Anime Toaru Kagaku no Railgun | A Certain Scientific Railgun

Academy City is a highly developed place in terms of technology. It is said to be 20 to 30 years ahead of the rest of the world, and 80% of its 2.3 million residents are students. The focus of studies here is directed towards esper powers. Misaka Mikoto, one of the top level espers in town, shares a room with Kuroko Shirai, another high level esper who is a member of Judgement, a law enforcing agency composed of students. Both attend Tokiwadai, a private school reserved for the high-leveled and the rich. Kuroko’s partner at Judgement, Kazari Uiharu, is a low level esper who studies at Sakugawa middle school. Her best friend and classmate there is Ruiko Saten, a level zero, one who has no esper powers. Together, the four encounter several adventures in the exciting scientific town.

Type: TV (24 episodes x 24 minutes)
Studio: J.C.Staff
Aired: Oct 3, 2009 to Mar 20, 2010
Watch Online: Funimation

A Certain Scientific Railgun, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun Episode Synopsis

Episode 1: Electromaster

In Academy City, Kuroko Shirai, a member of the Public Moral Committee, Judgment, goes to stop some thugs only to find her senior at Tokiwadai Middle School, Level 5 esper Mikoto Misaka, has already dispatched them, much to Kuroko’s chagrin. Later that day, Kuroko’s colleague in Judgment, Kazari Uiharu, is invited by Kuroko to meet Mikoto, bringing along her friend and classmate, Ruiko Saten. As the group go to a créperie, where Kazari and Ruiko become surprised that Mikoto is nothing like the rich, snobby socialite image that they had in mind, a robbery at a nearby bank takes place. As Kuroko uses her teleportation ability to apprehend most of the robbers, one of the remaining robbers attempts to kidnap a wondering kid, hurting Ruiko when she attempts to stop him. This angers Mikoto, who uses her electromagnetic powers to fire her signature ‘railgun’ attack at the robber and stop his escape. With the robbers apprehended by the city’s police, AntiSkill, Ruiko is thanked by everyone for her brave rescue.

Episode 2: When Working Under a Hot Sun, Rehydration is Essential

Mikoto invites Kazari and Ruiko over to her dorms to hang out, ruining Kuroko’s plans of celebrating her one month anniversary since becoming Mikoto’s roommate. Upon learning that Kuroko had ordered aphrodisiacs for the occasion, Mikoto ends up fighting her in the hallway, only for both of them to be caught using their power by the fearsome Dorm Supervisor. As punishment, both of them are sent to clean the school pool, where Mikoto is introduced to Kuroko’s classmates, Kinoho Wannai and Maaya Awatsuki. As Kinoho offers to help Mikoto clean the pool with her aquakinetic powers as thanks for rescuing her from some thugs a while back, Kuroko gets jealous of how well Mikoto is getting along with others, believing that she has no use for her. To cheer her up, Mikoto gives Kuroko a present celebrating a slightly different anniversary; the day when they became friends. However, whilst toasting, Kuroko accidentally drinks the aphrodisiac she had intended to give to Mikoto, becoming so overcome with lust that she steals Mikoto’s underwear while she is still wearing them, prompting an electrical punishment.

Episode 3: Tokiwadai is Targeted

Kazari and Ruiko are invited by Mikoto and Kuroko to visit the School Garden, a private district of Academy City where a large number of elite girls’ schools are located. On the way, Ruiko ends up getting her uniform wet and has to borrow a Tokiwadai uniform. Whilst visiting a cake shop, Kuroko and Kazari are called back to Judgment and are informed of a case where several Tokiwadai students have been tasered and had permanent marker drawn over their eyebrows. During this time, Ruiko is mistaken for a Tokiwadai student and is attacked in the shop’s bathroom, becoming the latest victim. Kuroko and Uiharu narrow down the suspects to a Level 2 girl named Miho Jufuku, who can turn herself invisible to the naked eye. After Ruiko confirms this, having seen her reflection in the bathroom mirror, the girls use the garden’s camera system to track down and corner Miho. She reveals that her boyfriend dumped her in favor of a Tokiwadai student because of her weird eyebrows, which led her to target other Tokiwadai students. Feeling sorry for her, Ruiko forgives Miho and compliments her eyebrows, making her happy. As Miho is taken into custody, eventually becoming pen pals with Ruiko, Mikoto wonders how a Level 2 esper managed to get so powerful.

