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Tatsumi is a fighter who sets off to the Capital in search of a way to make money to assist his poverty-stricken village. After falling victim to a robbery by a woman and losing all his money, Tatsumi is taken in by a noble aristocratic girl by the name of Aria. In the following night, Aria’s place is attacked by a group of assassins known as Night Raid. While Tatsumi at first tries to defend Aria from the assassin Akame, another member of the group stops the fight. She reveals that Aria has kidnapped several villagers and tortures them for fun. Shocked upon seeing the tortured villagers — including his two best friends, Tatsumi kills Aria. Seeing potential in Tatsumi, Night Raid invites the boy to their group warning that regardless of how they want to assassin corrupted people, they are murderers. Tatsumi accepts in order to become stronger and protect his village. In their fight against the Empire, Night Raid starts antagonizing an organization known as The Jaegars led by Esdeath, the most powerful fighter in the Empire. As both Night Raid and Jaegars suffer losses, the Empire forms a new secret police force, the Wild Hunt, with the son of the Prime Minister, Shura, as its leader, to bolster its law reinforcements, though Wild Hunt heavily abuses its new authority by killing innocent civilians for fun.

Type: TV (24 episodes x 23 minutes)
Studio White Fox
Aired: Jul 7, 2014 to Dec 15, 2014
Watch Online: Crunchyroll | Hulu | Daisuki

Anime Akame Slashes, Akame ga Kill

Akame Slashes Episodes

2014-07-06 ・ Episode 1: Kill the Darkness
2014-07-13 ・ Episode 2: Kill the Authority
2014-07-20 ・ Episode 3: Kill Your Cares
2014-07-27 ・ Episode 4: Kill the Imperial Arm Users
2014-08-03 ・ Episode 5: Kill the Dream
2014-08-10 ・ Episode 6: Kill the Absolute Justice
2014-08-17 ・ Episode 7: Kill the Three: Part 1
2014-08-24 ・ Episode 8: Kill the Three: Part 2
2014-08-31 ・ Episode 9: Kill the Battle Fanatic
2014-09-07 ・ Episode 10: Kill the Temptation
2014-09-14 ・ Episode 11: Kill the Mad Scientist
2014-09-21 ・ Episode 12: Kill the Newcomers
2014-09-28 ・ Episode 13: Kill the Nuisances
2014-10-05 ・ Episode 14: Kill the Colossal Danger Beast
2014-10-12 ・ Episode 15: Kill the Religious Organization
2014-10-19 ・ Episode 16: Kill the Puppets
2014-10-26 ・ Episode 17: Kill the Curse
2014-11-02 ・ Episode 18: Kill the Demon
2014-11-09 ・ Episode 19: Kill the Fate
2014-11-16 ・ Episode 20: Kill the Carnage
2014-11-23 ・ Episode 21: Kill the Despair
2014-11-30 ・ Episode 22: Kill the Little Sister
2014-12-07 ・ Episode 23: Kill the Emperor
2014-12-14 ・ Episode 24: Akame ga Kill

Akame ga Kill | Akame Slashes Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Kill the Darkness

Tatsumi heads for the capital despite warnings about the area’s dark nature as he needs to raise money for his village. Shortly after arriving, Tatsumi is robbed by a woman and has to sleep in the streets. However, he is invited to the manor of a young rich girl named Aria. As he waits for his best friends, Sayo and Ieyasu, to arrive in the capital, Tatsumi learns of an assassin group named Night Raid. One night, the group appears and starts killing Aria’s guards and her parents. Tatsumi faces off against Night Raid member Akame, but their duel is interrupted by Leone, the same woman who robbed him; she reveals to Tatsumi that Aria and her parents has tortured several people from the countryside, including Ieyasu and Sayo, the latter already being dead. Tatsumi kills Aria just before Ieyasu dies and Leone, impressed with Tatsumi’s ability to kill mercilessly, invites him to join Night Raid.

