit
2014-08-02 ・ Episode 5: Phantom of The Emperor, Ahead of an Audience
2014-08-09 ・ Episode 6: Steel Step Suite, Island of Memory
2014-08-16 ・ Episode 7: The Boys of Earth, The Two Meet Each Other
2014-08-23 ・ Episode 8: Then and Now, A Day When We Saw a Bird
2014-08-30 ・ Episode 9: Darkness Visible, Reminiscent Device
2014-09-06 ・ Episode 10: Before the War, Til Going to be a Storm
2014-09-13 ・ Episode 11: Wind, Snow and Stars, Battle of Novosterisk
2014-09-20 ・ Episode 12: Childhood’s End, Even though the Heaven Falls

Aldnoah Zero Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Princess of Vers / Princess of Mars

The Apollo 17 mission found ancient technology known as the Hypergate on the moon that allowed humans to settle on and terraform Mars. More ancient “Aldnoah” technology found on Mars was claimed by the immigrants, who founded the Vers Empire, leading to a tense state of affairs with Earth that eventually culminated in open war breaking out in 1999. During a battle between the Earth Federation and the Vers Empire on the moon in 1999, the Hypergate went out of control and destroyed the Moon in an event that would come to be known as Heaven’s Fall. 15 years after Heaven’s Fall, the Princess of Vers, Asseylum Vers Allusia, goes to Earth on a peace mission despite being discouraged by Slaine. Back on Earth, terrorists attack the parade of the peace delegation, which is witnessed by Inaho and his friends. Although it initially seems that the limousine managed to avoid the terrorist attack, they manage to hit it with a second volley, and it is believed that the princess is killed. In retaliation, the Martian Vers Orbital Knights start an all out assault on Earth on their landing castles, and destroy New Orleans. Children mistake them for shooting stars and wish for world peace.

Episode 2: Beyond the Horizon / The Longest Day on Earth

The Vers invasion begins with Landing Castles crashing into New Orleans, Maputo, Beijing, and Tokyo. Martian Kataphrakts emerge and begin to devastate the Terran defenders. In Shinawara, while preparing to evacuate, Inaho finds Edelrittuo and an unknown girl and informs them they need to evacuate. The girl subdues him and asks him what the evacuation is for, prompting Inaho to inform them about the assassination of Princess Asseylum. The girl then reveals to Inaho that Asseylum became ill after making planetfall due to the change in gravity and it was actually a body double that died. Meanwhile, the terrorists who committed the assassination are revealed to be Vers loyalists, but are promptly killed by Baron Trillram of the Vers Empire to ensure the truth about the false flag operation is never revealed. 2nd Lt. Marito’s squad engages Trillram, but are defeated by him. While chasing Inaho and his friends who are escaping in an APC, Okisuke is thrown off the vehicle and disintegrated by Trillram’s shield. After entering a tunnel, Inaho receives orders from Lt. Marito to draw Trillram’s Kataphrakt away to buy more time for an evacuation.

Episode 3: The Children’s Echelon / Boys on the Battlefield

Inaho and his friends find themselves holed up in the school with orders to distract the enemy Kataphrakt while 2nd Lt. Marito builds a plan to evacuate his students and the civilians with them. Not satisfied to just be a distraction, Inaho comes up with a strategy to fight back against Trillram and his seemingly impervious mech. The unknown girl and Rayet, both feeling some personal responsibility for the situation, volunteer to drive the decoy truck, and the team begins their operation. Meanwhile, Marito, backed by by Colonel Magbaredge, rallies his crew and rescues the noncombatants from Inaho’s group while Inaho, Calm, and Inko engage Trillram. When Trillram finally catches the decoy truck, the unknown girl reveals her true identity as Princess Asseylum, distracting him just long enough for Inaho to strike the finishing blow. While Inaho and his comrades regroup and celebrate, Slaine and Trillram prepare to escape. Trillram reveals that the assassination of the Princess was a Martian plot all along, and that he must rearm and eliminate her as quickly as possible. In response, a shocked and enraged Slaine pulls Trillram’s gun and shoots him multiple times, killing him.

Episode 4: Point of No Return / Knight in Pursuit

The Martians bombard the Earth with meteor attacks as Slaine leaves the area. Inaho and his friends meet up with a United Earth Forces squad led by Colonel Magbaredge as they prepare to evacuate the area by sea. when they are attacked by another Martian Kataphrakt. Asseylum decides to reveal her true form in private to Inaho and asks him to help her contact her father in hopes of stopping the war between Earth and the Vers Empire. Soon, the miltary finds themselves attacked by another Martian Knight named Vlad, using a Kataphract with a giant beam sword that can cut through anything while providing a defense against explosives. The military holds it back with AP rounds while Inaho, Calm and Inko smash a large shipping container into the enemy Kataphract’s head. Vlad decides to retreat as Magbaredge and her crew escort the remaining survivors out to sea.