Episode 4: Urban Legends

Mikoto and the others discuss urban legends, ranging from stripper ladies to a rumored ‘Level Upper’. Of particular interest to Mikoto is one rumor concerning a boy with the ability to cancel out other abilities, reminding her of when she first met Tōma Kamijō. While in town, Mikoto runs into Tōma as he tries to help a woman look for where she parked her car. When the woman starts suddenly undressing in public, Tōma runs away from the misunderstanding bystanders, leaving Mikoto to help the woman find her car, where they have some curious conversations. Later that day, Mikoto runs into Tōma again and gets him to agree to a fight near a riverbank. Despite Mikoto’s creative use of her powers, she is unable to stop Tōma’s ability to negate her attacks. Tōma pretends to lose after seeing Mikoto flinching, but this only serves to agitate her even more as she proceeds to chase him all night.

Episode 5: A Certain Pair of New Trainees

Whilst out on patrol, Kuroko and Kazari come across a couple of petty thieves stealing from a car in broad daylight. Kuroko charges in despite Kazari’s warning and ends up getting ambushed, allowing the thieves to escape, injuring Kazari along the way. Kazari scolds Kuroko for not listening to her and becomes angry at her when she forgets a promise they made. Later that day, Kuroko tells Mikoto about how she and Kazari first met in Judgment a few years ago. When Kuroko and her senior, Mii Konori, got involved in a bank robbery, Kuroko’s rash actions led to Kazari being taken hostage by one of the robbers, an esper who can throw balls at a consistent speed, and caused Mikoto to become injured protecting her from one of his attacks. Having realized her mistakes, Kuroko managed to teleport Kazari outside to safety, staying behind to face the robber. In the end, Kuroko was saved thanks to Mikoto, who anonymously answered Kazari’s pleas for help, and managed to apprehend the robber. In the process of telling the story, Kuroko remembers the promise she made with Kazari; to be true to themselves and become full-fledged members of Judgment together. Realizing her folly, Kuroko catches up to Kazari and joins her in pursuing the car thieves.

Episode 6: Everyone is Proactive When It Comes to This

When an esper starts using gravitons to cause aluminum metals to explode all over the city, Judgment struggles to find the culprit as the only esper whose ability matches the necessary level of the incidents is in a coma. Kuroko warns Mikoto not to do anything drastic like track down the culprit herself, but after Kazari leaves her Judgment armband behind, Mikoto uses the chance of being mistaken for a member of Judgment by Mii to show Kuroko that she too has what it takes to be in Judgment. However, she quickly finds being a Judgment member is not the exciting job she thought it was when she ends up doing a lot of menial, yet difficult tasks. When the pair are later tasked to find a little girl’s bag, Mikoto, assuming it is related to the graviton bomb case, takes drastic measures to retrieve the bag from a dog, only to discover no bomb was involved at all. Despite having her real identity exposed by Kuroko and Kazari, she is nevertheless thanked for her help, and by the end of the day, Mikoto has a new appreciation for a Judgment member’s work. The next day, however, a Judgment member is injured protecting a civilian from a graviton explosion.

Episode 7: Abilities and Powers

As Judgment and AntiSkill join forces to find the culprit behind the increasingly severe graviton bombings, Ruiko talks to Mikoto about the Level Upper, a rumored object said to increase an esper’s level, although she doesn’t believe such a thing could exist. Mikoto accompanies Ruiko and Kazari to the mall, where she runs into Tōma accompanying the little girl whose bag she recovered the other day. After noticing a connection tying the graviton incidents, Kuroko and Mii realize that the culprit is targeting Judgment members, with Kazari set to be the next target. After evacuating the mall, with only Kazari, Mikoto, Tōma, and the young girl left in the store, a graviton bomb hidden inside a plush toy goes off. Mikoto fumbles her railgun trying to stop it, but everyone is saved by Tōma’s right hand. Mikoto manages to find the culprit, Hatsuya Kaitabi, who wanted to punish Judgment for not protecting him from bullies, believing people with power like her and Judgment are corrupt. Mikoto punches him for using that as an excuse to hurt others, with Kuroko later telling him Mikoto would’ve still stood up to him even if she remained a Level 1. The next day, Mikoto once again runs into Tōma, who explains why he didn’t seek recognition for rescuing everyone, only serving to aggravate Mikoto further.