Episode 2: Kill the Authority

Leone introduces Tatsumi to Night Raid’s other members (Sheele, Mine, Bulat, Lubbock, Akame, and their leader Najenda) and learns of Night Raid’s mission to overthrow the capital’s corrupt prime minister and set up a new, more democratic government in its place. As a result, Tatsumi accepts their offer to join. He is then paired up with Akame for his first lesson in training, which is merely cooking food and fishing for Night Raid, upsetting him. He then receives his first mission: to assassinate a corrupt captain of the capital’s security force, named Captain Ogre. After succeeding, he gives his report, only to be stripped down by Akame to see if he was lying to save his pride and hide his wounds, which would’ve been fatally poisoned. After Akame concludes he wasn’t lying, Tatsumi is accepted into Night Raid before being told that he will be trained by Mine next, much to his displeasure, as they butted heads during their first meeting.

Episode 3: Kill Your Cares

While dispatching an enemy force trying to invade their base, Tatsumi learns of Bulat’s Imperial Arm, Demon Armor: Incursio. Later, he goes to wake up Mine, which leads to an embarrassing situation after he walks in on her changing. The two then go around shopping in the capital, and Tatsumi is angered to learn that was supposed to be his training. Shortly afterward, the two witness public executions, and Tatsumi learns of Mine’s determination to survive. Later, Night Raid is sent on a mission to assassinate one of the prime minister’s relatives and his guards. Mine snipes the main target dead despite him being surrounded by innocent people, to Tatsumi’s surprise, while the rest of the group kill most of the guards. After Mine tells Tatsumi of her past, and her motivations for joining Night Raid, they are ambushed by the remaining guard. Tatsumi manages to hold the guard in place and orders Mine to shoot him, despite him being in the line of fire; she takes the shot after Tatsumi declares his belief in Mine’s sniping abilities, killing the guard and barely missing Tatsumi. She prepares to acknowledge him, but takes it back after he yells at her for grazing his head. Meanwhile, an unknown figure stares at a wanted poster of Akame before declaring that the capital was perfect for supplying people to kill.

Episode 4: Kill the Imperial Arm Users

The unknown figure from the previous episode kills a girl by beheading her despite her pleas. Tatsumi is informed of the figure, who is named Zank the Executioner; a former executioner of the largest dungeon in the empire who became insane from killing many innocents and is now addicted to cutting off heads of his victims. Zank also possesses a powerful Imperial Arm called Spectator, a large green eye strapped to his forehead. Najenda reveals how Imperial Arms were made and each member of Night Raid possess one as well. It is also revealed that when two Imperial Arm users fight, one has to die. Night Raid is then sent on a mission to eliminate Zank. Tatsumi, who is paired with Akame, is led away by a vision of Sayo and severely wounded in a battle with Zank, whose Spectator is revealed to be able to foresee the future movements and attacks of the opponent and can also confuse the opponent with the image of their most beloved one. Just when Tatsumi is about to be killed, Akame appears and battles with Zank, who attempts distract her with the vision of a young girl who once fought with Akame in the past. However, she quickly kills him and replies that because the girl is who she loves the most, she must kill her the quickest. As he succumbs to his wounds, Zank’s thanks Akame as he no longer hears the voices of the innocent he executed which drove him mad and dies in peace. Akame goes to Tatsumi’s aid and promises to clean his wounds.

Episode 5: Kill the Dream

Tatsumi is jolted awake by a dream of Sayo and Ieyasu, and is surprised to find Sheele at his side. He then learns that she is going to be mentoring him for the day. After a strenuous training session, Tatsumi learns of Sheele’s history, her perceived inability to be useful, and her reason for joining Night Raid, causing him to sympathize with her. During a meeting, he tries on Zank’s Spectator, recovered after the events of the previous episode, but it rejects him. After learning more about the assumed strongest Imperial Arm in existence, and that collecting Imperial Arms was a top priority of Night Raid, Tatsumi declares his intention to find an Imperial Arm that could resurrect the dead, only to be upset upon learning that such an Imperial Arm could never exist. Sheele later comforts Tatsumi at Sayo and Ieyasu’s grave. The next day, Tatsumi and Leone go out patrolling in a marketplace and become separated. Tatsumi is aided by a member of the Imperial Guard, Seryu, who possesses a biological, dog-like Imperial Arm that she names Coro; she guides him back to the marketplace before running off. It is then revealed that Seryu’s mentor was Captain Ogre, and she intends to seek vengeance for his death.

