Anime Absolute Duo

A boy referred to as Tōru Kokonoe determines to become more powerful after he had lost a person he cherished in a horrific incident. He enrolls in a unique school where individuals manifests their souls as weapons known as Blaze. Tōru has the competency of producing his personal Blaze, however for some reasons it manifests as a shield rather than a weapon. The school he enrolled educates on battle skills and also offers a Duo partner system which allows him to live with a partner who is young petite girl with pretty silver-haired and ruby eyes.

Type: TV (12 episodes x 24 minutes)
Studio: 8-Bit
Aired: Jan 4, 2015 to Mar 22, 2015
Watch Online: Crunchyroll | Funimation | AnimeLab | Hulu | Wikipedia

Anime Absolute Duo

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