Episode 8: Level Upper

After Mikoto and the others visit Kazari, who is sick with a cold, Kuroko becomes curious as to how Hatsuya, a Level 2 esper, had powers equivalent to a Level 4’s. When Mikoto brings up the Level Upper urban legend Ruiko had mentioned before, Kuroko points out this is not the first time an esper’s power and their recorded level have been vastly different. After discovering where they can get information on the Level Upper, Mikoto goes to a restaurant and pretends to be an interested customer to a group of teenagers who may have information about Level Upper. Mikoto eventually gives up the act when they won’t tell her what she wants and soon faces their leader, a girl with the ability to manipulate asphalt. Mikoto wins the fight, though she does end up damaging a nearby generator in the process, causing a city-wide blackout. The next day, as Kuroko and Mikoto discover that Hatsuya, along with several other espers who had shown abnormally strong powers, have all fallen into comas, Ruiko comes across a hidden link whilst browsing the internet, discovering a download for the Level Upper.

Episode 9: Majority Report

Mikoto and the others meet with Harumi Kiyama, the AIM specialist Mikoto had previously met, about the Level Upper. Ruiko, who had downloaded the Level Upper, keeps it to herself when Kuroko mentions its relation to criminal activities. Noticing Ruiko feeling down about being a Level 0 esper, Mikoto tries to assure her that an esper’s level is not important, though this secretly irritates Ruiko further. The next day, Ruiko stumbles upon a boy being conned by a group of thugs over Level Upper and, unable to just run away, decides to confront them. Kuruko coincidentally arrives before Ruiko gets hurt and subdues two of the thugs, but has trouble using her teleportation powers against their boss, Trick, due to his light distortion ability affecting her calculations. After dealing various injuries to Kuroko, Trick chases her through an abandoned building. However, Kuroko manages to defeat him by teleporting the building’s windows directly into its supports, cutting right through them and causing the building to collapse. Having barely just survived, Trick surrenders his Level Upper, which is revealed to be a music file. Meanwhile, as Ruiko feels even more conflicted about what to do with the Level Upper, she is approached by some of her classmates and, upon hearing that they are also interested in the Level Upper, decides to share it with them.

Episode 10: Silent Majority

Ruiko uses the Level Upper on herself and her friends, becoming happy just to have an ability of her own. Meanwhile, Kuroko takes care of more Level Upper offenders and gains more injuries in the process, keeping them a secret from Mikoto. Remembering when they ate shaved ice the other day, Mikoto and Kuroko come to the conclusion that the Level Upper is using synesthesia to manipulate multiple senses via a single stimulus. Meanwhile, Kazari hears from Ruiko that her friends had suddenly fallen unconscious due to the Level Upper, later arriving at her apartment to find her unconscious too. After Ruiko is admitted into hospital, Mikoto, believing she hurt Ruiko’s feelings by saying levels didn’t matter, asks to co-operate with Judgment in finding the culprit. After learning from the frog-faced doctor, Heaven Canceller, that the Level Upper victims seem to share a brainwave pattern with someone, Mikoto and the others discover the culprit is Harumi, who had been using the Level Upper to connect the thoughts of espers like a network. Kazari, who had visited Harumi earlier and discovered her notes on synesthesia, is taken hostage by her. Noticing Kuroko’s injuries, Mikoto goes by herself to rescue Kazari and stop Harumi.