Episode 6: Kill the Absolute Justice

Leone and Tatsumi storm the illustrious Red Light District to assassinate a gang of drug smugglers. Infiltrating a temple where the targets reside, they find a large room full of women being held captive by the gang, who incapacitates them with their drug. Enraged at this, they assassinate the gang and their clients. Meanwhile, after assassinating their own target, Sheele and Mine are ambushed by Seryu, who had been seeking out the former. During the battle, the two seem to overwhelm Seryu and Coro, forcing Seryu to use Coro’s special attack, its Berserker form. Coro transforms and attempts to crush Mine, but Sheele intervenes and rescues her. However, when she is distracted by Mine, she is shot by Seryu, then bitten in half by Coro as Mine watches in horror. When additional Imperial Guards arrive, Sheele manages to activate her Imperial Arm’s special attack and orders Mine to escape. She is then devoured by Coro as she reminisces of her experiences with Night Raid and expresses her happiness in finally being useful. After informing the others of Sheele’s fate, Mine swears to avenge her friend with her own hands, while Esdeath, a general for the Empire, returns to the Capital by the prime minister’s request.

Episode 7: Kill the Three: Part 1

Esdeath is tasked by the emperor (under manipulation by the prime minister) to hunt down Night Raid in exchange for a suitor. In the wake of Sheele’s death, Night Raid has no other choice but to get on with their lives. However, Tatsumi is still greatly affected by this, but admires how Akame is so calm and composed about the entire matter. However, he finds out, after a midnight confrontation, that she has been utterly devastated ever since hearing the news. Shortly thereafter, Night Raid is tasked with bringing down a new threat: a group of skilled fighters and Imperial Arms users who (under the command of Esdeath) are killing politicians who opposed the prime minister’s rule, trying to put the blame of the murders on Night Raid afterwards. Leone is tasked with watching over Esdeath, Akame and Lubbock are to act as bodyguards for a potential target, and Tatsumi and Bulat are to act as bodyguards for a second potential target, who is aboard the Ryuusen, a massive luxury liner. While watching over their politician, Tatsumi learns of Bulat’s past as a member of the Imperial Guard, whose general was punished for not accepting a bribe from a higher superior. Later, one of the impostors, Nyau, uses his Imperial Arm, a flute-like instrument called Scream, to subdue everyone on the ship, except for Tatsumi, who resists Scream’s ability and is subsequently confronted by another impostor, Daidara. After a brief fight, Bulat intervenes, also being unaffected by Scream, and fights Daidara, Nyau, and the third impostor. He quickly kills Daidara and subdues the other two. The third impostor quickly recovers and confronts Bulat, who recognizes him as his former general, Liver.

Episode 8: Kill the Three: Part 2

Liver and Bulat engages on a battle, as well as Nyau against Tatsumi. Liver unleashes his Teigu, Water Dragon Possession: Black Marlin, a ring that manipulates and controls pre-existing liquid. Though Liver lands some attacks on Incursio-armored Bulat, the armor appears durable but gradually loses its strength. Liver notices the determination of Bulat so he uses a vial that increases Liver’s strength. Now an armorless Bulat and Liver now engages on a sword fight, Bulat manages to slice Liver on the chest and Liver uses his blood to attack Bulat with the help of his Teigu ring. Liver falls to the battle and reveals that the reason he joined Esdeath is simply he admired her. Bulat won the fight but the blood being shot to him contains the chemical that strengthens Liver which is also poisonous. Nyau now confronts and berates Tatsumi but Bulat wakes Tatsumi up not to fall on Nyau’s taunts and entrusting his Incursio to Tatsumi. As Nyau continually taunts Tatsumi due to the incompatibility of using Teigu, Tatsumi now dons his Incursio armor without the harmful effects thus making Incursio compatible. With determination and passion to win the fight, Tatsumi lands a powerful fist-to-fist to Nyau which sends him to the wall on his death. Despite Tatsumi won the fight, Bulat succumbs.

