Anime Beast Saga

Anime Beast Saga
Beast Saga occurs on a distant world inside our galaxy called Beast where 3 beast tribes categorized as Sea, Land and Skybattles for his or her honor. Each one of the tribes safeguard Godlot which is an unlimited elemental energy source.

Type: TV
Studio: Half H.P Studio
Japanese: ビーストサーガ
Synonyms: Beast Saga
Aired: Jan 13, 2013 to Sep 22, 2013 (38 episodes, 11 min. each)
Distributor: N/A

Beast Saga Episodes

Episode 24: Revival! Fear of Dark God {Airing}
Episode 25: Annexion and Rise of the Bad {Airing}
Episode 26: TBA {Next: January 24, 2015}

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