Episode 11: Dr. Kiyama

Harumi explains to Kazari that she used the Level Upper Network as an alternative supercomputer as she wasn’t allowed to use the Tree Diagram supercomputer, assuring Kazari that she will release everyone once she’s done and giving her a cure program. When she is roadblocked by the AntiSkill, she uses the Level Upper’s Administrator power; Multi-Skill, to utilize the various abilities of the victims to defeat them. Mikoto arrives and battles Harumi, who blocks her every attack until she lets her guard down, during which Mikoto gets close enough to shock her directly. In the process, Mikoto experiences flashes of Harumi’s past memories, in which Harumi was assigned by her boss, Gensei Kihara, to be a teacher to a group of orphaned children, known as Child Errors, to prepare them for an experiment, growing fond of them in the process. However, the experiment went horribly wrong and the children ended up in comas, with Kihara choosing to cover it up. Harumi explains that she wanted to find a cure to save her students by using Tree Diagram but was denied every time, which led to her creating the Level Upper Network. As Harumi’s anger suddenly causes her to lose control of the network and fall unconscious, a strange fetus-like creature emerges from her head.

Episode 12: AIM Burst

Mikoto attempts to fight the creature as it heads towards a nuclear power plant, but finds her attacks only cause it to regenerate and grow larger. With the network out of control, the comatose Level Upper users starts screaming in pain. Realizing what has happened, Harumi explains how the creature, called AIM Burst, is the result of the 10,000 Level Upper users’ AIM fields and their negative thoughts. With the help of AntiSkill members Aiho Yomikawa and Tsuzuri Tessō, Kazari manages to upload the cure Harumi gave her, a song file, which is played all over the city, calming the Level Upper users and weakening AIM Burst. Despite losing its regenerative ability, AIM Burst is still able to use the abilities of the Level Upper victims, emitting their negative thoughts to Mikoto and Harumi. Mikoto apologizes to the victims for not understanding their feelings and tells them not to give up on their dreams, before shooting a railgun to defeat AIM Burst by destroying its core. After Harumi is taking into custody by the AntiSkill, still hoping to find a way to cure her students and challenging Mikoto to stop her again if she doesn’t agree with her methods, Kazari rushes over to Ruiko who, having recovered from her coma and lost her powers, apologizes to her for forgetting what was truly important.

Episode 13: A Bikini Divides the Eyeline Between Top and Bottom, but a One-Piece Shows Off the Figure so They Only Flatter the Slender

Kinoho and Maaya ask Mikoto and Kuroko to help them be models for a swimsuit catalog, also inviting Kazari, Ruiko, Mii, and Kuroko’s rival, Mitsuko Kongō. After choosing their swimsuits, the girls begin their shoot in a holographic studio that can replicate different environments down to the touch. The shoot goes fine at first, but malfunctions in the hologram system cause the environment to switch into weird settings, including a blizzard, a desert, a hurricane, and even the moon. While taking a break as the camera is being fixed, the girls decides to make some curry for lunch, with Mitsuko unwisely opting to make her own curry, despite not knowing how to cook. After having trouble, Mitsuko finally admits to Kinoho and Maaya that she can’t cook so they ask Mii for help, with both team producing some good curry for a photo op. While everyone goes home, Mikoto stays behind to try a frilly swimsuit she was ashamed to wear earlier, unaware that she is accidentally broadcasting her antics to the company’s billboard, which Tōma passes by.

Episode 14: Special Workshop

Ruiko, along with other students who had used the Level Upper, attend a special class at a certain high school. Their first lesson, taught by the petit teacher Komoe Tsukuyomi, talks about the importance of having a personal reality for ability development. During lunch, Ruiko once again encounters Miho, who she had been exchanging letters with since their incident. Later, Yomikawa has the class continuously run laps as an example of how one can surpass their own limits. As one of the students, the female gangster that Mikoto fought before, complains that the classes are simply a form of punishment for using Level Upper, Ruiko stands up to her, telling her they all deserved what they got for cheating. In their next class, Komoe explains that the classes aren’t intended to be punishments, but rather lessons designed to motivate the students to try and surpass their limits and regain the powers they once had. Komoe’s speech impresses the class, including Ruiko, who remembers the kind words and advice her friends gave her and is encouraged to keep trying. After receiving a letter from Miho who wants to follow her example, Ruiko reunites with Kuroko, Kazari and Mikoto.