Episode 9: Kill the Battle Fanatic

Mine fully resolves to avenge the deaths of her comrades Sheele and Bulat. At the training grounds, Tatsumi and Lubbock are taking push-ups, with Akame and Leone respectively sitting on their backs. Najenda later tells Night Raid that she will be leaving to recruit new members and assigns Akame as temporary leader. At the Capital, Wave tries to make an impression as other Imperial Arms users, namely Kurome, Seryu, Dr. Stylish, Run, and Bols, come and introduce themselves one by one. Esdeath arrives and introduces herself to the group, called the Jaegers, then announces their intention to hunt down enemies of the Empire. At Lubbock’s library, Lubbock, Tatsumi, and Leone learn that Mine is now included in the Wanted list and an upcoming tournament sponsored by Esdeath is to be held at the Capital. Tatsumi pretends to be a blacksmith and joins the tournament, where he flawlessly defeats a muscular opponent without using his Incursio. Esdeath suddenly becomes infatuated over Tatsumi’s fighting prowess and approaches him. Tatsumi thinks that the reward for winning the tournament is money, but instead, he is shackled by Esdeath and taken inside the Palace. Learning of Tatsumi’s capture, Akame and the others wonder whether they should rescue Tatsumi.

Episode 10: Kill the Temptation

Following Tatsumi’s capture by Esdeath, Tatsumi is dragged along with Esdeath and the Jaegers to raid and destroy a bandit’s fortress as a backup Jaeger. Esdeath forces Tatsumi to watch the destruction as part of his training. Afterwards, Esdeath tries to seduce Tatsumi in her bedroom, but Tatsumi resists the temptation and believes he can convince her to turn against the Empire. However, Esdeath slaps him and explains her motive of “survival of the fittest” as well as her being the one to change Tatsumi, even if it meant protecting his family. After further arguing, they both decide to end the discussion and sleep, with neither convincing each other. However, Esdeath still remains in love with Tatsumi. The next day, Tatsumi meets up with Wave and Kurome. Tatsumi notices Kurome’s gluttony, to which she reveals that she is Akame’s sister and wants to kill her for betraying the Capital. Later, Esdeath, Kurome, Wave, and Tatsumi go on a hunt at Mount Fake, with Tatsumi and Wave paired together. Both Tatsumi and Wave fight tree-like Danger Beasts with ease and without their Imperial Arms. Upon destroying the monsters, Tatsumi attempts to escape using Incursio and Wave follows him with his Imperial Arm, Grand Chariot. Unaware of each other’s identities, Wave attacks while Tatsumi tries to escape once more. Tatsumi is defeated, but he escapes using invisibility and is rescued by Akame and Lubbock. Wave is punished by Esdeath for allowing Tatsumi to escape. Tatsumi returns back to the Night Raid base and tells them about the Jaegers. Meanwhile, Dr. Stylish and his men, Team Stylish, locate the base and prepare to attack.

Episode 11: Kill the Mad Scientist

Team Stylish carries out their attack on the Night Raid base, and multiple foot soldiers are killed during the assault, while Leone is incapacitated by a member named Trooma. One of the members, Toby, decides to duel Akame, and she is unable to fatally poison him with her Imperial Arm, Murasame, because his body is mostly machine due to it being installed with multiple weapons, but she is eventually able to kill him after he is impaled by Lubbock in an ambush. Meanwhile, Tatsumi fights Kaku, another member of Team Stylish, and is shocked to find that he has possession of Ecstasy, Sheele’s old Imperial Arm. The battle is interrupted by Mine, who is also horrified to see Ecstasy, and she quickly kills Kaku, safely retrieving Ecstasy. Trooma prepares to ambush Mine, but is attacked by Leone, who had recovered, and she accidentally kills him with a single blow, to her displeasure. After Night Raid regroups, everyone but Tatsumi suddenly collapses, having been afflicted with a paralytic poison during the battle. When more foot soldiers move in, a biological Imperial Arm named Susanoo intervenes and dispatches them. Outmatched, Dr. Stylish injects himself with a liquid that turns him into a Danger Beast, and he consumes his remaining men. Tatsumi, Akame, and Susanoo fight Dr. Stylish before he is shot by Mine, allowing Akame to slash Dr. Stylish’s real body contained in the Danger Beast, killing him. Najenda and a girl observe the aftermath of the battle.