Episode 5: Phantom of The Emperor / Ahead of an Audience

The Emperor of Mars calls for a cease fire while he considers the truth behind the events on Earth. Inaho and friends take the moment to rest aboard Magbaredge’s carrier while Asseylum ponders if she should reveal her identity to everyone. Rayet disagrees, telling Asseylum that doing so will only paint a large target on their backs for the Martian Knights. Vlad returns in his repaired Kataphract, now with twin beam katanas, looking for a rematch against “the orange” training Kataphract that Inaho piloted earlier. As he cuts through the carrier’s defenses, Inaho rises to the challenge by baiting him into an attack and then rigging his own Kataphract to drag Vlad into the ocean, where the combined heat from the engines and plasma from the beam sabers sparks a steam explosion. Meanwhile, Slaine tries to inform the Vers Emperor that Asseylum is still alive and that some of the Knights conspired to go to war. Just as he leaves the room, another Martian Knight appears, claiming that Slaine was feeding him false information. The Emperor immediately calls for war.

Episode 6: Steel Step Suite / Island of Memory

Slaine is declared persona non grata by Lord Cruhteo as the Vers Emperor officially declares war against Earth. Every able-bodied man and woman on the carrier is immediately pressed into service as part of the United Earth military, with Calm annoyed that he was chosen to be a mechanic. As the ship heads towards Tanegashima for resupply, Lieutenant Marito talks about a report he wrote of the same name, taking place during the war shortly before Heaven’s Fall occurred and a chunk of the Moon hit the island. The military decided to suppress the report, rather than face up to the Martians’ superior technology. Magbaredge reveals her real surname as Humeray which she blames Marito for her brother’s death during the war. Suddenly, another Martian Kataphract attacks the carrier, with flying appendages able to literally punch through the ship and rip it out piece by piece. Inaho and his comrades try to defend the ship but the appendages are too strong and Marito suffers through another bout of PTSD before he can help them. However, Inaho decides to use high-powered rifle rounds to knock the appendages off course. When he is unable to shoot down the last one, Slaine appears in a Martian ship to finish it off.

Episode 7: The Boys of Earth / The Two Meet Each Other

With Slaine arriving on the scene, Inaho surmises that he is here to assist them, at least for the time being. Working together, Inaho and Slaine continue to keep the Hellas’ flying arms away from the Watdatsumi. During the attacks, one of the flying arms is knocked off course and hits a cliff side, revealing a hidden dock. Knowing that the ship won’t last long in the open, Magbaredge orders the Watdatsumi to take shelter in the dock, and destroys the entrance. The crew then decides to explore the hidden dock, and find a secret underground facility holding the remains of the Martian Kataphrakt Marito fought 15 years ago, as well as something else. Inaho, Yuki, and Inko decide to remain outside to continue to fight Femieanne. Deciding to take the fight directly to her, Inaho boards Slaine’s craft. He figures out that the flying arms’ armor is weak around the fingers and engines, and exploits this weakness to destroy all of them. Angered, Femieanne attempts to use the Hellas to ram Inaho and Slaine, but is interrupted when a giant alien battleship, activated by Asseylum and piloted by the Watdatsumi crew, emerges from Tanegashima. Inaho and Slaine shoot down Femieanne and Rayet finishes her off, destroying the Hellas and killing her. Inaho then asks Slaine what his intentions are, and when Slaine refuses to give a straight answer, Inaho shoots him down, declaring, “You are my enemy.”

Episode 8: Then and Now / A Day When We Saw a Bird

Flashing back to the events of the previous episode, the Watdatsumi crew finds a Martian battleship, named the Deucalion, hidden under Tanegashima. Asseylum reveals her identity to the crew and uses her royal blood to activate the Deucalion’s Aldnoah Drive. With Asseylum’s identity publicly known now, Magbaredge agrees to protect Asseylum and escort her to the UFE HQ. Asseylum then goes out to the deck with Inaho, and marvels when she sees birds for the first time. Meanwhile, in Slaine is captured by Cruhteo and taken to his Landing Castle, where Cruhteo tortures him to try and find out why Slaine betrayed him as Saazbaum watches. Unsure of Cruhteo’s loyalty, Slaine stays quiet, and throughout his torture he relives several flashbacks of his childhood with Asseylum on Mars. Slaine eventually reveals to Cruhteo that Asseylum is still alive and that the assassination plot was carried out by Martians. Shocked, Cruhteo orders an immediate ceasefire so that the conspirators can be found. However, Saazbaum attacks Cruhteo’s castle, killing Cruhteo and capturing Slaine.