Episode 15: Skill Out

Mitsuko finds herself attacked by a Skill-Out gang called Big Spider, but is saved by a red-haired man with a spider tattoo, the description of whom Mii seems to recognize. This incident is shown to be the latest in a string of indiscriminating attacks on espers by Big Spider, which is being led by someone calling himself Wataru Kurozuma. Whilst investigating the gang’s home turf in Academy City’s 10th District, Mikoto and Kuroko come across the red-haired man, who becomes their guide to the district having previously lived there. Mikoto and Kuroko head to the Big Spider’s hideout, but run into trouble when the gang use a sound system device called “Capacity Down” that disrupts their esper abilities. The device is disabled by the red-haired man from before, who recognizes Big Spider’s leader as Hebitani, revealing himself to be the real Wataru Kurozuma. After Kurozuma single-handedly defeats the gang, he is approached by Mii, who is revealed to be an old acquaintance of his.

Episode 16: Academy City

While Mii avoids coming to work following her encounter with Kurozuma, Mikoto and the others meet up with Mii’s roommate, Aomi Yanagisako. Aomi reveals that Mii was once a member of Big Spider, which was a more friendlier group back then, and despite being an esper, she was allowed to stay by Kurozuma, who she fell in love with. When Mikoto receives word that the AntiSkill will be leading a surprise crackdown against the Skill-Out gangs the next day, she confronts Mii on why she won’t leave the past behind. Mii explains that she left the gang when Kurozuma supposedly died during a fire, later becoming a member of Judgment. Kurozuma appears and explains to Mii how he was hospitalized after the fire, while she tries to convince him not to end Big Spider all by himself. Later, Mikoto has an epiphany and finally understands Mii’s reasons. As the crackdown begins, Mikoto, Kuroko and Mii help Kurozuma fight the Big Spiders and destroy their weapons, including Capacity Down. With only him remaining, Hebitani threatens to light a bomb strapped on his chest, but is knocked out by Kurozuma. As the Big Spiders are arrested by AntiSkill, Kurozuma asks Mii to arrest him as well, rekindling their friendship.

Episode 17: Tsuzuri’s Summer Vacation

After having a bad day, Tsuzuri does a curfew run at an arcade where she meets a boy named Konoue, one of Kazari and Ruiko’s classmates. As Tsuzuri’s Anti-Skill duties get worse, Yomikawa gives her a day off to finish her teachers work. Later that day, she encounters Konoue at the Arcade and teaches him how to get a secret character in her favourite beat ’em up game, “Gekisho 9”. While carrying a drunken Yomikawa home, Komoe gives Tsuzuri a speech about the joys of helping others, inspiring her to do better the next day. After dealing with a mischievous nun, a burger-loving miko, and a girl with a missing pendant, Tsuzuri returns to the arcade, where she ends up playing against Konoue on Gekisho 9, both using the secret character. As the two walk home, Konoue becomes interested when Tsuzuri brings up the idea of another Gekisho sequel, giving his thanks to her when they part ways. Sometime afterward, Tsuzuri learns that Konoue has transferred to a games design school, sponsored by Gekisho’s creators, which makes her happy to know she inspired him and strengthens her resolve to do better herself.

Episode 18: Asunaro Park

After suffering the wrath of the Dorm Supervisor yet again, Kuroko seeks revenge and takes Mikoto with her to follow the Dorm Supervisor on her day off. They eventually arrive at an orphanage for Child Errors in Asunaro Park where, to their surprise, the Dorm Supervisor shows a kinder side to the children there. After spotting Kazari and Ruiko, who are helping out with their teacher Daigo, the girls realizes that the Dorm Supervisor is in love with Daigo. Hoping it would change her attitude at the dorms, Kuroko offers to help her get the two of them together. The next day, the girls help take care of the children while the Dorm Supervisor and Daigo makes a birthday cake for one of the orphans, which fails due to her nervousness. During the party, the Dorm Supervisor protects one of the children when an earthquake kicks in, receiving praise Daigo. The two later go out for dinner, where Daigo asks if there is anything wrong with a younger man marrying an older woman, which the girls interpret as a potential marriage proposal. As it turns out, however, Daigo is actually planning to propose to the older caretaker of the orphanage. Deciding to remain friends with Daigo and give him her blessing, the Dorm Supervisor soon returns to her normal disciplinarian self.