Episode 12: Kill the Newcomers

After Dr. Stylish’s death, Night Raid ventures into a Danger Beast-infested area so they can set up their new hideout. Najenda introduces Susanoo and Chelsea, the girl from the previous episode. After their introduction, Chelsea berates Night Raid for their incompetence, which she alleges led to Sheele and Bulat’s deaths. Angered, Mine decides to teach Chelsea a lesson and recruits Lubbock and Tatsumi, the latter of whom uses Incursio to sneak on the hot spring where Chelsea is bathing. However, Tatsumi instead confronts Susanoo, but it is actually Chelsea using her Imperial Arm, Gaea Foundation, which changes her physical appearance. Chelsea tells her story about her former team being massacred, leaving her as the only survivor, and she reveals that she berated Night Raid because she didn’t want them to die like her former team did. Meanwhile, a depressed Esdeath learns of the loss of Dr. Stylish and comforts Seryu when she grieves his death. At the Capital, Run tells Esdeath there are many lookalikes of Tatsumi for her to court, but Esdeath declares there is only one Tatsumi. At the mining caves, miners are being devoured by mysterious Danger Beasts, with the entire scene being watched by a hooded man.

Episode 13: Kill the Nuisances

The prime minister assigns Esdeath to track down the Danger Beasts from the previous episode and kill them. Later, the Jaegars attack some of the Danger Beasts when they attack a wagon of supplies. The next day, Wave recalls the incident and notes that the present merchants were terrified of Bols despite his kind personality because of his otherwise fearsome appearance. However, Bols tells him that despite his personality, he had killed many people in the past, which understandably earned him a lot of hate. Then, the group is visited by Bols’s wife and young daughter who support his work, which surprises Wave. Meanwhile, while doing some training with Susanoo, Tatsumi tells him that he should be considered one of Night Raid, not as a tool. Later, Night Raid travels to another hideout and are given their newest mission: to kill the modified Danger Beasts, essentially helping the Capital they have been fighting. When Chelsea states her belief that the Jaegers should take care of the problem, Tatsumi counters that by aiding the Capital, they would be able to save more lives. Chelsea later confides to Najenda that she believes Tatsumi’s kindness will eventually lead him to his death. Esdeath and Run express to each other their beliefs that, since the new Danger Beasts were revealed to have once been human, they were possibly the result of one of Dr. Stylish’s experiments, and assume they somehow managed to escape their containment. The following night, while patrolling the mountains, Tatsumi learns about Lubbock’s reasons for joining Night Raid, which involved Najenda. Later, Tatsumi travels to the summit of a mountain alone and is suddenly confronted by a wandering Esdeath, who is shocked to see him.

Episode 14: Kill the Colossal Danger Beast

Esdeath’s shock at seeing Tatsumi turns to delight, but the reunion cut short when Syura (the hooded man overseeing the activities of the new Danger Beasts) appears and uses his Shambala, an Imperial Arm that is capable of teleporting objects. Esdeath and Tatsumi are teleported to a remote island, where they are confronted by a gigantic modified Danger Beast created from Dr. Stylish’s experiments. After it repels Esdeath’s attacks, the Danger Beast is slain by Tatsumi. As night falls, Tatsumi and Esdeath decide to tell each other their back-stories; Tatsumi fakes his, while Esdeath reveals that she hailed from a clan that hunted Danger Beasts, with her father telling her that the strongest will survive and the weak shall fall. When her clan was attacked by a rivaling tribe and all of its members killed, she was told by her dying father that the clan was weak and that she needed to live strong. As a result, Esdeath enlisted in the Imperial army and ended up becoming a skilled general. Now thinking about getting off the island, Esdeath tries to hunt a flying Danger Beast, but Syura’s teleport field appears and they jump in. Although they return back to the mountains, Tatsumi flees using his Incursio. Realizing that Esdeath cannot be convinced, he vows that the next time they meet, it will be as enemies.