Episode 9: Darkness Visible / Reminiscent Device

While training in the combat simulator, Rayet suffers a bout of PTSD as she sees a virtual representation of Nilokeras, the Kataphract that killed her father. Shortly afterward, Doctor Yagarai borrows the simulator program to help Marito deal with his own trauma from Tanegashima. Though the program is a crude visualization of the 1999 battle at Tanegashima, Marito flashes back to when an unknown Kataphract destroyed his entire tank battalion, and he decided to shoot John Humeray out of mercy when the driver couldn’t escape the flaming tank wreckage. Meanwhile, Slaine finds himself a guest of Saazbaum, who admits he conspired to have the princess killed and rekindle the war with Earth in order to change the Vers Empire itself, but spared Slaine for a debt he owed to Slaine’s father. Back on the Deucalion, Rayet struggles to empathize with Asseylum after being reminded of the time they took down Nilokeras. When Rayet finds Asseylum alone in the shower, she sneaks up from behind and strangles her with her own necklace. By the time Rayet regains her focus, the Aldnoah drive on the Deucalion shuts down, crashing the entire ship.

Episode 10: Before the War / Til Going to be a Storm

Inaho successfully revives Asseylum in the shower room using CPR and a defibrillator, but Rayet grabs Magbaredge’s pistol and holds everyone hostage. Rayet blames Asseylum for being able to integrate into the UFE while she and her father were outcasts, before turning the gun on herself. However, Inaho disarms her, offering her another chance to fight the Martians. Magbaredge throws Rayet in the brig, then goes off to watch Marito’s confession in Yagarai’s lab. Meanwhile, Saazbaum reveals to Slaine that the Vers Empire convinced their people to attack Earth to distract them from their own problems of producing food and water on a relatively-dead Mars. Saazbaum and his wife, Viscountess Orleans, joined the attack on Earth at Tanegashima, but Orleans was killed by Heaven’s Fall as he escaped. Back on Earth, the Deucalion finally arrives at UFE headquarters in Russia, and Asseylum tries to broadcast her message calling for a ceasefire. However, Saazbaum tells Slaine that the satellite base on the Moon is staffed by his men so no Martian will ever hear it. Saazbaum then offers Slaine a choice: stay and fight with him, or escape to Earth and be treated as an enemy.

Episode 11: Wind, Snow and Stars / Battle of Novosterisk

Saazbaum directs his Landing Castle to touch down close to the UFE headquarters, and then uses bunker buster missiles to clear a path for his forces to attack the base and kill Asseylum. The UE forces attempt to defend their position, but the Martian Kataphracts rip through their own. Asseylum proposes that the Deucalion carry her to the Landing Castle, where she can personally shut off its Aldnoah Drive and cut off Saazbaum’s forces from their power source. Asseylum manages to reach the Deucalion with some late help from Rayet and Edelrittuo, and the ship shoots its way out of the base. Inaho then formulates a plan to deliver Asseylum via HALO jump from the stratosphere. Using unmanned dummy robots as cover from the castle’s anti-air defenses, Inaho and his comrades manage to clear a path for Asseylum, but before Asseylum’s Kataphract can jump, Saazbaum’s Dioskuria appears in the stratosphere and shoots down the Deucalion. With the original plan ruined, Magbaredge decides to deliver Asseylum by ramming the damaged Deucalion itself into the Landing Castle.

Episode 12: Childhood’s End / Even though the Heaven Falls

With the Deucalion crashed, Yuki and Inko attempt to escort Asseylum to the Landing Castle’s Aldnoah core themselves. Meanwhile, Inaho takes it upon himself to hold off Saazbaum, who reveals that his Dioskuria now possesses all of the abilities of the Kataphracts Inaho had previously fought. Meanwhile, Slaine follows the Deucalion back to the Landing Castle, and boards the Tharsis, hoping to at least be able to fight with auxiliary power. However, he finds out to his surprise that he has the ability to activate Aldnoah cores as well. As Inaho and Saazbaum fight, Saazbaum initially has the advantage, but Inaho uses everything he’s learned to exploit Dioskuria’s weaknesses, severely damaging it. However, before he can finish off Saazbaum, Slaine tackles Inaho’s Kataphract with the Tharsis. Asseylum manages to reach the core and shut it down, right when Inaho and Slaine’s Kataphracts crash through the wall. As Asseylum goes to assist Inaho, she is shot and apparently killed by Saazbaum, who thanks Slaine for saving his life. Slaine, in a fit of rage, shoots and mortally wounds Saazbaum. Inaho, injured from the crash, crawls his way to Asseylum’s body, eventually realizing that he actually loved her. However, Slaine stops him and holds him at gunpoint. Inaho attempts to draw his own gun and is shot by Slaine. Afterwards, it is said that after the shutdown of Saazbaum’s landing castle, the attack on the UFE headquarters ended in a complete UFE victory, though at a high cost. Asseylum’s whereabouts are also currently unknown.

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