Episode 19: Midsummer Festival

Mikoto and Kuroko’s Tokiwadai dorm hosts the Midsummer festival, an invitation only event with most of the students dressed as maids. As Kuroko gets dragged by Maika Tsuchimikado to help in the kitchen, Mikoto gives a tour of the festival to Ruiko and Kazari, the latter of which is very excited to experience the life of a Tokiwadai student. Mikoto, however, grows nervous about an upcoming stage performance, growing more anxious when news of her performance spreads and raises expectations. As she nervously prepares for her stage debut, Mikoto meets Tōma backstage and, believing he was simply there to make fun of her, chases him away. In the process, she manages to force out all of her worries and performs a beautiful violin solo to the crowd.

Episode 20: Poltergeist

Kazari gets a new roommate, a transfer student named Erii Haruue. As Mikoto and Ruiko hang out with Erii, Kazari, Kuroko and Mii attend a meeting held by Therestina of the Multi Active Rescue(MAR) Squad concerning earthquake-like “Poltergeist incidents” caused by multiple espers temporarily losing control of their abilities simultaneously. Later that night, the girls decide to celebrate Erii’s arrival by attending the local Hanabi festival. As Erii starts to reminisce about her past with her new friends, she suddenly goes into a trance and wanders off on her own. Just as Kuroko gets a call from Mii, who had discovered the Poltergeist incidents were created on purpose, another Poltergeist event occurs near Kazari and Erii, who are saved from a falling lamppost by Therestina. As the girls come to grip on what had happened, a familiar woman is seen in the crowd below.

Episode 21: Voices

Following the Poltergeist incident, Mikoto wonders if Harumi is once again involved, though Kuroko dismisses it since she is allegedly still in custody. Kuroko instead suspects Erii to be the cause, as most of the Poltergeist attacks have been occurring at places she has been. Both of them do an illegal background check on Erii and learn that, despite being a Level 2 Telepath, she can exhibit Level 4 powers under certain catalysts. Meanwhile, Kazari takes Erii to the park, where Erii reveals she is looking for her childhood friend. Just then, Erii goes into another trance, right before a violent Poltergeist attack occurs at the park. As Kazari becomes angry at Kuroko for suspecting Erii, Therestina performs some tests on Erii at the MAR’s headquarters to prove her innocence, though Kuroko remains skeptical. Upon waking up, Erii explains to everyone that she would go into a trance upon hearing the voice of her friend, Banri Edasaki. When Erii shows everyone a photo of Banri, Mikoto recognises her as one of Harumi’s students who went into a coma.

Episode 22: Level 6 (The One Who Obtains the Power of God Whilst Still Possessing a Mortal Body)

Erii explains she and Banri were telepaths who grew up in a Child Error Orphanage before Banri moved. Recently, she began hearing Banri suffering and has been trying to find her ever since. Mikoto explains about the experiment Harumi was involved to Therestina, who theorizes that Harumi’s comatose students are the cause of the Poltergeist incidents. However, this theory divides Kazari and Kuroko even more, as the former thinks the latter is now blaming them instead. The next day, Mikoto learns that Harumi had been released from custody, later learning that the Poltergeists could potentially destroy Academy City if not resolved. Whilst investigating one of Gensei’s old facilities later that night, Mikoto comes across Harumi herself, who brings her to a hospital where all of her comatose students are under the care of Heaven Canceller. He explains that Gensei theorized that an esper can become a Level 6 by taking Ability Crystals made from the essence of comatose espers who lost control of their AIM fields. He gathered the Child Errors and bailed Harumi to try and find a cure, but without the ‘First Sample’, the first test subject of Gensei’s Ability Crystal program, their attempts at waking the students caused Poltergeist incidents. Just then, Therestina and the MAR, who followed Mikoto and Harumi to their location, arrives and demands the children to their custody. Forced to choose, Mikoto takes Therestina’s side to potentially give the children a chance, prompting the heartbroken Harumi to comply.

Episode 23: What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now?