Episode 15: Kill the Religious Organization

Lubbock asks Tatsumi why he teleported Esdeath back to the mainland instead of leaving her on the island. However, Najenda responds that Esdeath would have escaped the island either way before revealing that she knows her personally. Meanwhile, Wave confronts Seryu about murdering three bandits who were suspected Night Raid members, but she brushes him off. Despite remarking that the Capital is twisted, Wave maintains his loyalty as a soldier. Later, Najenda tells Night Raid about Path of Peace, a pacifist religious organization that is inciting a religious insurrection, and that the Revolutionary Army (the rebellion force Night Raid is a part of) and an allied tribe will launch attacks against the Capital simultaneous to Path of Peace’s uprising. She then assigns Night Raid to assassinate Borick, the adviser to Path of Peace’s founder who is a spy for the prime minister and is drugging several of the religion’s followers into obedience, also instructing them to take out the Jaegers, especially Kurome and Bols, who will undoubtedly respond. The next day, Akame begins expressing her doubts about battling Kurome, but Mine comforts her. Meanwhile, Esdeath splits the Jaegers into two teams: she will attack Najenda with Seryu and Ran, while Wave, Kurome, and Bols will pursue Akame. Wave’s team arrives at a canyon, where Mine fires at Kurome, but she dodges the shot. Susanoo arrives and knocks Wave away, leaving Kurome and Bols to be confronted by the entire Night Raid team. Kurome activates her Imperial Arm, Yatsufusa, which brings forth the last eight victims of its blade as Kurome’s puppets. Among those summoned is a gigantic Danger Beast, which Night Raid prepares to battle.

Episode 16: Kill the Puppets

Night Raid engages Bols and Kurome along with her puppets. Kurome draws the first attack from her puppet Destaghoul, who shoots a powerful beam. Afterwards, Akame engages Bols and the puppet bodyguard Woll after a short melee with Kurome and their deceased friend-turned-puppet Natala, while Tatsumi fights against Apeman and Hentarr, Susanoo against Destaghoul, Leone against Rokgough, and Mine against Doya. During the fight, Leone’s left arm is amputated by Kurome while battling Rokgough, forcing Najenda to kill Rokgough herself. Meanwhile, Bols questions Akame in joining the Revolutionary Army; Akame responds that she chose it from her heart and thinks it is the right path. Leone then joins Akame as they kill Woll and disable Bols’ flamethrower. Meanwhile, Tatsumi is nearly overwhelmed by Apeman and Hentarr, but is finally assisted in killing them by a disguised Chelsea. While engaging Doya, Mine is swallowed by a Kaiser frog, but manages to kill the frog and escape. Susanoo transforms into a more powerful form gained from Najenda’s life force and kills Destaghoul. In a desperate attempt, Bols throws his Imperial Arm, Rubicante, upward and detonates it, intending to use the massive explosion to kill Akame and Leone.

Episode 17: Kill the Curse

Everyone survives the massive explosion set by Bols’ Rubicante. Retreating, Bols meets a wounded girl and treats the wound with a bandage, but the girl is revealed to be a disguised Chelsea, who pierces his nape with a poisoned needle. Bols tries to crawl away to get home, but he dies. Chelsea meets up with Lubbock and requests for reinforcements before Kurome acquires new puppets. She then disguises herself as Bols and pursues Kurome. In the Night Raid outpost, they debrief on their skirmish with the Jaegers until Lubbock arrives and relays Chelsea’s request. Meanwhile, Kurome recalls her past with her older sister Akame. They had been tested in order to become capable assassins and passed, but they were separated in the process. Afterwards, Kurome was designated on the Imperial forces and experimented with various drugs to enhance her fighting prowess. In the present day, Kurome is joined by Chelsea, whom she mistakes to be Bols. Realizing Kurome is exhausted, Chelsea takes the opportunity to stab her with another poisoned needle. Believing Kurome is dead, Chelsea recalls her early days as an apprentice, during which she witnessed her master brutally toying people and accepting bribes, later killing him after using her then-newly-acquired Imperial Arm. Suddenly, Kurome, who survived Chelsea’s poison, uses Natala and Doya to kill her. Akame and Tatsumi reach a town, and the latter is horrified to see Chelsea’s decapitated head placed on the top of a pole.

Episode 18: Kill the Demon

Night Raid enters the city of Kyoroch, which is the headquarters for Path of Peace. The prime minister orders the Jaegers to protect Borick, who simultaneously sets the four “Koukenji Rakshasa Demons” on the offensive. Kurome, still recovering from her previous battle, continues on with her mission in order to not be disposed of. Lubbock, intending to meet with a spy from the city, is attacked by two of the Demons, Sten and Mez. Akame fights against another of the Demons, Ibara, whom she recognizes as being from her old assassination squad. Both Lubba and Akame succeed in killing their opponents. While searching the outskirts of town, Tatsumi and Mine encounter the leader and founder of Path of Peace.

Episode 19: Kill the Fate

Night Raid plans to infiltrate the palace during Path of Peace’s anniversary festival. Mine and Tatsumi are assigned as a diversion, and the two are eventually driven to the city’s edge, where Seryu spots and recognizes them. She attacks the pair alongside the last member of the Four Rakshasa Demons, Suzuka. Mine manages to slice Seryu and Coro in half, but Seryu retaliates by setting off a suicide bomb implanted in her head. Exhausted, Mine struggles to escape the bomb, but is saved by Tatsumi, who had previously defeated Suzuka by crushing her with nearby ruins. Meanwhile, the rest of Night Raid storm the palace. Despite being told by Esdeath to stay put, Borick attempts to flee, but is quickly killed by Lubbock and Akame.

Episode 20: Kill the Carnage

The prime minister creates an elite unit headed by his son, Syura. Despite reassuring Wave of her health, Kurome collapses and falls unconscious. Night Raid plan to invade the capital’s palace to kill the prime minister; Mine and Leone investigate tunnels underneath the capital, while Najenda, Susanoo, and Akame meet with resistance spies. In order to support the Revolutionary Army’s break-in from within the palace, Tatsumi and Lubbock covertly meet up with a member of the resistance, but are ambushed by Syura and his men. Syura reveals that he was the one behind the modified Danger Beasts and teleporting Esdeath and Tatsumi to the island. Commander-in-chief Budou appears and battles against Tatsumi, while Lubbock battles Syura. Lubbock manages to get the upper hand, but is stabbed in the back by a member of the resistance, who was being blackmailed by Syura. Syura then teleports Lubbock into an abyss, but Lubbock manages to drag him with him using his Imperial Arms. He then kills Syura and they are promptly teleported back, high above the palace. Lubbock’s Imperial Arm breaks and he falls to his death, being impaled on spikes as Tatsumi, who has been captured, watches. Tatsumi is set to be publicly executed and Esdeath, who was away on an expedition, returns and volunteers to do the job herself.