Still feeling concerned, Kazari goes to see Harumi and convinces her to share information with the MAR to help her students. However, Therestina destroys Harumi’s data and refuses to let them see either Erii or the children. When Kazari tells her friends what happened, they learn that Therestina is in fact Gensei’s granddaughter, Therestina Kihara Lifeline, who was the first test subject of his Ability Crystal program. Realizing she was tricked, Mikoto confronts a battle-suited Therestina at MAR HQ, but is outmatched when Therestina uses Capacity Down on her, revealing she intends to finish Gensei’s work. As Therestina and her men leave with Erii and the children, Mikoto is rescued by Mitsuko, who had been resting nearby following a previous Poltergeist incident. When Mikoto awakens, she blames herself and attempts to go off on her own again. However, Ruiko stands in her way, reminding Mikoto that she doesn’t have to do everything by herself and getting Kazari and Kuroko to make up with each other. Learning Harumi is chasing after the MAR trailers to their destination, Mikoto, Kuroko, Ruiko, Kazari, Mii, and Mitsuko head out to save Erii and the others.

Episode 24: Dear My Friends

Harumi is after the MAR trailers, unaware they are decoys filled with MAR Armored Troops, but is saved by Mikoto. Whilstt Mitsuko, Kuroko, Yomikawa, and the AntiSkill hold off the rest of the MAR Troops, Harumi, Kazari, and Ruiko head towards Kihara’s laboratory whilst Mikoto defends them from Therestina, who attacks with a giant large Mech. Although Therestina’s mech is unaffected by Mikoto’s basic attacks, Kuroko helps Mikoto destroy the mech by using its own arm as an improvised railgun. Mikoto, Kuroko, Kazari, Ruiko, and Harumi finally arrive at the underground lab where Erii and the children are being held. Just then, however, Therestina, who had survived, activates the lab’s Capacity Down and attacks the weakened espers, revealing her plan to use the first sample from herself and the children to force Erii to become a Level 6 esper, destroying the city in the process. As all hope seems lost, Ruiko, the only one not affected by Capacity Down, destroys its controls, allowing Mikoto to defeat Therestina with her railgun. With the first sample in hand, Harumi creates the cure and finally awakens Banri and the other children, giving her thanks to Mikoto. In the aftermath, the recovering children give a birthday message to Harumi via a blimp as Mikoto and her friends watch.

Episode Bonus: Being a Photo Shoot Model Under the Sun Isn’t Easy, You Know.

During the photo shoot, Kuroko attempts to seduce Mikoto by swapping a suntan lotion Kazari was rubbing on her with one filled with aphrodisiacs. However, her plan backfires when Ruiko takes Mikoto’s place, leading her to become aroused instead and lecherously chase after Kazari. Mikoto discovers that Kuroko is the culprit and punishes her, and when the four of them return, they find Mitsuko had accidentally used Kuroko’s lotion on her pet snake.

Episode OVA: Since Misaka-san is the Center of Attention Right Now…

One day, shortly following the events of the Level Upper incident, Mikoto starts to feel an eerie feeling like someone is stalking her. As Mikoto continues to feel this discomforting sensation everywhere, she starts to become very paranoid and afraid. Looking into a related rumor, Kuroko and the others learn other students have also been experiencing the same sensatio. While Ruiko and Mii take Mikoto to the public bath, where Ruiko gives her some encouragement, Kuroko and Kazari interview Mitsuko, Maaya, and Kinoha, whose senior is also one of the victims. Thanks to Ruiko’s advice and Kuroko’s research, Mikoto finds the culprit behind the sensations to be Asako Jonan, an AntiSkill officer and former Nagatenjouki teacher. Having been fired from her teaching job, supposedly due to not being able to produce any Level 5 espers, Asako blamed Tokiwadai and used a device to produce special electromagnetic waves and cause discomfort in electromasters. Asako tries to escape but, thanks to Ruiko’s assistance, she is quickly captured by Mikoto and the AntiSkills. As Mikoto rewards her friends for their help, Kazari unintentionally reveals Kuroko was also legitimately stalking Mikoto at the same time, prompting a swift punishment.

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