Episode 21: Kill the Despair

Esdeath implores Tatsumi to join her side but he refuses, so she resolves to execute him. Mine is about to sneak out to rescue Tatsumi on her own, but Akame, Leone and Najenda intercept her, and decide to accompany her. At the execution site, just as Esdeath is about to kill Tatsumi, the remaining members of Night Raid attack. Budo fights Leone and Mine, Najenda and Susanoo confront Esdeath, and Akame faces the Imperial Guard to retrieve Incursio. With Leone paralyzed by Budo’s lightning-based Imperial Arms, Mine takes him on by herself and unleashes an overwhelmingly powerful blast enough to kill Budo, and leave Mine severely wounded. Meanwhile, Najenda uses Susanoo’s trump card, Magatama Manifestation, which drains a portion of Najenda’s life force each time it is used, but Esdeath overpowers him by using a spell that briefly freezes time and she destroys Susanoo’s core. Najenda uses the trump card move again to restore Susanoo, who stays behind to keep Esdeath busy while the others escape with Tatsumi. Tatsumi carries the wounded Mine with him back toward the hideout, but knowing that she is too wounded to survive, Mine confesses her feelings for Tatsumi and kisses him before dying. BA

Episode 22: Kill the Sister

Even with Esdeath’s efforts, the Revolutionary Army draws close to the capital, where the people start rebelling as well. Meanwhile, Kurome knows that she does not have much time left and sends a message to Akame, challenging her to a duel. Tatsumi attempts to dissuade her, but she leaves to confront her sister nonetheless. Once they meet, Kurome expresses all of her resentment for being left behind when Akame defected to Night Raid. Then, they begin fighting, but a giant beast interrupts their duel. After defeating the beast together, the two resume their fight. Wave appears and assists Kurome, but Tatsumi arrives to stop him, claiming that no one must interfere in their fight. Eventually, Akame defeats and kills Kurome. As Wave departs, taking Kurome’s body with him, Akame mourns over the loss of her sister. Meanwhile, the Revolutionary Army surrounds the capital, and the prime minister instructs the Emperor to activate the Ultimate Imperial Arm in order to stop the revolution.

Episode 23: Kill the Emperor

Now with only four members left in their ranks, Night Raid decides to start their final mission to assassinate the prime minister. While Najenda leads the Revolutionary Army into the capital, Tatsumi, Akame, and Leone break into the palace, where they are confronted by Run. Leone stays behind to fight Run while Akame and Tatsumi push forward to the throne room. Refusing to listen their pleas, the Emperor activates Shwarzentazer, the Ultimate Imperial Arm, which reveals itself as a towering armored giant. Witnessing the destruction the Emperor inflicted against his own subjects, Tatsumi confronts him and is assisted by Wave while the others help the citizens evacuate the capital. After continuously striking the Imperial Arm’s armor at a single point, Tatsumi manages to destroy it and defeat the Emperor once he unlocks the true power of Incursio. However, when the giant threatens to fall over the citizens, Tatsumi uses his last ounce of strength to stop it, despite being gravely wounded, and dies in Akame’s arms, much to her grief and Esdeath’s.

Episode 24: Akame Slashes

With the Empire all but defeated, Esdeath still refuses to surrender and challenges Akame to a duel. With all of her attacks deflected, Akame is forced to unleash her Imperial Arm’s trump-card by poisoning her own body with it, increasing her abilities and making a comeback to the point of wounding Esdeath’s left arm. As a result, Esdeath cuts it off to prevent the poison from spreading through her body. With no time left to act, Akame puts all of her efforts into one final strike, forcing Esdeath to use her own Imperial Arm’s trump-card to freeze time, which fails to prevent Akame from dealing her a fatal blow. With her last ounce of strength, Esdeath holds Tatsumi’s body and freezes herself with it, which shatters both into pieces. Meanwhile, the prime minister is cornered by Leone and activates his own Imperial Arm to destroy hers, but even after shooting her several times, he fails to stop her from beating him to death. Knowing that her wounds are fatal, Leone bids farewell to Akame and dies alone in an alleyway after visiting her old drinking friends for one last time. The revolution finally ends with the Emperor sentenced to death, and before being executed, he asks Najenda to restore the country in his place. Meanwhile, Wave and Run pay respects to Kurome’s grave and swear to help rebuild the nation as well. To soothe the public opinion, Akame accepts the blame for all of the crimes attributed to Night Raid and bids farewell to Najenda, leaving to parts unknown.

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